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I have to admit to being a little quiet recently and lacking somewhat in putting finger to keyboard and getting some thoughts down regarding what’s happening in the world of the Accidental Activist. My videos seem to be a hit so thanks to all who viewed them and left comments on Facebook and sent me nice emails.

However it seems dark times really are upon us. The nights are drawing in and the warm summer will soon be a memory lost in the falling leaves but it’s now that the meanest and most callous individuals come creeping from their other lives of the socially respectability, the tweed & Chelsea tractor brigade brought up on a diet of delusional superiority and drinks before dinner. However we must not be fooled and we must show them for what they really are and what they stand for.

Last week a well-known and dedicated sab was rushed to hospital after attending a meet of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Fox Hunt who were what the hunting fraternity like to call Autumn Hunting, but is more accurately know by those who oppose them as ‘Cubbing’. This involves the hunt surrounding a covert and sending in the hounds with the riders and foot followers preventing the foxes from escaping. The intention is to teach the new hounds to kill and they do this against the most inexperienced foxes they can find; this year’s cubs. Older foxes are usually left to escape as they will be considered good sport for later hunts. Cubbing has been illegal since 2005 but those hunts intent on maintaining their sick tradition will always need new hounds to do their dirty work and the new hounds need to know the taste of blood. Of course any hound not showing the correct aptitude for killing will itself be destroyed as it, in the eyes of the hunt, will have no purpose and use.


During this meet the sab was standing on a public road observing the hunt when a rider from the hunt rode her down at speed with his horse, from behind. She was thrown in the air before being dragged some distance. The attacker then rode off laughing. There was clearly huge concern for her welfare and an ambulance was called immediately as she was suffering from shortness of breath due to a possible collapsed lung and in a great deal of pain. The attack however wasn’t the end of the matter. The attending ambulance was blocked deliberately, as hunt followers refused to move their vehicles for several minutes. These minutes could have proved vital and once again shows the level these people are prepared to stoop. The air ambulance also attended the scene, a decision which isn’t taken lightly such was the concern for the victim.

The hunt showed a complete disregard for the incident, laughing and joking as they carried on hunting before returning to the meet for a BBQ. Fortunately the whole incident was captured by a dashboard camera in one of the sab vehicles. This crucial evidence was handed to the police who I believe have arrested a man in conjunction with the incident. What remains to be seen is the charge and ultimately the punishment. Riding someone down with half a tonne of horse is no different from hitting them with a car as far as I’m concerned and should be treated as such. The perpetrator of this cowardly crime clearly had intensions to severely injure or even worse and my hope is the law will see things in the same way and a suitable conviction will be gained. I also hope once inside and serving his time a nice chap, built like the proverbial brick outhouse takes a liking to him in a most intimate manner and refuses to take no for an answer. Perhaps then he’ll understand a little what it’s like to be hunted and abused.


The sab is recovering in hospital, covered in bruises and with 7 broken ribs plus a tear in the lung. My best wished go to her for a speedy recovery. This kind of incident shows we’re having an effect although this particular hunt is known for its violence so it highlights the courage required by the sabs to undertake such a daunting prospect and once again highlights why many sabs choose to hide their faces due to the potential for repercussions. If the hunts think this type of violence and intimidation will have an effect then they are sorely mistaken. This makes us stronger and more determined, we will never give up until every hunt has gone the way of the dinosaurs. You keep hunting and we’ll be there, saving wildlife through non-violent direct action.

In other news and sadly as expected it looks like the badger cull will start in the next few weeks. I will of course be out there doing my best, along with all the other groups to save as many of these wonderful animals as we can from the guns of the hired thugs from the NFU. I’ll try and keep you up to date with proceeding but in the meantime please donate, share or even better get out there. It’s your duty to fight injustice, be it state sponsored or otherwise. I could never sleep at night knowing I stood by and watched as our wildlife was iradicated.

UPDATE: A man has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and has been released on bail pending further inquiries.

Photos courtesy of Dorset Hunt Sabs

So as our wet but largely warm winter merges thankfully into spring and the hunting season draws to a close it’s time for me to reflect on lessons learnt and what my next steps will be. This weekend is the final chance of gratification for those who seek to torment and kill our wildlife in the name of sport and as usual all the various groups of monitors and saboteurs throughout the country will be out there to oppose them. The fact hunting has a season at all just shows how these people’s personal desire demands a kill. The pro hunt lobby will claim they’re acting in the interest of their prey species by not hunting during the breeding season (which is nonsense as many vixens are now in dens with cubs) however the reality is far from that. Surely if, as they claim, they’re following a trail (As legal as a round of golf) why would they need a season at all? Regardless of the time of year a pack of dogs and a field of horses rampaging through the countryside are going to disturb much of our native wildlife but with care a trail can be laid to minimise disturbance provided certain areas were avoided. The trail itself should also be changed. They currently use fox urine which will ultimately lead to the hounds picking up the scent of, and hunting a real animal and regardless of claims to the contrary this is exactly what the hunts really want. The legislation which is currently under threat (We need to bolt the back door) needs to be changed in this respect with the hounds following something completely artificial, biodegradable and in no way resembling the scent of a real animal.

The Mock Badger courtesy of the Fox Project

The Mock Badger courtesy of the Fox Project

Other aspects of the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004 also need to be strengthened; these are being pioneered by the Hunt Saboteurs Association and include:

– Removing the ‘Bird of prey’ exemption.

– Removing the ‘Digging out’ exemption.

– Require all hounds to be muzzled.

– Include a recklessness clause i.e. if a huntsman puts his hounds through an area where he would reasonably expect to pick up the   scent of a fox he could be prosecuted.

– Make the offence recordable – so it carries a criminal conviction.

With all of these in place the risks associated to wild animals will be minimised and should those who chose to do so still flout the laws then prosecutions will be easier to gain.

From a personal point of view I’ve learnt an amazing amount in since the badger cull drew me (accidentally) into activism. I’m amazed at some of the courage shown in the face of intimidation and extreme violence, I’ve been shocked by the totally biased way in which our police force often deal with the situations arising in the fields every week and the lack of conviction shown by the CPS to follow up on complaints made by hunt monitors, sabs and the general public. I also noticed how those hunt followers seem to fall into a distinct demographic of mentality and to a certain extent age. The levels at which some people will stoop to protect an archaic blood-sport is worrying to say the least and it concerns me that this behaviour will only get worse as they’re backed further into a corner as society no longer accepts their outlandish justifications and lies. It could only be a matter of time before another monitor or sab makes the ultimate sacrifice as the footage below well illustrates.

I will of course continue on my chosen path and any attempted intervention by those who stand against us will only enforce my determination and those like me. I look forward to a quiet summer although the decision on the proposed further roll-out of the badger culls is still to be announced and should the Government choose to ignore the mountain of evidence and public opinion stacked against them then I’ll no doubt be turning partially nocturnal once more and joining the many others in the badger army to protect another of our iconic species. Should this come to fruition then I’ll publish advice on how to get involved and the best action to take in certain situations, fingers crossed it won’t come to that.

Finally I’ll leave you with the endearing sight of this cute little chap with a word of caution. Please remember to crush all cans so this kind of incident can be avoided if your local urban fox gets into your rubbish. Luckily the guy who shot this footage was on hand to deal with it before the worst happened and the little cub seemed relieved that its predicament was over with no ill effects.

I’ll be out with the Berkshire Hunt Sabs again this weekend. They’re currently fund-raising for a Landrover to help with their activities as many use their own vehicles which are constantly damaged by the hunts and their supporters. Every little helps, click here to donate. Click on the link below and fill in the necessary details, it’s that easy to make a difference.

Tell your MP that you don’t want a repeal by the back door.

Continuing from my previous blog post these scenes show the level some are prepared to stoop to project their blood lust.

The hunts Facebook page and Twitter accounts gone and their website stripped to just a meaningless home page. Do you understand now what it feels a little bit like to be hunted?

You reap what you sow.

I get regular updates from the various groups out there trying to keep our wildlife alive and there’s a constant theme which I find very disturbing. Only today an individual was hospitalised by the violent activities of those associated with the Llangeinor Hunt. Reports show not only were they prepared for the sab group but also willing to use extreme violence in order to project their illegal and disgusting passtime. (Full report here:

Lets be very clear here, the remit of the sab groups around the country has always been direct action through non-violent means.


Now dressing up in black and covering your face may make you look a little like a terrorist and I’ll admit in some cases probably not the best course of action however it’s done for a reason. Dressing the same makes you difficult to pick out in a crowd and also hides you from the potential repercussions that the hunts and their support seem to like to dish out from time to time. The reality is all the sabs want to do is save an animal from an agonising death and stop those who take enjoyment from such cruelty.

If you’re reading this you’re probably aware of my own brush with these types and the threat I received recently via the contact page on this blog. There is a credible threat to your person out there.

So you’re probably thinking the bad buys are those low life thugs who dish out their idea of righteousness in the form metal bars and pick-axe handles against unarmed people trying to stop illegality. Well clearly these arseholes just love violence and they’re obviously thicker than a McDonalds milkshake but quite often it’s ingrained in their psyche and they probably know no better. To be honest I pity them for not being able to understand the error of their ways and make even the shortest leap to understanding what it takes to be a decent human being in 2014.

The real bad guys here are the Police.

Time and again they do nothing. When the hunts call them with some spurious justification they turn up en-masse and waste time and public money harrassing the sabs, even a helicopter was used fairly recently. When the sabs come under violent physical attack they either turn up and again harrass the sabs or don’t turn up at all. One day, (perish the thought) someone could get killed and the blood will be firmly on the Police hands for not dealing with the real issues and the thugs who think they can get away with anything they please.

Are they under instructions from further up the chain of command to do nothing? Is the local super a hunt supporter or even member? Whatever the reason this is gross misconduct and a total dereliction of duty. If any Police read this feel free to contact me with your opinion, I’ll guarantee your anonymity. Until then get your house in order because you’re a disgrace and far from the imparial force you’re supposed to be.

Violence from the Llangeinor Hunt