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It never ceases to amaze me the levels to which a certain sector of our society will stoop in an effort to continue with what they see are their right to hunt regardless of the law. It really shouldn’t surprise me I guess, I’m long enough in the tooth now to know a little of the mind-set of these people but I guess their ideals are so alien to my own and people like me that I’ll never accept even a tiny bit of it.

Once again there was an operation organised by several sab groups against another illegal mink hunt, this time our target was the Three Counties Mink Hounds however as it turned out we got two for the price of one with a joint meet including the Teme Valley Minks Hounds from which I’m sure you’ll remember the large expense incurred by West Mercia Police for the helicopter and multiple ground units. It was also the same day a sab was threatened with a knife.

Irony overload

Irony overload

Once again the police turned out in force (this time it was Warwickshire), complete with riot van, two separate dog units, multiple cars and even the helicopter made an appearance although only stayed for a mere 15 minutes or so. The big guy who threatened the sab with the knife was once again in attendance (wearing the same clothes – I wonder if he has a change as they must stink a bit by now?) and this time upped the ante by threatening him with a shotgun he had in his car. All this while standing next to a police officer. But it was OK apparently because he was a friend. I’m pretty sure had the roles been reversed someone would have been arrested and locked up pretty swiftly. Nice to know where you stand on these matters.

The land owner frothed at the mouth and was very hostile while others wanted to use their own children as a human shield in the false belief we couldn’t film their actions with them there. Aren’t they just wonderful examples of compassion and honour! Once again we stopped their little games despite their best efforts and attempts at subterfuge. Watch the video; I think you’ll enjoy it.

As a general rule the hunting season starts in the autumn when the hunts train their hounds to kill in the grim and largely undercover “cubbing” season and ends at the start of spring. This means sabs can expect to get cold, wet and muddy most of the time they’re in the field so a bit of action in the summer months should at least be a bit easier in terms of climate. But of course this is England and where the weather is concerned nothing can be taken for granted. Still we’re generally a hardy bunch and dressed for purposed so a bit of rain wasn’t likely to affect the outcome when we paid a visit to the Teme Valley Min Hounds.

West Mercia Police - Money to burn!

West Mercia Police – Money to burn!

This pack have only been in existence since 2007 and have never been targeted before so no doubt it all came as a bit of a shock to them and an experience they’re unlikely to forget. The meet was at the Bridge Pub in Stanford Bridge, Worcestershire (drop them a line, perhaps they can explain why they promote illegal hunting) and upon our arrival we immediately decamped and went after the hunt on foot who were in the adjacent fields. A chase across a few muddy fields and we were soon in amongst them, the followers, complete with spades and terriers decided to make themselves scarce. The hounds seem so friendly and always love the attention and affection they receive from the sabs. They clearly get none for the rest of the time and its nonsense that they wouldn’t make fine pets given the right situation. Unfortunately most will only live a fraction of their lives. They’ll be shot once they’re unable to keep up and fed to the rest of the pack. This can be as soon as they’re just 6 years old and those that show no aptitude for hunting don’t even make it that far.

We even had a bear in the air.

We even had a bear in the air.

With the hunt now is full retreat they were boxed up but not before a sab had been threatened with a knife. The video below shows the incident. West Mercia Police, an organisation I’ve had the misfortune to deal with on several occasions previously during the badger cull once again showed their bias by providing an escort for the hound vehicle and bringing the town centre to a complete standstill while they checked all the relevant details. They clearly have money to spare as there were in total 10 police vehicles in attendance along with the helicopter overhead for a significant amount of time. I think it’s always nice to know where your hard earned taxes are being spent. Considering the hunt even told the police on the telephone they were illegally hunting (well they admitted to hunting mink with hounds contrary to the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004) you’d think our boys (and girls) in blue could have worked out for themselves what needed to be done. Still in the end the sun came out, we won the day and it might just give the hunt second thoughts about going out again because, and just in case anyone connected with the hunt is reading this, you’re likely to get another visit soon. It was another great co-operation between various sab groups and it was good to catch up with old friends from Three Counties Hunt Sabs who I’d worked with extensively during the cull and who gave me my baptism of fire when I tagged along with them to spoil the Ledbury Hunt’s day back in January.

Finally we’d like to apologise to Charles & Kirsty who were getting married in Tedstone Delamere and had some disruption to their day. It wasn’t us who closed the road, that was down to West Mercia Police but you looked good in your period open topped car. Hope you had a good day.

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