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If a crime were committed, you would expect the authorities to act accordingly and investigate.

If that crime was caught on video you’d think it would be difficult for the perpetrator to avoid justice.

If that crime was an act of premeditated violence then you would expect the authorities to be most vigorous in their pursuit of a conviction.

If the person who committed that crime was clearly identified and a pattern of behaviour established you’d think it would be an open and shut case.

If all of the above were true in respect of a single case then one could safely assume there would be little work for the police and CPS to do and justice would be served without delay.


Jane (Miller) Goring

You’d be wrong.

You’d be wrong because the violent assault was against a sab, someone just trying to protect wildlife in their spare time, uphold the law for genuinely altruistic reasons. You’d be wrong because the person who committed the crime was a fox hunter. You’d be wrong because that person was very wealthy. You’d be wrong because that person was part of the Goring hotel dynasty, a favourite with the Queen and regularly attended by Lords and other aristocratic hunt supporters. You be wrong because there does indeed seem to be different set of laws, one for ordinary people like you, me and the vast majority of the population, and another set for those wealthy enough to have friends in the right places.

We all know the Hunting Act is a poorly written piece of legislation and difficult to get convictions due to this and we know not all police forces are even interested in policing it, however this isn’t the Hunting Act. This is a simple case of assault, with a weapon against a person engaging in non-violent direct action. The police have said they won’t be prosecuting Jane Goring due to lack of evidence. Now I’m no legal expert but I’m fairly certain that Jane has committed an offence firstly by using her horse as a weapon and then striking someone violently with her riding whip SEVENTEEN times. A person who had stepped in to save another from being ridden down. All of this was captured by various cameras and the video is clear.

How much evidence do the police need?

If this isn’t a case of extreme bias by Sussex Police then I’m 7 foot tall.

Please help fund a private prosecution. All the details can be found here.

If you’re in any doubt watch the video below.


More on Jane Goring here.

There seems to be a worrying trend at the moment with regards to the hunts, their employees and supporters towards inflicting physical violence on those who oppose them. That was my original opening line to this addition of my blog but then it occurred to me I’d written something similar before. The violence it seems, has never really gone away and at any time people involved in the fight against illegal hunting could well end up in hospital or even worse and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Over the last 2 weekends running sabs have been hospitalised by people attached to the hunts. I’m sure that pre-ban things were much worse however one would hope we’d have moved on from those days but then again you can never assume a leopard will change its spots and if you revel in the suffering of a sentient mammal then by definition you’re a violent person and one should expect violence when dealing with them.

The first incident involved the Essex and Suffolk hunt on the 7th November where sabs were attacked by hunt employees wielding spades and bats. This lead to 2 sabs needing hospital treatment and in return the hunt got a visit the following week from several groups from the surrounding area who turned out to put their collective spanners in the works of the wildlife killers in a show solidarity for their colleagues. Our group was one of those present and despite the appalling conditions our operation thwarted any attempt by them to hunt. That didn’t stop the Whip from trying to run me down with his horse and he got very angry when a hound made a fool of him. All caught on video and you’ll see the type of people we deal with on a weekly basis. Their language alone is enough to make a sailor blush.

More seriously on the same week we visited the Essex & Suffolk, sabs from South Coast Hunt Sabs were taking on the  South Down & Eridge Foxhounds. Known trouble makers at the hunt ambushed a small group of sabs and in the ensuing struggle a veteran sab was slashed across the hand with a knife resulting in the injury you see below. Another sabs had a tooth knocked out which will require corrective dental treatment. The attackers, like most bullies were sent packing when more sabs arrived and took control of the situation.

The moment these people start carrying weapons like knives and feel they’re able to use them and not face the full consequences of the law then it will only be a matter of time before another sab pays the ultimate price. My information is that Sussex Police acted very poorly and neglected to arrest the perpetrator there and then and just continued to harass those sabs present. An ambulance had to called by the sabs themselves as the police seemed incapable or unwilling to offer any support to the victims. Finally after a surge of pressure on social media it seems an arrest has been made. I’m fairly sure had the boot been on the other foot there would have been multiple arrests and many doors needing new hinges.

The wound cause by a knife wielding terrier man.

The wound cause by a knife wielding terrier man.

The excuse from the pro-hunt lobby was pure Jackanory, an explanation so laughable it beggars belief. The injury was self inflicted by breaking the window of an older hunt supporters car.

Surgery to repair nerve and muscle damage took place yesterday (16/11/15) and both myself and our group wish him a speedy recovery. Sabs are made of fairly tough stuff and no doubt he’ll be back on the front line defending our wildlife as soon as he can.

One thing is for certain, all these incidents and the general behaviour of all those connected to the hunts demonstrates that we’re being effective. Why resort to these tactics if we’re of no consequence to them?

We’re winning the war.