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It was pleasing to note that the Wildlife Crime Officer  and rider with the Belvoir Hunt (Sharon Roscoe) I reported on previously has stood down from her position. It would be nice to report that Leicestershire police had come to realise that her position was a clear conflict of interest and had removed her, however that isn’t the case. They maintained their support for her but public pressure on social media aimed directly at the officer seems to have had the desired effect. I cannot condone abuse and threats through any channel however public opinion on this matter was never going to let this abuse of power go unchallenged and while some of the methods are questionable the outcome is certainly the correct one.

My sources made me aware of this development during a meeting of the Leicestershire Police Ethics Committee and was confirmed by this tweet from the BBC’s Simon Hare:tweet

The claims that Roscoe hadn’t been a member of the hunt for some time are clearly questionable and my information is that members of her family are still heavily connected to the hunt.

Something which came to light while investigating this was, more worryingly the presence of another officer much further up the police food chain. A photograph from the Belvoir Hunt ball showed Roscoe with another officer, namely Lou Cordiner. Lou Cordiner is (or was) acting Chief Inspector and Area Commander for Leicestershire Eastern Counties. The image below is from a PDF published by Leicstershire Police which shows the rank of Cordiner.


Here is the image of Sharon Roscoe (left) with Lou Cordiner (right) at the Belvoir Hunt ball in June 2013.


OK that was two years ago I can hear you say but lets dig a little deeper and see what Cordiner has been up to more recently. Only at the beginning of the current hunting season it would appear Cordiner was present at an early morning cub hunting meet.


While not actually in the picture she is mentioned by name by the person who posted the picture on their social media account. Now as you may know cubbing (or Autumn Hunting as the hunts like to call it) is where the hunts train their new hounds by killing fox cubs. There is no loop hole to be used in the Hunting Act for this. It’s about as illegal as you can get. No trails are followed, no birds of prey, no exemptions. Riders surround a covert and stop young foxes from leaving it. The hounds are then sent in to kill them. The poster of the update mentions the morning and you can clearly see by the photo that it is early by the mist in the background. You can also see the traditional ‘ratcatcher’ jackets worn by hunt riders when cubbing.

You have to ask yourself why a senior officer is involved with such an activity? The next question is what if this is just the time of the iceberg? How many law enforcement officials be they police officers or judges are actually involved with an organised criminal activity. You then start to realise why the policing of hunts is so one sided.

I’ve had a lot of contact with the police from various forces. Some are unquestionably honest and decent people just doing the best they can however in my experience the police overwhelmingly come down on the side of the hunts when in the field and an incident from only last weekend once again proved this.

The photo below was taken by Northants Hunt Sabs. It shows inspector Ian Caffel who is based at Weston Favell police station, Northampton. He encouraged hunt supporters to block the roads to prevent sabs from following the Woodland Pytchley hunt. He also witnessed an assault on a sab yet did nothing.


When challenged he said’ ” I am not bothered about assaults. But I am bothered about aggravated trespass “. When asked if he was going to do anything about the illegal hunting he said “No but I will be making arrests for aggravated trespass “.

Clearly an officer should remain impartial and not decide which laws are going to be enforced and which ones ignored. This is typical of the disgraceful behaviour currently exhibited by some of our police.

A friend of mine who’s been involved with the negotiations with the police but never been in the fields always maintained that the reason sabs were always getting the raw end of the deal was because the hunts were the ones who always called the police. They were making the complaints so the police focused on the sabs because of this. A couple of weeks ago I tested this theory  although I didn’t really have to as I knew what the outcome would be. A member of our group called the police to report illegal hunting. It was blatant and we had plenty of video evidence to support our complaint.

Two hours later a single unit with two officers arrived, they refused to leave their vehicle and paid no interest in the hunt. They made attempts to gain our details and then tailed us when we left. We took them on a nice mystery tour of Bedfordshire before they got bored and buggered off. Compare that to a couple of weeks previous when the hunt called the police and they arrived with thirteen units and a helicopter.

I’m fairly certain that if all officers had to declare any connection with hunting or shooting or perhaps membership of the Countryside Alliance we’d see a significant number that participate and these officers whether intentionally or otherwise are influencing those around them and their behaviour to towards hunt monitors and sabs. Whether this is organised and pre-planned would be impossible to prove however there is no doubt there appears to be an institutionalised prejudice towards sabs and monitors.

I’d suggest the rabbit hole goes a very long way down indeed and you don’t need to be in Wonderland to realise the cause of this.


The last few weeks of the hunting season are always the most stressful. The hunted wildlife will be breeding and the females pregnant so unable to escape with ease. The hunts will be desperate to kill something, as the season drags on and with the success of sabs and monitors restricting their efforts they become more and more hostile. We’ve had requests from new sabs keen to get involved but we never take inexperience people out at this time of year and the reason for this was perfectly highlighted by the incident which tool place yesterday (12/3/16) where two hunt monitors from the League Against Cruel Sports were viciously beaten by thugs from the Belvoir hunt. Both men needed hospital treatment with one man actually sustaining a fractured neck.


Ex-police officer Darryl Cunnington (photo From The Telegraph)

Roger Swaine and his colleague Darryl Cunnington were attacked and their cameras stolen. The men responsible were riding quads and wearing balaclavas. LACS monitors are completely law abiding, they are there to gather evidence of illegal activity through nothing more than filming the hunts. This is their job. More details regarding the assault can be found here.

Eduardo Gonçalves, Chief Executive for League Against Cruel Sports said:  “Our number one priority is the wellbeing of our injured staff and I am on my way to visit them now.

“We are all shocked by the violence of the Belvoir Hunt followers and this barbaric thuggery must not go unpunished. Our courageous investigators play a critical role in peacefully monitoring and enforcing the anti-hunting law that some people consider themselves to be above.

“Clearly some hunt followers are not satisfied with violence against our wildlife. They now satisfy their bloodlust by attacking people.”

This is the same hunt which I reported on some weeks ago which had a fox captive in a farm outbuilding which was more than likely to be released in front of the hunt which was meeting a short distance away (see here). Perhaps this beating was some sort of revenge against LACS for ruining their fun as the investigator for that incident was none other than Darryl Cunnington. Regardless of the motives it is obvious that any person or organisation willing to resort to this level of violence has no place in modern society. It perfectly highlights the mentality of these people. Not satisfied with abusing wildlife they take the short leap to abusing people.

As film is emerging of the emergency services attending to Darryl then so do the comments on social media. Once again the hunting fraternity are showing what they are really made of with some seriously unnecessary not to mention ignorant comments. A few below:

Mark Halford: Typical EMT sensationalism. According to Leicestershire police he was released after treatment for minor injuries. He most likely slipped on a cow pat while trespassing.

Chris Bird: got what he deserved then didn’t he.

Helen Pacey Was Kerr: Sab attack on fellow Sab haha…. Looks like belvoir wood!



Sharon Roscoe – Member of the Belvoir Hunt and WCO.

Leicestershire police now have to step up to the mark. They have been under some scrutiny recently with regard to their policing of hunts and this includes the revelation that their Wildlife Crime Officer, Sharon Roscoe is actually a member of the Belvoir Hunt. How that isn’t a conflict of interest is quite frankly beyond me. This officer is openly supporting an illegal act, and yet also responsible for policing it. Something very amiss here and how Leicestershire police can justify keeping her in the post remains a mystery.

At the time of writing two men had been arrested and released on bail pending further enquiries.

Just to round things off it would seem that a follower of the Belvoir also ran over a member of the public’s dog. Madeleine Bedward sent an open letter regarding the incident to the hunt which can be viewed here. Of course the hunt remains tight lipped and the Countryside Alliance are conspicuous by their silence although no doubt they’ll come up with some highly spun nonsense in due course.

My best wishes go to Roger , Darryl and Madeleine. I also hope some good will come of this although I’m not going to put any money on it.

Sign the petition to remove Sharon Roscoe from her post here.