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So if you’ve been keeping up with my blog you’ll know that we’re fighting an injunction brought by the Fitzwilliam Hunt in an effort to stop us holding them to account for their blatantly illegal hunting. You can read more about it here (We’re In It to Win it).

The initial hearing at the High Court in London was last Thursday (1st November) and we were originally informed by the judge that his decision would be this week. Now we’ve been told that the decision won’t be ready until the 16th November which is somewhat frustrating (as this allows the Fitzwilliam to hunt in the mean time without any monitoring) but at least he’s taking time to consider it properly.

Nothing is ever certain in the British legal system, especially in complex cases such as this. Their argument is based purely around trespass and our defence is their illegal hunting, something which they’ve already been convicted of (Good Enough) and certainly should be a major consideration for the judge as no injunction should be granted if it allows the claimant to undertake an illegal activity. I have detailed notes from our day in court but at this time I’m somewhat reluctant to publish any details for fear of prejudicing the case. In due course I’ll release these details.

Needless to say the so-called Countryside Alliance were in attendance in the form of Polly Portwin, famous for telling huge porkies on national TV in relation to the purpose of Terrier Men on a supposed trail hunt.

Although we reached our original funding target (huge thanks to all who donated so far) our costs are still rising so I’d encourage you to keep sharing and tweeting our link, we’re going to need every penny and this may not be the end of it. Once we get a decision from the judge some serious consideration will need to go into our next step, but for now we’re just waiting to see what the future may hold.

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Last week on the One Show there was a piece about hunting and those that monitor the hunts in their own time. The Cheshire Monitors took part in the filming of this and you can see what they thought about what was aired on their facebook page plus you can also watch the piece itself if you haven’t already.

The major talking point however came from Countryside Alliance spokesperson Polly Portwin. When questioned on the presence of masked up men on quad bikes following the hunt she claimed they were there to mend fences, they carried tools for that job in the boxes on their quads and they were in fact masked up to protect themselves from dust. It’s a shame the program makers didn’t challenge this and in fact stop one of the terrier men present and ask to have a look in their box.

Polly Portwin.png

Polly “Pinocchio” Portwin

Even by the CA’s standard this is laughable. Do they really expect the viewer to believe this unmitigated tripe? Even a casual observer with no real knowledge of the issue could see through these contemptuous claims and the evidence to the contrary is, to say the least, overwhelming.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association were quick to reply with 2 separate posts from their press officer, Lee Moon:

The Countryside Alliance claimed on The One Show tonight that Hunt terrier men use the metal boxes on their quads to carry tools to mend fences. These photos prove their lie. They carry terriers on their quads to corner foxes below ground that are then dug out and shot or thrown to the hounds.

The presence of terrier men on hunts proves the lie of trail hunting.

And also:

“The Countryside Alliance claimed on The One Show that Hunt terrier men wear masks to protect themselves from dust. These photos prove their lie. Terrier men and Hunt supporters wear masks to intimidate, threaten and assault anyone who tries to disrupt their bloodsport.

The presence of terrier men on hunts proves the lie of trail hunting”.

To see original posts click here and here.

These posts were accompanied by a selection of photographs (some of which you will have already seen on this blog) utterly disproving the nonsense the CA were spouting.


Oakley Terrie Man Neil Young.

CA CEO Tim Bonner is also well known for spouting a similar amount of utter drivel and is obsessed with the issue of anti-hunt personnel hiding their identities (for legitimate reasons) and I’ve covered this many times in the past. His recent behaviour on Twitter also leaves a lot to be desired, particularly his comments regarding mental health and Chris Packham.

The CA is a truly insidious organisation. An organisation which will openly lie in an effort to try and claim their members aren’t breaking the law and will use any and all measures to discredit those who stand against them. They may have plenty of money and people with influence in their pocket but an overwhelming number of the general public stand against them and, given time, they will be shown up for what they really are. The rubbish spouted on the One Show is just another example that this failing organisation are becoming more and more desperate and will soon need the Fire Brigade to put out all those underwear fires.