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I had a totally different blog entry all written up with details of our brushes with the Trinity Foot Beagles and the Cottesmore Hunt over the Christmas and New Year break however I’ve binned it in favour of something that happened more recently. The Fernie Hunt are notorious for violence. They have previously laid traps for sabs and called in thugs with baseball bats to protect their hunts. While we take this kind of thing very seriously we’ll never back down and just because a hunt may have a bad reputation doesn’t mean they’ll be ignored.

Much like on Boxing day it was another of those red letter days when everything went to plan. We saved a fox within minutes of finding the hunt. I always think it’s suspicious when the hunt manage to flush a fox on the very first covert they draw but we were on hand to help with it’s escape. Then after redeploying to a new area another fox runs right past us. One day I’ll have my video camera ready but as one of my colleagues said to me, “You sab first, video second” and they were of course right. This fox went to ground in a large badger sett but we’d already put the dogs off the scent and they didn’t even mark to ground.

If this is our next generation there's no hope for hunamity.

If this is our next generation there’s no hope for hunamity.

We faced plenty of abuse from the support and hunters alike. Even a spotty 15 year old boy wanted to fight me, along with his charming farther. I was kicked in the back by someone on a horse as they rode past and as you’ll see in the video horses were used as weapons. When one particularly overweight charmer thought he’d get a bit handy the police were forced to step in a take action and he was arrested. Funny how they’re all hard as nails but once the cuffs are on they squeal like little girls. The police on the day were, in the main fairly reasonable. Obviously they ignored the blatant illegal hunting (the Fernie don’t even pretend to lay a trail) and still did vehicle checks on the sab vehicles but at least they kept the peace and acted when necessary.

It was also pretty obvious due to our effectiveness we were going to get some special attention once the police weren’t looking so it was one of those times when you know when to call it day and make yourself scarce. The army would call it a tactical withdrawal however we were happy with a job well done and the day was kill free. Mentions go to all the sabs groups present; Beds & Bucks, Northants and Nottingham who turned up at exactly the right time.

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions as to the type of person these hunts attract, it’s pretty obvious. The hunts will always try and intimidate us but we will never give up until every last hunt in the country is finished.