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So it would appear that once again a hunt has been caught red handed holding a fox in an artificial earth and then dragging it from the hole and throwing it in front of the hounds to be chased and killed for the enjoyment of their riders and followers. This time it was the Kimblewick, a hunt which recently killed 97 of it’s hounds due to being infected with bTB. A disease that has unnecessarily caused the deaths of ten’s of thousands of badgers due to the Governments pointless culling policy. The hunt is the plaything of Lord Gardiner of Kimble, a long time Tory who’s been secretary for various ministers and ex chief spin doctor for the so-called Countryside Alliance and now member of the House of Lords.

The incident took place on New Years Day, the meet was at the Thame showground and was claimed as one of the high points of the hunting calendar.

The full video can be seen below.


I don’t think the video needs any explanation here. The Times originally reported on this and it’s clearly going to be a story which isn’t going to go away any time soon and has even made BBC TV. Considering the Kimblewick’s recent history and their claims of being a “super hunt” (whatever that may be) this is certainly big news. Whether there will be any action with regards to prosecutions remains to be seen however even to the most myopic viewer the video is clear evidence of illegal hunting or at the very least the intent to hunt a wild mammal. The terrier men are clearly working under the instruction of the huntsman so one would assume “joint venture” could be worth considering from a legal standpoint.

This compelling evidence once again blows apart the myth that hunts are obeying the law and legally following a trail. What shouldn’t be understated is the frequency in which this takes place. Hunts up and down the country will have artificial earths in their territory and will maintain these in an effort to have foxes to hunt on any given hunt day. This is certainly nothing new or out of the ordinary. Fairly recently the South Herefordshire, the Middleton, the Pytchley, and the Belvoir have all been implicated in keeping foxes purely for the purpose of hunting.

What happened to the fox on New Years Day remains unknown.

The so-called CA and Dim Tim Bonner are certainly going to have a hard time talking their way out of this one especially as their Head of Hunting (Polly Portwin) pretty much lives next door to the Kimblewick kennels and rides with them although they’ll no doubt do their best. If the Masters of Foxhounds Association have any credibility whatsoever they will suspend the Kimblewick immediately and then expel them after their own investigation but let’s face it, what are the real chances of that?


You’re absolutely right Peter, let’s see some action for the authorities

The simple fact is that the hunting lobby like to promote this chocolate box image of hunting, the spectacle and the pomp and also that they somehow provide a service to farmers by controlling fox numbers, not that its even necessary. The truth is however vastly different and this is being shown time and again. Even in the face of such overwhelming evidence some hunt supporters are offering their own explanation which is, as you’d expect completely laughable.


Jo is clearly a master of fantasy fiction

Fox hunting (and all hunting with hounds) is nothing more than organised crime, an organised crime who’s product is cruelty to wildlife, enjoyed by a psychopathic minority who are prepared to pay for the privilege and will employ the lowest of the low to do their dirty work, be that digging out foxes or conducting violent operations against those who oppose them. The fact it is so deeply entrenched within the establishment means we are fighting a constant battle against those who wield both power and influence.

It’s time that changed.


Below is an exert from a post on Facebook by Team Fox (Save Me Trust) run by Brian May. Let’s hope they are as good as their word if the authorities don’t hold the perpetrators to account.




Well, as you’ve probably gathered by the lack of activity I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and very nice it was too. Being able to watch wildlife go about it’s business and not be shot at, trapped or poisoned is a wonderful thing and also something which will bring in the daily bread. Ecotourism is big business and the Isle of Mull makes a significant proportion of it’s income on the back of people like me who visit purely to see it’s fantastic wildlife. However things have been moving on rapidly while I’ve been away. Of course the main story recently is the discovery of the fox cubs being held in a barn on land owned by the Middleton Hunt, in fact the hunt kennels were virtually next door. Now the Countryside Alliance and the owners of the land can claim to the contrary til they’re blue in the face but the simple fact is anyone in possession of more than half a brain cell can see through their ridiculous lies and knows what awful fate awaited those animals. They are of course “ . . . confident that there is no connection between the foxes and the Middleton Hunt”.

Of course the man detained by the police who was seen entering the building is a registered employee of the hunt and who’s address is, yes, you’ve guessed it, the hunt kennels only 200 metres away which is also the registered business address of the hunt. It’s not rocket science yet they still expect us to believe them. Oh dear . . .

While we’re on the subject of the CA they recently sent out this email to their members, perhaps in an effort to detract from their recent bad publicity.

pytchley 04

Not very pretty and definitely not a sab.

Unmasking the animal rights extremists

(1) In January this year Mike Lane, Master and Huntsman of the Tedworth Hunt in Dorset, was hospitalised by anti-hunt thugs who beat him with metal bars and chains. Despite massive publicity and a national outcry from far beyond the hunting community, nobody has been charged with this violent assault because his attackers were wearing face coverings.

(2) As any hunt which has dealings with saboteurs will report, these cowards tend to hide behind balaclavas and scarves and dress in a mock paramilitary uniform of black combat gear because they know this makes them all but impossible to identify and therefore to bring to justice.

(3) Following the attack on Mike we asked you to lobby your Police and Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables, asking them to ensure officers are able to order the removal of face coverings when sabs congregate. Whilst the lobby received a very positive response from the police, and tens of thousands of you took part, the law remains hard to enforce and Mike Lane has had no justice.

Davros has lost a Dalek

Davros has lost a Dalek

(4) A police officer can arrest someone if they have reasonable grounds to suspect they are involved in a crime, but they cannot order the removal of a mask or balaclava without the express permission of a senior officer.

(5) This is clearly impractical and does not make allowances for the pressures of on-the-ground policing and the need for swift and decisive action. We will be pressing the Government to amend the legislation in the forthcoming Policing and Criminal Justice Bill. We believe officers faced with masked activists need the authority to demand the immediate removal of face coverings. Those intent on harassment and intimidation need to be identifiable and not outside the law.

(6) The current law is unwieldy and is allowing vicious attackers, like those who assaulted Mike, to get away scot-free.

In due course we will be asking you to lobby your MP to support this amendment. In the meantime, please consider joining us as a member to ensure we can carry on fighting for the issues that affect you and your sport (8).”

Barney White-Spunner
Executive Chairman

Another charmer from the Woodland Pytchley Hunt

Another charmer from the Woodland Pytchley Hunt

Time for a bit of analysis.

(1) This incident was widely published and made the national media and apart from the the outcry whipped up by the CA amongst their own supporters and those with a low IQ who read the Daily Mail most people saw it for what it really was. No metal bars and chains were used, the item they’re referring to was a lightweight piece of wood and rope which sabs use like whip to minic the sound of the Huntsmans whip, which is used to stop hounds. It also fails to mention that on the video two hunt supporters are violently laying into a small lone sab. Clear photographs were published of all involved including the sabs without their face covering so as a point making exercise it kinda falls flat on its face. We’re also unclear on the full details of the incident. In my mind it looks like some hunt staff and support got violent with some sabs who rightly defended themselves and disengaged the moment they were safely able to. If you’re going to start getting violent don’t come crying to mummy when you end up coming off second best.

Bigoted, racist, homophobic and sexist. All the traits you need to be one of these guys.

Bigoted, racist, homophobic and sexist. All the traits you need to be one of these guys.

(2) Cowards? Takes a real tough guy to chase an animal on a horse with loads of your mates and a pack of dogs. That’s what I’d call a coward. We dress like we do because we need tough clothes that can take punishment and abuse, just like the armed forces and if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me. It’s purely about having the right kit for the job at hand.

(3) I’m sure you had a very positive response from the police, they’re probably all in the same lodge or ride with the hunt. Maybe there was a nice donation somewhere?

(4) It’s called a section 60AA and can only be ordered by an Inspector or above and for justifiable reasons. Those reasons do not include so the CA can take your photo, find out who you are and then target you at your home or place of work. It’s well known the CA have a large database of all those who oppose them, I wonder what they would need that for?

(5) Do you think these demands would also apply to the many hunt heavies, terrier men and supporters and riders who regularly mask up for the purpose of violence and intimidation against non-violent protest and direct action? The pictures in this blog show just a tiny number of examples. What have you to say about the Barney old boy?

(6) There are literally hundreds (and thousands more unreported) of well documented incidents of violence occurring at various hunts all over the country. Even though everyone has access to a smart phone or camcorder you’ll be hard pressed to find much in the way of evidence which attributes violence coming from the activists in the field. The violence is nearly always forthcoming from the hunt side and the CA’s obsession with the face covering issue is nothing more than subterfuge and misdirection in an attempt to paint the good guys in this equation as the bad.

The vicious attackers wear Red or tweed and love flat caps.