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A week or so ago an email from a Ben Kaye dropped into the Accidental inbox. He asked if I’d do a review for a book he’d created along with illustrator Stu Jones which was to be released shortly (25th June) by the Badger Trust at Lush in Oxford Street. This would make a pleasant change I thought and certainly something new for yours truly to get involved with. It had already been endorsed by the likes of Chris Packham and Nigel Marven along with the CEO of the Badger Trust, Dominic Dyer. I had no idea what to expect but is described thus:

“Raised on fireside tales of “The Ones Who Walk Above”, a young badger leaves his loving home on a quest to find the truth behind the legends. Many adventures lie ahe􀀈ad as he searches for the mythical “Promised Land”, but,􀀊will his curiosity end in sorrow, or lead to salvation for the creatures that call the countryside their home?


I eagerly downloaded the pre-release copy and opened it up.

What I was faced with was a delightful children’s book, illustrated in a charming and distinctive manner. As someone with a design background I really appreciated the aesthetic style that Stu Jones had employed. In among the full-page illustrations were the words of Ben Kaye, short verses that form the perfect symbiotic relationship with the images that paint their own literary picture.

What makes this stand out however is the message. It’s not all sugar-plum fairies and fluffy bunnies. It pulls no punches, is extremely moving and the reader is left in little doubt who the bad guys are. The realities of our countryside are spelled out in a manner which everyone, bold old and young will appreciate and understand and I take my hat off to the producers for doing it this way. I sent the author my quote below and I support this endeavour 100%.

“This is the reality of the British countryside and the struggle of it’s inhabitants to survive, illustrated beautifully to go alongside the poignant narrative. This is much more than just an illustrated children’s book and a tale of a badger and I hope it will inspire a new generation of wildlife warriors to continue the fight for our natural heritage”.