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As you can probably tell by the lack of updates I’ve been pretty busy.

This time of year is always the most time consuming for those in the wildlife protection business. The cruel and unnecessary badger cull is in full swing and sab teams across the country are travelling many miles to save as many lives as they can. It’s also cubbing season so those not involved in anti-cull activities are getting up at the crack of dawn to target those hunts participating in that vile activity, all the time having to fit in time for work and their families.

Speaking of work . . .

I’ve always been of the opinion that you can measure your success against your enemy by the lengths to which they will go to try and discredit you or remove completely from the game as it were. Since my involvement in several well publicised court cases my identity became fairly well known. Due to this I’ve had car loads of hunt thugs trying to intimidate me outside my house, I was part of the injunction that the Fitzwilliam Hunt tried to unsuccessfully bring against a group of sabs who were constantly highlighting their criminality, I’ve had calls at home and threats to my partner. My home has now security cameras installed and the police applied a marker to my property and number, this means I get a priority response in the event of a 999 call. Not so long ago I had someone from the pro hunt side contact my work and make a complaint about me . . . and it’s happened again.

A letter was sent to the UK head of the company I work for which was then handed to HR and made it’s way down to my boss who spoke to me about it. Of course my employers aren’t in the slightest bothered about what I do, mainly because it’s got nothing to do with them and it’s perfectly legal. Provided I don’t bring the company into disrepute then it’s all good. The other issue was of course that the letter was sent anonymously. Come on guys, if you don’t have the courage behind you’re conviction then your claims are effectively meaningless and will be filed in the nearest recycling bin.


Indeed they did Nelson . . .

Having seen the letter and the photos of me that it contained my boss thought it rather amusing, apparently there were some good action shots of me running around in the countryside. Hardly earth shattering stuff. After further discussion with sabs from other groups it would appear that I’m not the only one who has been targeted at their place of work. So the question is, is this and organised effort or is it just coincidence?

Either way all their attempts have fallen well short of their intended outcome, in fact they were complete failures. What the pro hunt side fail to comprehend is that they don’t have the support of the wider general public and that is more than likely to include those employers that sabs work for.

Simply put, they are (and I’m going to coin a phrase by a friend of mine) “the desperate flailings of a drowning organisation”.

Single hand of drowning man in sea asking for help

UPDATE: I held back the publication of this blog until I actually had a copy of the letter that was sent to my employers. Now I’ve seen it I have to say I’m a little disappointed by it’s contents. It’s almost as if someone from the CA wrote a standard list of lies (that’s all it is, a list) with all the usual “animal rights extremist” claims and then added my name to the top and references to this blog and the Beds & Bucks sab group. It’s poorly constructed and there’s absolutely ZERO information in there to make any employee concerned and the best they can come up with is some nonsense about aggravated trespass and harassment of hunt staff, which as we all know it utter hogwash. Maybe they should contact the Fitzwilliam and Thurlow hunts and ask them about their legal activities? Funny how they missed those little gems out.

The photographs were quite amusing but, come on guys, try and get something more up-to-date. Most of those are at least 3 years old, have you got nothing better? And one final thing, I know it’s probably something you don’t understand but no-one uses that font any more, much like your little minority hobby, it’s just ugly.

That was the conclusion of the Independent Panel on the 6 week Badger Cull trials in Gloucestershire and Somerset. Well, no shit Sherlock.

I’d actually written a completely different piece prior to witnessing the one sided disgrace this morning on the BBC’s Breakfast program with Brian May, a farmer and a vet. It was a satirical interview with one of the panel members however now I don’t feel it’s appropriate as I sit here feeling disgusted and angry all at the same time.


What we were shown was a farmer who’d lost animals to TB and was clearly in favour of culling and a vet who may have well have been Owen Paterson himself. It worries me that professionals who should be concerned about animal welfare are now only serving the people who manage animals and not the animals themselves. They’re more interested in their farming contracts than the larger welfare picture for both farmed and wild animals. I sincerely hope this obnoxious and completely misinformed individual doesn’t represent the rest of the veterinary industry or we are all indeed in a mire. I can only concede that he was a Government stooge overflowing with cherry picked data used out of context to justify culling as a method of disease control and his claims that protestors were causing perturbation was quite frankly a sign of desperation, I could almost see the strings being pulled from the gantry.

Brian May spoke from another location and did his best, holding the moral and factual high ground but the discussion was stage managed in such a biased way he wasn’t allowed to speak and faded out when the others spouted their NFU propaganda. The BBC used to be a jewel in the broadcasting crown of the UK, a bastion of impartial and factual reporting but as we witnessed this morning and during the badger cull itself last autumn we can now show it to be the Government puppet it really is. A sad day indeed.

On the report itself it indicates that some Badgers took 5 minutes or more to die once shot. From my experiences in the field I can only say it’s absolutely heart-breaking to hear that muffled crack of a suppressed rifle, then the screaming of a wounded animal that tries to get away with its insides having been blown out yet no vital organs hit. Those slow minutes are indescribable to hear and will haunt me forever and just one reason why, if the wider culls do get rolled out, I’ll be out there again fighting it with every tool at my disposal. It also shows that Defra, as an organisation were prepared to lie time again to cover themselves and their corrupt policy. Anyone remember this tweet?

Constant lies

Constant lies

Just one example, of which there are many of the lies spouted by Defra and the Minister in an effort to justify their actions. I’m still waiting for the proof that all the Badgers shot were showing advanced signs of TB as Owen Paterson claimed in the House of Commons. The simple fact is they weren’t tested and as anyone with half a brain and a little research knows only a tiny proportion of Badgers actually had TB and of those an even smaller proportion would be showing signs of the disease and capable of passing it on to cattle. These super-excretors just didn’t exist. Gloucestershire had the largest population of vaccinated Badgers in the country, vaccinated, healthy Badgers that were then shot.

Of course the report itself is only commenting on free shooting as a method of Badger extermination, not whether culling is a necessary tool in the control of bTB. We’ve already seen how farmers and the Government are looking into alternative methods, with gassing seeming to be a popular subject for investigation. Gassing is currently banned and for good reason. It’s even more inhumane causing astonishing suffering and likely to leave those animals not killed severely brain damaged.  I’ll say this now and quite openly – If they go down this route I and many others like me with use any method, ANY METHOD, to stop it.

As a nation we have to take responsibility for our actions and it will be no good pioneering initiatives on ivory and Rhino horn or large and glamorous endangered species when we’re gassing and killing our own native protected ones. There is no justification, that is without question. To all those people on Facebook and Twitter that showed disgust at the photos of big game killed purely for enjoyment I say to you look closer to home. See what is happening in your own country. If you’re not getting angry you’re not paying attention. Get out there and join those already making a difference.

Apathy will kill all our wildlife.

The true reason

The true reason

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