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It’s a bit depressing returning from your holidays to the drudgery of the office and everyday life but I count myself lucky I can afford to spend my spare time in such wonderful surroundings and focus on more pressing matters at hand. Preparations for are still in full swing for fighting the Badger Cull and the various groups in the zones are putting in some serious hours and effort surveying the areas in great detail and fund raising to keep boots on the ground 24/7. Our best hope of a stop to the killing is the legal challenge currently under way from the Badger Trust, they’re seeking a judicial review of which full details can be found via their legal representation here. However as has been seen previously these events are difficult to predict so we must be ready to fight the cull in the fields with direct action should the call come. If you’ve been reading my blog you will of course already have a few tips on what you need to do plus the kit that’ll you’ll need and if you’re new here (welcome) then please take the time to go back through the archives for the three part series Called “Fighting the Cull”.

Moving on now and last week a friend on Facebook highlighted an interesting thread which had appeared on the on-line forum of Horse and Hound magazine. A user had posed the question of the types of interaction the hunters had experienced with the “Antis”. Of course any discussion in such a publication is going to be a one sided affair but there were a few interesting comments which deserve some closer inspection. Many obviously noted the usual verbal abuse (this is of course and two way street in real terms) and how quite often the antis were able to take control of the hounds (great sabbing skills there) and allow the fox to escape. There were of course some ridiculous claims which were clearly nonsense and obviously no mention of the violence from the pro-hunt followers or hunters themselves against the antis or sabs which is all too commonly caught on camera. One point was however crystal clear, there was not a single claim of violence from the anti-hunting groups which was nice to see and a primary directive of the HSA, non-violent direct action.



While reading all these comments and the complaints from those posting a singular thought crossed my mind. I was tempted to create a false account and join the discussion but the thread was a little old and no doubt I’d have been bombarded with abuse and banned in pretty short time so instead I’ll pose the question here. Substitute the word “hunting” for “drug dealing” (or any major media favourite crime for that matter) and then ask yourself how good is the pro argument now? OK that may seem a little extreme but the simple fact is both are illegal (for the point of the article we’ll assume they’re breaking the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004 as many had complained of the fox escaping due to the actions of the anti-groups). There aren’t versions of illegal, it’s pretty black and white; you’re either breaking the law or you’re not. Obviously there are differences in the severity of offence but what struck me is that all the people posting on this thread seemed to have the belief that what they were doing was either OK or they thought they were simply above the law and it didn’t apply to them.

From this we can draw the simple conclusion that people who hunt are either ignorant (of the laws of the land) which is clearly no excuse or are supremely arrogant and believe the laws are for everyone else and they need not bother with such trivialities. You can probably guess what outcome would have arisen had I posed the question. Outrage and indignation that their tradition was being compared to such a heinous crime however from whichever standpoint you view the discussion the point of the argument remains the same and is undeniable and I’ll say once again; you’re either breaking the law or you’re not. I’m still tempted to jump in and see if my predictions come to pass, I’ll think on that one. It is also slightly worrying that there’s a whole forum dedicated to animal torture and killing. I guess the fight is going to be a long one but rest assured we’ll be there every step of the way and making it as difficult as possible for those who get their kicks in this manner.

While I was there I also gained some interesting intelligence about hunts which will be getting a visit when the season starts again this autumn. A new group of sabs have formed (Beds and Bucks Hunt Sabs – give us a like) which will be my home group and we’re looking forward to making an impact and getting stuck in so to any pro hunt types in the area reading this I say to you, watch out, because we’re coming for you.

In other news I notice that the Mink hunts are active once again. Regardless of your thoughts on the Mink, hunting a mammal with dogs is still illegal and the whole Mink thing is a complete subterfuge for hunting Otters. They were hunted to extinction from many of our rivers a long time ago and now they’re making a good comeback so the hunts think its game on once again. Even ignoring this fact having a pack of Otter hounds and people rampaging down a river system during the breeding season for most of our bird, mammal, reptile and fish species is nothing more than environmental vandalism. The damage done cannot be overstated.

I’ll leave you with the video of my trip to Mull. Enjoy.