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Complete change of target this week and a new one for myself personally as various sab groups targeted the Grouse Moors around Holmfirth.

Grouse shooting is legal, however killing an animal purely for the pleasure of doing so is clearly repugnant for an normal person with a moral compass. Ignoring the fact that the Grouse will die in huge numbers the intensive management of the moors is massively detrimental to many other forms of wildlife. Any bird or animal which could possibly compete with the Grouse are systematically exterminated, regardless of protective status. Even for the poor old Hare can suffer as it has the potential to carry disease which could affect the Grouse. Foxes, Stoats, Weasels, Corvids and Raptors all suffer at the hands of game keepers as they raise artificially high numbers of Grouse for the financial elite to blast from the sky while dressed in tweed and flat caps. The biodiversity of grouse moors is severely lacking compared to those which have no shooting and yet the shooting industry will always claim they’re acting for the good of the environment.



This is of course complete nonsense. The Hen Harrier is a prime example. This wonderful raptor will soon become extinct in England if action isn’t taken. It’s currently protected and persecution of this bird carries a severe sentence however gaining a conviction against those committing the crimes is hugely difficult when the habitat is miles of open moorland. This is why shooting estates need licensing. Birds found illegally killed or nests destroyed should immediately mean the estate on which it occurs loses its license for that season. Hitting them where it hurts, (in the pocket) is the only message they’ll understand. What’s even more galling is the fact that we’re paying towards the upkeep of these estates as our taxes go towards the millions handed out in land subsidies. Something from which we get nothing in return. Even the licensing of shotguns is subsidised by us. Something which Cameron personally approved.

So it kinda feels good to ruin the fun of these people.

Please sign the petition to ban driven Grouse shooting if you haven’t already. Click here