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I’ve written many times in the past about police inactivity with regards to hunting with hounds and why I believe, in many cases they are reluctant to effectively police it. However sometimes certain cases stand out way beyond the norm and the bias shown simply cannot be attributed to ignorance, lack of resources or reluctance due to limited chance of prosecution.

dead hare.jpg

A beautiful animal, murdered for fun

The Easton Harriers are a pack which operate in East Suffolk. For those that don’t know Harrier packs will hunt both foxes and hares. They will given the chance, hunt pretty much anything that moves and will offer “sport”. Our colleagues over at Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs have reported over the last few week that they have killed regularly. As you can see from the pictures it’s a gruesome sight and how anyone can take delight in this is simply beyond my comprehension. But hunts killing animals is nothing new, the real problem here is the complete inaction by the local police force.

hare hunter.jpg

The hunt claimed this was a very large rabbit

According to reports police have been present in at least one of the occasions where the illegal killing of a mammal was reported however nothing at all has been done. No statements were taken and no investigation is under way. These aren’t isolated incidents and in an age of social media and the instant proliferation of information there is no reason to believe that the police aren’t be aware of what has transpired and the situation at large. I’m fairly certain that had these crimes been perpetrated by a certain demographic of society, working from say, the back of a van with a few of their mates and using a couple of sight hounds like Lurchers or Greyhounds then the police would have been all over them like a tramp on hot chips. Have a troll through police web sites and their rural commitments especially regarding wildlife crime, poaching or coursing will always get a mention but rarely anything regarding organised hunts.


The hounds devour what’s left of another hare

It would seem however that the Suffolk police are especially good at turning a blind eye so we have to ask ourselves why this is the case. Is there a connection to the hunt at a senior level within the Suffolk force? Are officers on the ground under orders not to police the hunt and take action regardless of the evidence? Is there an institutionalised prejudice of saboteurs with their ranks? Do they simply not care the hunting act is being openly flouted before their very eyes? More importantly as public servants who should act on our behalf to uphold the law what are we going to do about it and who is to be held to account for this gross injustice?

Please contact Chief Constable Gareth Wilson of Suffolk at (Executive Assistant) and perhaps if you get no joy there try Tim Passmore, Suffolk’s PCC: and see if you can get any answers to the questions posed above.

The British public have a voice, let’s make sure it gets heard so we can get these situations changed for the better.