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Jackanory was a bit of an institution when I was a nipper. Various celebs would sit in a big comfy chair in front of the camera and read classic children’s stories. Can’t say this generation would find it appealing but I guess that’s progress of sorts although I have to say the Countryside Alliance and some hunts seem to have taken it well and truly to heart.

A story broke last night from an undercover investigation carried out by the League Against Cruel Sports. It involved the Buckminster Estate, the Belvoir Hunt and a captive fox.


It’s unclear where the fox had come from but why it was being kept in a brick outbuilding in very poor conditions is one question which should be answered and another is why did a man arrive with a net and a bag on the day when the hunt were meeting close by.

Now it doesn’t take the mind of Sherlock Holmes to work out what was going to transpire here. We’ve known foxes were caught in advance and bagged to be released in front of the hounds for some time however this is pretty damming evidence and proof that it goes on. Bagged foxes have little chance of escape. They’re usually in poor condition (the fox in question was underweight and dehydrated) and they’re released in an area they don’t know so can’t use the land to the best of it’s ability. Luckily LACS removed the animal and it was treated at a wildlife centre before being released (full story here: BBC East Midlands )

bag man

Of course the estate in question and the employee who arrived with the bag claim they’ve done nothing wrong and the Belvoir hunt are denying all knowledge of it. Hardly an unexpected response but in reality it’s right up there with Roald Dadl in terms of fiction.

The next big dose of Jackanory comes from Timmy ‘Bonehead’ Bonner of the CA. He’s claiming the Hunting Act is in tatters as 250,000 people will turn out to support the traditional hunts on Boxing day. Lets have a little look at these claims.

Of course we all know the Act isn’t really fit for purpose and the hunts openly flout these laws as the loopholes written into it are big enough to drive a fleet of horse boxes through however that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Rather than scrap the Act it should be strengthened and policed properly. Anyway, I digress – the numbers.

There are close to 300 hunts in the country. Now most but certainly not all of these will be out on Boxing day and if the British people really wanted to see a return to hunting then you would expect a huge turnout to these events. Now even using the CA’s own figures that would only add up to around 830 people per hunt supporting. That’s really not that many when you think about it and equates to 0.39% of the population. Of course the reality is wildly different. I’m out every Boxing Day helping those with compassion to save our wildlife and I’ve seen how many people turn up and I’ll tell you now those numbers are complete fiction. I would safely say you could remove a zero from that 250,000 and you may be a bit closer to the real figures.

The CA also did a survey apparently (well done them!) and produced some figures for their justification to a return to hunting (obviously we can’t verify their numbers but they probably made them up anyway) but lets have a look.

“80 per cent of registered hunts had held onto their supporters or recruited new ones, since the ban”.

So most hunts held on to their supporters and got a few more. Nothing really to shout about there. Hunt supporters will always support hunts, just the same as I’m not going to change which football team I support. They tend to have children as well so no surprise they got a few extra (indoctrination of the young is paramount to them). But that still suggests that 20%, that’s a fifth of all hunts are declining. Hmm, doesn’t sound so rosy now does it Timmy old boy.

“91 per cent hunt the same number of days, or more, each season, with 85 per cent of hunts having the same number or more hounds, in the last eleven years”.

Hunts are generally run like a business. They hunt on specific days. They have to do this to keep the money coming in. This is their primary revenue stream. Claiming their hunting days are a reflection of health is nonsense. You can’t run a shop if you’re never open.

The size of a pack of hounds generally remains fairly stable. They’ll have a viable breeding stock and there’ll be the usual turnover in new ones and old ones, I say old, they’ll usually be retired via a bullet at the age of 6 or so. It just doesn’t make any sense to increase the numbers of hounds, there’s just no point economically or from a hunting point of view so that’s another non relevant stat.

So there we are, a big festive dollup of ill conceived propaganda.

So have a great Christmas break, thanks for your support over the year and here’s to progress and compassion. If you want to do something and improve your life and the live’s of animals try going vegan for January and then maybe for ever. It really is the way forward for the planet, for the animals and the people. We can feed the world, we can save the environment and we can open our eyes to the lies we’re being fed by our Government and the media. Get out there and make a difference.


Sorry for the lack up recent updates, this really is the busiest time of year except of course my lack of time has nothing to do with frantically buying presents and wondering which family members to avoid on Christmas day. Nope, I’m fully engaged in the continual fight for animals lives both on-line and in the fields.

We’ve had some very successful operations against our local hunts, so much so that they are now fully committed to employing the services of the Mrs Miggins boys and a whole host of other slow witted bumpkins in an effort to blunt our effectiveness in disrupting them. We take this of course as a compliment and only stiffens our resolve, we’re certainly not going anywhere and will continue with our operations against them.

If you follow Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs on Facebook you’ll know we’ve finally taken possession of a new vehicle (named Boris by it’s previous owner) which will allow us to put more sabs in the field. This was purchased with a grant from the HSA (Hunt Saboteurs Association) and we are very grateful for the financial support they give. If you haven’t joined already please do, every penny goes towards the saving of our wildlife. Boris will be a fine addition to our armoury.

Speaking of financial support it’s staggering the amount of money the Countryside Alliance are prepared to splash in order to stop a hunt from being prosecuted. The recent private prosecution brought by the League Against Cruel Sports against the Lamerton Hunt which had to be withdrawn on a technicality (isn’t it great how our legal system works, the guilt was undeniable and yet a technical issue forced the withdrawal) has shown that the hunt would have to fork out  £72,355.42 for the court costs, a fee which the judge deemed that LACS would not have to pay as there was no improper act or omission by them. Of course everyone with an once of compassion would rather have seen a successful conviction but we all know getting one of those is akin to picking your nose and finding a gold nugget on the end of your finger.

cop 2

The mystery police officer.

In other news I’m a little closer to identifying the rider at a recent hunt who claimed to be a police officer. I’ve cross referenced footage from another source with my own and I have a still from my video which matches both descriptions and that of the horse she was riding. Unfortunately due to the distance it was filmed at and the movement involved it is a little blurred. I’ve enlarged and enhance a bit and I’ve no doubt someone may recognise her. I would imagine that a serving officer openly supporting an illegal activity could potentially find themselves in a difficult position should their identity come to light and of course the police would no doubt be interested in a person who went around claiming to be one of them if they weren’t. I have my suspicions as to an identity however please contact me in complete confidence if you have more information.


Our operation last weekend against our favourite hunt (the Oakley) was hugely successful and more importantly a huge embarrassment for them as they were hosting the Cambridge & Enfield Chace. They stubbornly rode around the countryside trying to hunt but were completely thwarted, they packed up well before their normal time at 2:15pm. The real interest here was once again the deployment of the police helicopter as well as ground units.

The air unit was on the scene for a significant amount of time and was of course there to monitor the saboteurs and not the attempted illegal hunting going on in full view. I’ve had meetings with the PCC for Bedfordshire, Olly Martens and a senior inspector and they informed me in no uncertain terms that they would never authorise the use of the air asset for such an incident. They simply cannot afford to do so. The financial restrictions on the police in Bedfordshire are significant and this is affecting their capabilities. Olly also confirmed his support for the hunting ban which was good to know.


Happy your taxes are paying for this?

As several counties share the use of the helicopter we can deduce that a bordering force was responsible for the deployment of such an expensive asset. The operation was on the border with Cambridgeshire so we can safely assume it came from them. I’ve mentioned previously that vocal hunt supporters have claimed someone senior within the Cambridgeshire force rides, or has strong connections with the hunt and every time we turn up to oppose them, resources are put into play as if money was no object.

I’m pretty sure most tax payers, regardless of their thoughts on hunting would be annoyed that vast sums of money were being squandered in support a minority pass time that was banned in 2004. Is monitoring saboteurs what the police helicopter is really there for? I’ve sent a FOI request asking for the costs and who authorised it. I know the police read this blog (hi guys) so if any of you feel the need to comment then please do so. If and when we find out the name of the person with the authority to order a police response like this then it will be published which could make things very difficult for them. First and foremost the police should remain impartial, any proven deviation from this and the misuse of public money is nothing more than gross misconduct and they should face the consequences.

UPDATE: I just had the response from Cambridgeshire Police to my FIO request. It would seem they have no record of the incident and are claiming the jurisdiction falls under Bedfordshire Police. Now either they’re lying or our person with contacts is part of the Bedfordshire establishment and not Cambridge. If the PCC is unaware of this then there could be further ramifications. Clearly more digging is required.

There seems to be a worrying trend at the moment with regards to the hunts, their employees and supporters towards inflicting physical violence on those who oppose them. That was my original opening line to this addition of my blog but then it occurred to me I’d written something similar before. The violence it seems, has never really gone away and at any time people involved in the fight against illegal hunting could well end up in hospital or even worse and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Over the last 2 weekends running sabs have been hospitalised by people attached to the hunts. I’m sure that pre-ban things were much worse however one would hope we’d have moved on from those days but then again you can never assume a leopard will change its spots and if you revel in the suffering of a sentient mammal then by definition you’re a violent person and one should expect violence when dealing with them.

The first incident involved the Essex and Suffolk hunt on the 7th November where sabs were attacked by hunt employees wielding spades and bats. This lead to 2 sabs needing hospital treatment and in return the hunt got a visit the following week from several groups from the surrounding area who turned out to put their collective spanners in the works of the wildlife killers in a show solidarity for their colleagues. Our group was one of those present and despite the appalling conditions our operation thwarted any attempt by them to hunt. That didn’t stop the Whip from trying to run me down with his horse and he got very angry when a hound made a fool of him. All caught on video and you’ll see the type of people we deal with on a weekly basis. Their language alone is enough to make a sailor blush.

More seriously on the same week we visited the Essex & Suffolk, sabs from South Coast Hunt Sabs were taking on the  South Down & Eridge Foxhounds. Known trouble makers at the hunt ambushed a small group of sabs and in the ensuing struggle a veteran sab was slashed across the hand with a knife resulting in the injury you see below. Another sabs had a tooth knocked out which will require corrective dental treatment. The attackers, like most bullies were sent packing when more sabs arrived and took control of the situation.

The moment these people start carrying weapons like knives and feel they’re able to use them and not face the full consequences of the law then it will only be a matter of time before another sab pays the ultimate price. My information is that Sussex Police acted very poorly and neglected to arrest the perpetrator there and then and just continued to harass those sabs present. An ambulance had to called by the sabs themselves as the police seemed incapable or unwilling to offer any support to the victims. Finally after a surge of pressure on social media it seems an arrest has been made. I’m fairly sure had the boot been on the other foot there would have been multiple arrests and many doors needing new hinges.

The wound cause by a knife wielding terrier man.

The wound cause by a knife wielding terrier man.

The excuse from the pro-hunt lobby was pure Jackanory, an explanation so laughable it beggars belief. The injury was self inflicted by breaking the window of an older hunt supporters car.

Surgery to repair nerve and muscle damage took place yesterday (16/11/15) and both myself and our group wish him a speedy recovery. Sabs are made of fairly tough stuff and no doubt he’ll be back on the front line defending our wildlife as soon as he can.

One thing is for certain, all these incidents and the general behaviour of all those connected to the hunts demonstrates that we’re being effective. Why resort to these tactics if we’re of no consequence to them?

We’re winning the war.