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I get quite a few messages to my blog, thankfully the vast majority offering help, support or just good wishes. Sometimes of course I’ll get the occasional threat and abuse which to be honest is to be expected and water off a ducks back to me. I generally ignore them, they are largely written by intellectually challenged halfwits and are an affront to the English language let alone my own sensibilities. However one person is showing some persistence with their implied threats so I thought for once I’d get this one out in the open.

This is a screen shot from my email client and was sent to me via the contact page on this site.


Lets break this down.

“We know it’s you”. Well done Sherlock, what do you want a prize? I know it’s me too. I’m well known by most of the hunting community. All you’d have to do is go to any of the local hunts and ask, they’d tell you. The Countryside Alliance probably have a significant file on me. I even went further afield to sab a beagle pack once and was spoken to by the huntsman by my first name (he also called me the most knowledgeable anti in East Anglia – go me!)

So you also think you know where I work, good, why not pop along for a chat, let me know in advance though so I can get you signed in.

You also fish? Hypocrit much? Well the link you supplied was from 2009, that’s hardly recent. Like many people I have had a history which included some fishing. Some sabs have even come from hunting backgrounds and like them I’ve seen the error of my ways and made changes to my lifestyle. Now I live as cruelty free as I can, I’m a vegan and have been for quite some time. Perhaps you need to update your searches.

“You can’t fool us”. OK, I’m not actually trying to fool anyone. The only fool here is you although the “us” implies there’s more than one of you which is probably true. The more brain cells engaged the better eh?

“We know who you and most of your friends are”. Yes, yes, you’ve said that already. Unlike you I don’t need constant reinforcement to absorb information. What else have you got?

“Why mask up when we know you anyway? And where you live and work?” This is a real giveaway. You see, I don’t mask up, purely for the reason you so eloquently explained. You’re clearly a bit slow and for that I feel sorry for you. Life must be hard when your intellectual equal is in the salad bowl.

Here’s another thing. There you are, mashing wildly away at the keyboard with your pork sausage fingers (this has to be the case for the offensively poor grammar and punctuation) making claims and veiled threats when you’re the one hiding, using a false email address (although was viable for a while) and using a fake name. Can you see the irony in that? Do I need to post an explanation link so you can look it up?

So there you have it ladies and gents, the average hunt supporter. To hunt sab or Bob or whatever your name is, if you want to come out into the open then feel free, otherwise I’d suggest you crawl back under whatever stone you live and think about how embarrassing it must be to be so socially retarded and despised by the vast majority of the population. Here, have a facepalm.