Action Against Foxhunting is an educational group set up with the aim of educating the public about the extent and brutality of illegal foxhunting. We also want to give a voice to people living in rural areas who are victims of the hunts’ anti-social behaviour.


Great resource with help and advice for those affected by hunt trespass and also a map so you can find your local hunt.


Everything you need to know about the Hunting Act from horn calls to prosecutions. Combined knowledge of IFAW. LACS and the RSPCA.


The last line in the defence of the hunted animal. Get involved, buy merchandise and find out your local sab group. It’s all here.


Protect Our Wild Animal – A mine of information, press releases, archive of hunting offences and violence, campaigns and their own monitors.


Fabulous investigative blog which takes on the shooting industry over the relentless killing of birds of prey.