This time tomorrow I’ll be at Peterborough Crown Court for what I assume will be the final instalment of what feels like the never ending Fitzwilliam Hunt conviction saga. I’ve covered the story in great depth through previous blog posts so it’s pointless to go over everything again but if you want to catch up then see here, here, here and here.

I’m not really sure how things will pan out but you can never tell with Hunting Act cases in particular and I’m sure the main chance for the hunt overturning the conviction is the hope for a more sympathetic judge. The simple fact is their evidence isn’t going to get any better and having faced the defence’s cross examination for over 2 hours previously I wonder what they are going to come at me with this time.

There’s also the wider implications this may have for the Bird of Prey Exemption within the Hunting Act. If the original decision of the court is upheld other hunts which use this smokescreen will have to seriously reconsider how they operate.

Regardless of the outcome I have to be pleased we’ve dragged them through the courts and secured a conviction first time round. That’s a rarity in itself. From my own point of view and certainly that of everyone else who witnessed the proceedings on the day there’s no doubt of the guilt of George Adams (the now retired Fitzwilliam huntsman). I just hope the Judge presiding tomorrow see’s it the same way as District Judge John Wollard did on the original case.

In his summing up his statement spoke volumes.

“You are either taking part in Falconry, or hunting foxes with hounds. If you are taking part in Falconry you do not need a full pack of hounds to flush the animal, you would use only 2 or 3 of a more suitable breed. Therefore I can only assume you were taking part in hunting foxes”.

Finger crossed.


George Adams with the Fitzwilliam Hounds.

  1. Sandra Jedrej says:

    Hope the judge and jury have no conflicts of interest

  2. Yvonne Day says:

    Thank you for your hard work (all in your own precious time) seeing this through to the end.
    I hope you get the result you deserve, and should get. Thank you from all the animals you’ve saved and from animal lovers everywhere. People like you are priceless. Heroes.

  3. Catherine Deering says:

    Thank you for what you have achieved so far. Thank you for persevering and doing so much for our precious wildlife.

  4. Eileen Bates says:

    Fingers crossed for you….x

  5. Simon Watson says:

    I have nothing but respect for what you have done. It’s a real David and Goliath situation and taking on people this arrogant, powerful and inflated with a sense of entitlement is no small challenge. Whatever, the outcome everyone now knows the Fitz are as guilty as sin. They are left in a pathetic situation where they now have to buy injunctions in order to continue their criminal activities.

  6. Nadia Fox says:


  7. lin says:

    everything crossed for youxxx

  8. Rafe Worden says:

    Well done

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