Here’s a question for you, How many people do you see riding on the quad bike in the picture below?


Here’s another question. Do you think the officer in the police car would have a good enough view to count the number of people on the quad?

Well apparently after a member of the public complained about the lack of action from the officers at the scene and they received this response from Thames Valley Police. Note in particular the highlighted bit in yellow.


Apparently inspector James Davies is unable to see there are 4 people on the quad. Here’s an enlarged version just in case you’re in any doubt. They could have of course asked for the video to be supplied for further evidence of wrong doing if they had any doubts.


It’s also clear from point 2 of the response that the police are choosing which crimes to police and which to ignore. If there’s a hunt going on all road traffic offences appear to become null and void – good to know that, I’ll pass it on to all sab drivers and let them know they can drive where they like and how they like, and yet why is it sab vehicles always get stopped for checks every time there’s a hunt in progress. Hmmm . . .

These are the details of the quad bike:

quad check

Now the police may well get a different MOT response but I’m still fairly sure that quad isn’t designed for 4 people. Thames Valley Police are there to uphold the law for the benefit of the general public, not for the benefit of a small minority who like to hunt sentient mammals for fun and to be honest had I received that response I’d be pretty insulted.

Fell free to complain.

  1. PJ says:

    Hi, I was the emailer and you are right I was fuming. Have emailed you the response I sent back to his email and it is on Keyboard Warriors as well but let me know if you haven’t got access – I will let you know if / when I get a response. –

  2. docrichie says:

    It’s interesting that they claim to be “challenging offenders and protecting the vulnerable”. Maybe they should re-examine that or change the wording to avoid trade description violation?

  3. Craig says:

    I will certainly complain about inspector Davies tomorrow, that response reeks of support for the fox killers, what an absolute joke our police are sometimes.

  4. Tracy says:

    I’ve just checked on the Honda site to see if they do a four seater quad bike – they’ve listed two types of ‘Fourtrax’ and a ‘Foreman’ but not a four seater in sight!

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