So it’s been a very busy week.

It’s pretty common knowledge now that the Fitzwilliam Hunt have initiated court proceedings against both myself and pretty much every other sab they know of (and some they don’t) in the form of an injunction. Obviously the purpose of this injunction is to remove the very people (from the countryside) who document their illegal activities and who have brought them to justice in the past.

Injunctions are nothing new in hunting. I wrote about a case involving the Crawley & Horsham (see here) and prior to the hunting ban the Brocklesby and the Fitzwilliam themselves were granted injunctions against anti-hunt activists, which I believe still stand, however pre-ban injunctions can’t really be compared with the current situation, the times they are a changing!

Obviously it would be very easy for us to let the injunction go unchallenged, after all legal proceedings like this are VERY expensive and the Fitzwilliam have Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland (4th Baronet) at their helm, a man of vast wealth and land ownership. It’s a name not shy of appearing in the UK’s top 1000 rich list and reportedly worth in the region of £174 million (2016).

And this is where their sense of entitlement comes from.

I’ve always been of the opinion that certain types of person, when pushed into a corner will always revert to type and throw whatever they have the most of at the problem. Old Phil is throwing his money at the issue in an attempt to buy the hunt impunity from  any sort of monitoring or prosecution. (See the Canary story here).

What has really warmed my heart and put some of my faith back into humanity is the overwhelming response we’ve had from the good old British General Public. We were never really sure how well our Crowd Justice funding would do and we prepared as best we could and made sure the word really got out on social media but ultimately we needn’t have worried. On the first day alone it raised over £6000 and had reached it’s target of £12000 only 2 days later. The stats make very interesting reading with the average donation being £21 and those donations coming from a huge demographic and age rage which once again proves that hunting and the people behind it truly are universally despised. We are of course hugely grateful to each and every person who donated. We couldn’t have carried this through without them.

What next?

We have employed a good legal team and will face them in the High Court on the 1st November. We all feel that it’s our duty to fight this, not only so we can continue to monitor hunts and call them to account but also for the rights of the common person. We simply cannot let it stand that those wealthy enough can simply buy their own laws and protection. This goes further than just hunting, this is about our right to protest, be that hunting or fracking, a genuine David vs Goliath and make no bones about it, we have a rock in our proverbial slingshot and we’re taking aim.

  1. Lou says:

    At the countryside alliance Tory fringe event ‘Do animal rights influence elections?’ Bonner, Barrington, and some dodgy statistician smirked, sniggered and repeatedly insisted that ‘nobody cares about hunting’.
    That’ll explain this. 😂
    A bit like their poll, spun as ‘people in Scotland don’t care about hunting’: the figures actually showed a 7% support for hunting.
    When that question and its embarrassing answer (93% opposition!) were pointed our they removed it from the data. Too late obviously as I and others have screenshots.
    Sincerely hope this disgusting action by the fitzwilliam backfires in their smug faces and wish you all the best with it.

  2. ContinentalDrift says:

    I made a small donation and I wish you the very best of luck. Elites like Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland need to learn that they have enemies among the masses, and they can’t keep the boot on our face forever.

  3. foxy512 says:

    Make sure the judge isnt a pro

  4. foxy512 says:

    I was wondering about flying drones. They dont own the air space above the land do they?

  5. spugwash says:

    Good luck great to see the little guy fighting back. You’ve got the majority on your side.

  6. Ann Rutherford says:

    Good luck, hope they get squashed in court. There is enough evidence against them but these people are not only sadistic killers but have money on their side.

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