The so called Countryside Alliance are without doubt a truly insidious organisation. While they make claims about being the “voice of the countryside” the realty of the situation is far from the truth. Their main focus was, and always has been the promotion and preservation of blood sports, hunting shooting and fishing. However with public opinion against hunting in particular at an all time high, a review of the laws surrounding hunting in Scotland currently underway and several high profile prosecutions going against them the CA are clearly feeling the heat and will once again resort to rummaging around in their box of dirty tricks to try and maintain their status and that of hunting within the UK.

Now the CA are no strangers to underhand and bully boy tactics. They tried to manipulate the legislation with regards to the monitoring of hunts (see here) as well as attempting to directly influence police policy with regards to saboteurs before so it came as no real surprise when a letter was leaked that was sent from their CEO Tim (not nice but dim) Bonner to all their members explaining how they intended to proceed with the coming hunt season. The Cheshire Monitors group were the first to publish this on their Facebook page and it makes interesting reading.


Firstly Bonner sets out with some unadulterated self congratulation. Hunting only exists due to the CA it would seem but also admits that they despite the ban hunts are still flouting the law, “hunting as we know it” clearly refers to the pursuit of a live mammal. Even with a letter going to their own members any organisation regularly involved in the promotion of law breaking should, you’d think, be a little more discrete.

The next part is quite an admission and personally I’d like to thank Tim for the kind words regarding sabs. It’s abundantly clear that we are indeed having a “significant” impact on hunting although from what I understand the HSA membership has increased significantly and more active sabs are joining all the time but once again  it proves you should, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. Tim does get a little mixed up at this point though, the simple truth is we don’t have to make up lies to get our point across and show up hunting for what it really is. Social media has given us a platform in which to show the many examples of illegal hunting and the related violence each week during the hunting season to a huge audience and without the spin of normal media outlets. We’re winning the PR war that’s for sure.

This is where it get’s really interesting.

It would seem the CA’s new approach will be to expose individuals who oppose them (I’ll be disappointed if I’m not on their list) and try to get the police to do their dirty work. You see the problem here is they’ve just admitted to harassment, maybe even conspiracy? He goes on to mention all sorts of crimes which are regularly undertaken by both hunts and their supporters against non-violent monitors and sabs that Bonner and his cronies are mysteriously silent about. Violence in the countryside? Oh my Timmy, people in glass houses really shouldn’t start throwing stones you know. Now this revelation is in the public domain it will be interesting to see what they do next, will it be damage limitation time or just ignore this complete blunder and crack on regardless? How do they intend to “expose” their opponents, will I have to look out for private detectives rummaging through my rubbish bins in the hope of finding something incriminating? No doubt chief subverter Phillip Davies will play a leading role in this. If you don’t know who he is then you can read all about him here.


Philip Davies – Ex cop and CA subverter.

Finally they get to the real point of the letter – they just want some money. This whole debacle is nothing more that a begging letter!. How terribly sad. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I was always under the impression that the CA weren’t short of a bob or two, especially considering the number of MP’s they have in their pockets and the number of millionaires which seem to hunt. I think one could safely assume if they needed some extra cash they’d be banging on the doors of a few of their wealthy members and asking for a handout, perhaps all is not well on the cash flow front?

Irrespective of all of the above this is likely to be a major embarrassment for the CA and the complete buffoon at their helm, Tim Bonner. Of course Bonner should be well used to cocking up by now, he’s the CA’s version Boris Johnson.

When you go into battle it’s usually a good idea not to let your enemy know your plans and the CA have unintentionally laid theirs out for all to see. Let’s see how this all pans out . . .


  1. Mamaboo says:

    It is not the hunt saboteurs that are the law breakers. They are within the law trying to prevent the illegal activity of hunting with hounds. I find it truly abhorrent that the hunting fraternity are still of the opinion that they are above the law. They hunt and kill for pleasure,to satisfy their blood lust. They must be stopped!!!

  2. Bodger says:

    Stick with it your doing a good job .

  3. Lou says:

    Bonner recently tweeted the CA & the League against cruel sports accounts (suspect he’d been on the booze that night). Interestingly, the league figures show how much actual cash they get for ‘membership’ whereas the CA list ‘subscriptions’. There is a difference. What’s to stop a millionaire donor ‘subscribing’ to the CA with some added perks not offered even to ‘gold’ members and hence bumping up the figures to make the CA seem to have a larger membership than it actually does?
    Interestingly, even if we take their word for it that they have ‘around 100k members’ that’s a pathetic 0.15% of the population and not even 1% of rural people according to census data. The Advertising standards authority claim the CA can use the slogan ‘voice of the countryside’ (which given the facts is grossly misleading) providing they don’t use it to directly sell anything. The fact that they are clearly selling membership apparently escapes the ASS 🙄
    The figure for ‘subscriptions’ is 3.2 million. Looking at the various options for membership (and ignoring the crazy fact that there are people who actually want to be a part of this vipers’ nest of an organisation), the 100k ‘subscriptions’ looks pretty dodgy. And we know the CA have been caught out ‘grossly exaggerating’ figures in the past-not to mention blatantly lying.
    I am pretty sure the membership figures are inflated in order to give this tiny, unelected lobby group which promotes crime a way to imply to MOs and others that they speak for more than a tiny band of bloodsports obsessives. What’s needed is an organisation that actually does speak for rural people and a pointing out of their tiny size. The fact that they get audiences with government ministers and are able to meddle as much as they do (the next danger being brexit-apparently Barrington is planning to try to piggyback his ‘middle way’ on the back of it, reintroducing hunting with no need for repeal) is scandalous. As is Barrington having any clout and being allowed to speak to kids in schools and colleges when to my knowledge he has zero qualifications in ‘animal welfare’ and all efforts to find out are blocked.
    The CA need exposing and kicking into the long grass-an organisation that represented real rural issues of housing, transport, health etc would see them wither away as an irrelevance.

  4. It's Smee says:

    My only worry is that they’re going to start getting even more violent to sabs and still get away with, effectively, a slap on the wrist. But it’s great to see this letter getting out to a wide audience and the sabs are getting to them. Keep up the good work, sabs.

  5. Helem says:

    The BBC and National Trust welcomed this self confessed hunt apologist to Countryvile Live. It is clear that the airbrushed version of hunting presented does not match the image in Bonner’s letter.
    Our media need to do a better job in exposing the Trail Hunt myth particularly in regard to the National Trust. If more members became aware of the reality, the Trust would be forced to listen to public opinion instead of caving in to this small, but vocal lobby group.

  6. Sally Kingham says:

    Great work, as usual. Is it ok to share this letter please?

  7. Julie F says:

    I recieved one of these letters, I am fuming! I have been a HSA supporter since 1983 I am an animal activist, I despise the Countryside Alliance! The letter says ” Dear Supporter” and has a member number, it was sent to my home address! I have phoned the number on the letter and left a message asking how they got my address and why they have given me a member number but so far ive had no response. Tim Bonner needs to give me answers!

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