Well after a brief break from blogging and another trip north of the border in what had to be the coldest week of the summer (it barely got above 13-14°C for the whole week) I’m back to catch up with whats been going on.

One story which obviously came to my attention was the death of 10 hounds and the injury to a cyclist after the collision with a car. The hounds in question belonged to the Cottesmore Hunt, you may remember them from a season ago when their terrier men assaulted sabs and one of their supporters brandished a heavy chain, swinging it wildly like a maniac which could have caused serious injury had it connected with its intended target  (incidentally no charges were forthcoming from Leicestershire Police, surprise surprise).

Obviously no-one from either side of the hunting debate would wish a tragic event like this but one has to question the reality of the situation and the reaction from supporters of hunting. While I don’t know the full details the hunt supporters were very quick to apportion blame, both on the driver of the vehicle and, you guessed it – sabs.


Where the incident happened

It’s very easy to jump to conclusion without knowing the full facts however having observed hounds being exercised and transferred along country roads you have to question the sense and logic behind how this takes place. Having a kennel man on a bicycle with a whip on what is likely to be a bendy country road with a full pack of hounds (probably at least 15 couple) is obviously a recipe for disaster. Dogs do not have any idea of road safety and that many hounds could easily fill a narrow country lane and with these on a blind bend then the outcome is hardly surprising. This isn’t the first time hounds have been killed while being exercised (see here ) and I have no doubt it won’t be the last. Was the driver speeding as the hunt supporters claim or were they merely an innocent party going about their business who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

What was even more laughable were the claims that this was actually the work of sabs. Just think about that for a moment. A sab intentionally drove their vehicle at speed into a pack of hounds.

To say it’s utterly ridiculous is an understatement.

First off most sabs are vegans. Harming any animal goes against the very ethos of veganism and the ideal by which we live. We believe hounds are as big a victim of hunting as the animals they are trained and forced to hunt. Even ignoring this the legal ramifications of potentially losing ones license make the stupidity of those actions only bettered by the morons who suggested it in the first place. Here are a few of those comments posted on a pro hunting Facebook group.






Aren’t they all just wonderful? One has to question where and how this rumour started? The same old tired and jaded stereotypical opinions such as claims of being hypocrits and their usual favourite (terrorists) are being wheeled out once more without any shred of evidence to support the claims but then this is of course nothing new and hardly unexpected.

As it turns out this proved to be somewhat of an embarrassment for that particular group and it had to delete all the comments blaming sabs and publish a post contradicting all those slathering hunt supporters looking to blame.


Well at least that’s cleared up then but was the driver really out of control? It should also be noted that the driver of the vehicle hasn’t been charged with any traffic offences so the police clearly believe none had taken place which would suggest the claims by the hunt that they were out of control are also innacurate. Regardless of that what are the necessary requirement for exercising a large number of hound on a public road? I’m fairly sure Joe public would’t be allowed to walk a large number of dogs who weren’t controlled by a lead on a public highway. As hunting hounds come under the classification of working dogs the same laws don’t apply – perhaps they should.

Finally the longest hunting case in history (I made that up but it certainly feels like it) will be resolved on the 14th January 2019, a full 3 years after the offence took place. This will be the appeal of convicted Fitzwilliam huntsman George Adams. Let’s hope we can get this written into case law at the crown court and finally the ridiculous Bird of Prey Exemption can be written into history.


  1. Tony says:

    Regardless of the views on hunting, you understand that a driver should always drive at a speed in which they safely stop in the distance they can see to be clear… right? So the driver was without question driving without due care and attention – otherwise they would have been able to stop. Unless the act was intentional of course. The fact the CPS didn’t charge doesn’t mean the police didn’t take it seriously.

    • Given that it would be almost impossible to see the hounds in the road round a blind bend even at slow speed a collision would be practically unavoidable. Do you believe its safe to have uncontrolled hounds all over the road in such a manner?

  2. Tony says:

    If the corner is that blind, then the driver should be driving slower. Replace ‘hounds’ with ‘broken down tractor’ and see if your logic holds.

  3. Tony says:

    Interesting you deleted my previous comment in order to make it appear you have the last word. Congratulations. You’ve just lost your argument.

    • I haven’t deleted anything, that’s not how comments work on this platform, I just didn’t answer. However I’m just not going to waste my time arguing pointlessly with a pro hunt troll and an idiot. Arguing with idiots is pointless, they beat you down to their level then win though experience. If you want to take that as a victory then feel free, your life must be quite lacking in other areas so I’m happy for you to have this. Bye.

  4. James Thomas says:

    Replace broken down tractor with some children or a group of cylists and see if your logic holds. Drivers should drive slow enough to avoid unseen hazards on blind bends. It is disappointing that your enthusiasm to lay blame on the hunt seems to be exonerating dangerous driving on the road.
    What ever your views on hunting surely you have to agree that drivers need to slow down on blind bends such that they can avoid any hazard around the bend. The more slower speeds are encouraged on blind bends the lesser the toll on human and animal life. It worth noting that the scale of the massacre of wildlife on the roads is far more significant than anything done by packs of hounds.
    Both sides in the hunting debate need to be careful in their arguments.

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