I’ve had this blog post written for some time but due to an ongoing legal case I’ve held back it’s publication. That case has now been concluded (successfully) so it’s time for this to be in the public domain and may go some way to explain a few things when it comes to the policing of hunts.

I have long suspected that there was a high ranking police officer within our local hunt – The Oakley. In the past their supporters would often brag about it and claim it was down to this person that no action was ever taken against the hunt. You may remember I’ve blogged about this several times in the past and thought I was getting closer to revealing who this was. Each time my lines of inquiry came up short, sometimes I was well wide of the mark but that was largely due to information I was supplied which turned out to be inaccurate. (See here & here.) My suspicions initially arose when multiple police units would attend the hunt as well as air support which would stay on scene for a significant amount of time and at significant expense to the tax payer so it was easy to assume that only someone with some serious clout could authorise these kind of resources to be deployed and potentially leave other parts of the county dangerously low in policing.


A incident from February 2015 during a visit to the Oakley Hunt. A helicopter was also present on the day. A fox was actually chased between these police cars.

I had never really given up trying to identify the person behind this, although due to one thing and another it had be pushed to the back burner and we seemed to be making progress in our dealings with Bedfordshire Police.

A Breakthrough

The Oakley’s opening meet of the season is always traditionally held at a venue called the Dower House in Melchbourne, Bedfordshire. The location is in the same village as the Oakley Kennels and in the heart of their country and support. This location has recently opened its doors as a business for hosting weddings. Their website is here.

Dower House

Quite a posh looking venue.

Now I seem to remember someone mentioning the owner as being a “Jason” and as this was now a registered business I popped over to companies house and did a search to see who indeed owned the business. Sure enough a Jason Gordon was listed as a Director, along with a female who I assumed was his wife, Alexandra Gordon.


Screen shot from Companies House listing.

Now the logical next step was to do a quick Google search for Jason Gordon to see what popped up. Needless to say I think I’d found my man.


Detective Chief Inspector Jason Gordon

So things were getting interesting now. We have a very senior police officer (Detective Chief Inspector) with connections to a hunt. Was he still a serving officer? A search for a Linked In profile produced this:


It would seem he left the police around March 2015 and then took up the role of an Inspector with the HMIC. For those that don’t know the HMIC is the independent body which;

“Independently assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of police forces and fire & rescue services – in the public interest.”

So in essence he works for the service that polices the police and was definitely an acting officer when the incidents of the multiple attending units took place. His role at that time was head of the Serious Crime Office for the tri-force area, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. This guy had some serious clout and ironically also worked for the professional standards department!

Now bells were ringing loudly in my head, this guy looked very familiar and I recollected a couple of incidents from the past where we were treated exceptionally badly by the police present on the day. He was present at at least one of these but referred to himself ‘Jim’. Jason Gordon was known to his friends as Jim. So not only was Jim hosting the hunt as his house but it would seem he was a regular rider and someone of some influence not only with the police but also within the hunt. Further investigation revealed he was also listed as a master of the Oakley, from 1996-98 and again between 2004-06 which was incidentally the transition period when the ban on hunting with hounds came in.


Jim Gordon at the Oakley Kennels last March.

If you look at the photo above you’ll notice the police vehicle in the background parked in the Oakley kennels. Had Jim been speaking to the officers present and using his previous position to influence they way they behaved? A couple of seasons ago a previous Master of the Oakley, Guy Napier was less an than impressed with the violent behaviour of the thugs that followed the Oakley and did their dirty work. This included assaulting monitors/sabs, theft of their equipment and preventing them from accessing public rights of way. However Mr Napier was clear he didn’t want the hunt to be associated with these people and in his defence they were instructed not to attend further Oakley meets. Unfortunately Mr Napier left the Oakley the following season and now the thugs have been welcomed back even though some now have multiple convictions for assault.


Oakley Opening meet November 2017

I think it would be safe to assume that Mr Gordon (given his connections) would be well aware of the violent record of these people and willingly accepts them and their behaviour provided they are of service to the hunt. Here you can see Jim (with a female) once again riding with the Oakley. In front of him on the left hand image is Kelvin Pestel, hunt supporter and well known thug who is often present and likes to target female sabs in particular. Despite any protestations to the contrary, Mr Gordon is no doubt linked to them and accepts their thuggish actions.

So the implications seem fairly clear. Have we had a previously high ranking police officer and member of professional standards department bending the rules to suit his dirty little hobby and also wasting large sums of public money at the same time? Was he still using this influence to his advantage with local policing and was he advising the hunt on the best way to carry on hunting while remaining free from prosecution? The Oakley openly hunt and make no pretense of laying a trail or using any other exemptions. The image below was taken during one of their hunts last season, a day when Jim was once again riding with the hunt.


Fox escapes the Oakley hounds – saved from death by sabs

We have built a good working relationship recently with Bedfordshire police with meetings and open discussions regarding hunting and the policing of, and I don’t believe any of the officers we met with were aware of this situation. If they were they certainly didn’t make it known to me. To say there was (and maybe still is) a conflict of interest here is an understatement and while people like Jason “Jim” Gordon are riding with hunts its easy to see why so little action against them takes place.

Although the HMIC is an independent body you may with to write to them and ask a few questions. They can be contacted here (Link). Should this man be part of an organisation whose role is described below? I don’t think so.

“Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) independently assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of police forces and fire & rescue services – in the public interest.

In preparing our reports, we ask the questions that citizens would ask, and publish the answers in accessible form, using our expertise to interpret the evidence and make recommendations for improvement.

We provide authoritative information to allow the public to compare the performance of their police force – and, in future, their fire & rescue service – against others. Our evidence is used to drive improvements in the services they provide to the public.”

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  1. Dee Walker says:

    i do hope this punk posing as a chief inspector is struck of the police force forthwith – without pension ! damn disgrace to the British Empire !

  2. mavisgulliver says:

    Suggest you send this to Ian Hislop at The Private Eye.

    On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 7:13 AM, More than just Badgers wrote:

  3. Paul Day says:

    Excellent work here, finally exposing this devious specimen. All that taxpayers hard earned money (including mine) being spent on protecting an illegal activity, carried out and authorised by one individual who should have been upholding the law.
    I seriously hope (and there should be) a Police enquiry into this criminal behaviour and that Jason (Jim) Gordon is immediately arrested and charged; but I won’t hold my breath on that one!

  4. Roy says:

    This is why the public have lost faith in the justice system, bent cops in top jobs actively participating in criminality and using the police as his own private security. This bloke has done incalculable damage to public confidence, there needs to be an impartial inquiry and if he has diverted police resource for his own ends his assets should be seized to recover all costs and he should be jailed.

  5. Catherine Deering says:

    Thank you for this diligent investigation. This is a very shocking story.

  6. SYLVIA DUFF says:

    Thank you for your courage and diligence in discovery of this appalling situation. Please keep up your amazing work. You are an example to all of us that abhor the evil of hunting and also the corruption that appears to be rife in certain areas of law enforcement.
    Thank you again and PLEASE watch your back!

  7. Spike says:

    Very good sleuthing by you. I wonder how many forces have similar high ranking officers embedded in Hunts, where they would be able to protect illegal hunting. It might go some way to explaining why some forces are so biased in their policing.

  8. Yvonne Day says:

    Well done for naming and shaming this disgusting specimen.
    Used taxpayers money and police resources to further his filthy little “sport”.
    Used his position to carry out blatant illegal activity.
    There needs to be an enquiry into this corruption.
    Also goes against what the HMIC stands for.

  9. John Dunn says:

    Excellent work, this is exactly how it should be done. I believe that a little more digging will probably unearth a masonic connection as well.

  10. Simon Watson says:

    This is very disheartening to read. That kind of deep-rooted rotteness where the establishment is so well adapted in looking after its own interests, should be a warning and an explanation as to why it’s so hard to stop illegal hunting. The good news, though, is thanks to the tireless efforts of people like youself we now know what’s going on and that’s a start to putting things right. The next step is getting this information out into the public domain. LUSH, Private Eye, Guardian ???

    • Stn says:

      The police are lying about which one of them (Beds or Cambs) used the helicopters for monitors at public expense…surely some legal person could get to the bottom of this?

  11. Stn says:

    Complain to MP`s, press etc and of course ask the HMIC whether they really think he is the right person for the job considering he abuses his position and public money for his own vested and personal interests.

  12. Colin says:

    A well written article which confirms that some police officers have an interest in promoting hunting and in doing so harm the image of the police service in the eyes of the general public.

  13. Sally Kingham says:

    Great work that you have done. Frightening the amount of corruption in the police force.

  14. I do think that the Police Force should be thoroughly investigated as I have long been suspicious of the delays in officers turning up at hunts and in the interest of all the thousands of decent officers, those who are of the hunting fraternity should be removed from their positions of responsibility.

  15. Diana says:

    Thanks for this, very informative and it backs up what a lot of people have been saying for years.
    I’m sure all right-thinking people appreciate the dedication and work involved in exposing the corruption at the heart of the hunting fraternity.

  16. Paul Bray says:

    Very informative and well presented piece. If he has abused the system for his own gains then he should be prosecuted especially if he has utilised the Police National Computer to gain information on Sabs and their vehicles.

  17. Steve says:

    Normally officers get seconded to HMIC and are not retired. Is he actually retired or seconded? If he is seconded you might want to make a formal complaint to his force.

  18. tracy says:

    Doesn’t it just say it all. Its just a constant barrage of corruption in services the public should trust. You can understand why respect for the police and Government bodies is slowly being eroded. But what is suffering the most is our British wildlife, by savages that are being allowed to kill or should l say murder it. Its 2018 we need a total ban on hunting and we need it enforcing, we also need a clear out in many Government institutions, corruption is clearly alive and well in the UK today, disgusted.

  19. Rita stocks says:

    Absolutely appalling! This is why NOTHING changes and hunt scum carry on regardless. It’s against the law but here they are time after time breaking it because they have a DISGUSTING man who is supposed to uphold the law INSTEAD he’s aiding and abetting law breakers. This hunt scum poilce officer needs investigating and charged.

  20. Stn says:

    Sadly seems to be no hard evidence..just hearsay I have contacted the HMIC this is their reply hank you for your e-mail to HMICFRS.

    2. Due to restrictions under the Data Protection Act 1998, HMICFRS is unable to provide specifics on Jason Gordon’s previous employment records.

    3. I confirm that HMICFRS’ deployment principles includes ensuring that staff, including police officers and staff on secondment, are not involved in any aspect of inspection activity in his or her home force or any other force he or she has worked in previously.

    4. HMICFRS monitors conflicts of interest regularly to ensure that any new information is considered to confirm whether any specific action is required either by the organisation or the individual.

    5. HMICFRS is not able to investigate or resolve individual complaints about police officer conduct (https://www.justiceinspectorates.gov.uk/…/handling…/), but you may wish to contact the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC (https://policeconduct.gov.uk/) formerly the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)) who oversee the police complaints system and investigate serious incidents and complaints involving the police or former serving police personnel.’


    Our role in handling complaints and misconduct

    Please do take it further to these links to other complaint bodies.

  21. Stn says:

    Unless there is a whistle blower to verify this allegation?

    • There is no doubt about his position within the hunt, a hunt that continues to hunt illegally however as you say proving beyond doubt my supposition would in all likelihood be impossible. Interestingly I did submit a FOI request at the time regarding who authorised the use of a helicopter and which force (we were on a county border at the time). Both the relevant forces denied it was them so I was left with a dead end. It would seem Mr Gordon is no fool and covered his tracks well.

  22. Lillian Winter says:

    Evil people kill wild life. Animals were here before us. We are ruining this planet.

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