It’s been quite a crazy couple of weeks, I’d had little time to put fingers to keyboard so it’s about time I caught up and updated you all whats been going on in the world of animal protection.

Without doubt the biggest recent story was the unprovoked attack by Fitzwilliam Hunt supporters on our Friends North Cambs Hunt Sabs. They’d been sabbing with us earlier in the day and we’d done a fine job on the Oakley but after they left us they popped by to find out what the Fitzwilliam were up to. It made national news and was the lead item on the ITV Anglia television news complete with interview of the driver involved. If you haven’t seen the video footage I’ve included it below. I was happy to help our comrades to edit and put the footage together for them.

As you can see it’s revealing footage and the assailants are clearly out to cause serious harm to non-violent activists. It once again shows the levels these people will stoop to in defence of their sick pastime. As I understand it the driver of the pimped up Land Rover handed himself in to police the following day. All the others have been identified and their identities passed on to the authorities however at the time of writing I’m unaware of any arrests or charges made. I’m well aware of the time it takes to investigate crimes and the need for due diligence however I’m fairly sure had the roles been reversed several doors would have been kicked in some time ago. We can only hope that a proper investigation follows and those responsible held to account for their dangerous and violent actions.


Speaking of being held to account self styled and appointed hunt steward Shaun Stacey was sentenced at Northants Magistrates Court last week for multiple assaults on sabs on separate occasions. Now Mr Stacey and I are well known to each other. He’s threatened me on many occasions and also mentioned my partner in doing so. Of course this kind of thing only stiffens my resolve but it was nice to see him have the embarrassment of having to wear a tag for 4 months, get a £1010 fine and a community order. Only the presence of Stephen Welford the Countryside Alliance go to lawyer at the hearing prevented a more serious sentence. Amusingly he’s apparently physically incapable of carrying out community order work (fit enough go assault people though) so has to undergo 10 sessions of compassion therapy. Judging by his continued defiance on Facebook I’d suggest he may need a few more. Word is he’s also on disability benefit, I wonder if that would be affected by the money he receives from the hunts which employ his thuggery services? Further to that he’s also in court next week to answer yet more charges so there is the possibility that there could be more bad news for Mr Stacey.

Another interesting point to note was how quickly his so called friends and fellow stewards dropped him, denying he was part of their group. Just a couple of weeks ago while in discussion with one of them (which I recorded on video) their sentiment was very clear, “he’s nothing to do with any of us”. Must be nice to be popular.

The fact that the CA are now endorsing this kind of violence (they would generally wash their hands of this kind of thing in the past) once again stinks of desperation on their part. Tim Bonner likes to continually bang on about masked sabs but the simple fact is the only ones relying on violence and intimidation are the pro-hunt side and now they seem to be openly supporting and defending it. They truly are an insidious organisation but are catastrophically missing the point to all this. The British Public overwhelmingly support the ban on hunting and bad PR like this should be roundly condemned. Their silence and indeed open support only furthers the interests of those who opposed them.

Finally here’s an interesting images taken only last Saturday on the Tyringham Estate in Buckinghamshire.


It’s Thames Valley Police attending an Oakley Hunt meet on the estate. They were called by us as they openly hunted and caused havoc in the villages nearby as hounds ran riot causing mayhem to road users and the villagers alike.

The woman on the horse speaking to the Officers is Oakley Hunt Master Caroline Evans from Wooton Green. The woman on foot is Lucy Hill, land owner and and owner of local Estate Agents Micheal Graham. Here’s the info from Companies House.


It would seem that the officers who attended believed that no offence has taken place as no foxes had been killed (mainly due to us saving them). Therefore one has to ask; if someone was walking down the street with a firearm on display acting in a hostile manner would the officers refuse to act until that person shot someone? Of course not.  One of our sabs proceeded to explain the relevant laws to the officers but as usual they didn’t seem at all interested and left shortly afterwards, no doubt suckered in by the complete bag of lies told to them by Evans and Hill.

So perhaps if you’re looking to sell your home it’s probably a good idea to avoid this particular agents bearing in mind that not only do they host the Oakley but also the Northants Mink Hounds who hunt both Mink and Otter in the nearby river in the summer months along with the shooting interests on the estate. They are, by any definition, huge enablers of wildlife abuse.


  1. Simon Watson says:

    Thanks for your excellent summary of recent crimes, corruption and misdemeanors. Makes good reading, but depressingly simillar to what I read happening elsewhere round the country.

  2. Yvonne Day says:

    Great job as usual.
    Please pass on all you know about Stacey to the DWP as they have a fraud dept who I’m sure would be very interested.
    Thank you

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