It’s been a hectic few days.

With Christmas day out the way my attention was obviously turned to the Boxing Day hunts. This is a big thing for the hunting community. A day when they get to put on the facade of respectability and parade through the towns and villages that will still accommodate them. The Countryside Alliance and old dim Tim Bonner will be shouting as loud as they can that hunting is alive and well and growing but, the simple and very obvious fact to those who witness it, is that this is nothing more than desperate propaganda.

The number of hunts in the UK has fallen. The numbers turning out to support those hunts is dropping year on year and the support for a complete ban on hunting with hounds is at an all time high. Even Cruella DeMay has finally realised this and knows any support for hunting is a sure fire vote loser and political suicide.


Young fox killed by the Thurlow on Boxing Day

What hasn’t changed is that hunts are still killing illegally.

Despite claims of following trails (that don’t exist) foxes, hares and stags are being killed. Last Boxing Day alone there were at least 4 recorded kills (1 I personally witnessed), imagine how many more kills were made with no sabs or monitors present? The wildlife isn’t the only thing that suffers. One horse died while being pushed too hard by it’s rider and a hound killed when it was hit by a car. These kind of incidents simply can’t continue and the British public recognize this.


Hound killed after being hit by a car.

From my own point of view I was, with my colleagues from Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs, in the thick of the action. We made sure the Cambridge and Enfield Chace could do no hunting (a rather pathetic and embarrassing showing I must say) before heading further east to hit the Thurlow. Their kill has made TV and national media and despite what the hunt claim we know the truth and have excellent video footage of the whole incident. Suffolk police have so far acted in a professional manner and we believe we have enough evidence to secure a conviction. I’ll keep you up to date but can say no more at this time, hunting prosecutions are hard enough to achieve as it is so I’ll not risk this one by saying too much.

All in all it’s been a PR disaster for the hunts over the festive period.


Finally I have to report on the sad passing of a wonderful wildlife warrior who I had the pleasure of working with on many occasions. Best known as Auntie Sue she was the definitive version of a compassionate human being. Brave to the last with a wit and humor she wielded like a rapier, many a hunt supporter has been on the end of one of her imaginative put downs. She will be sorely missed and so will her sausage rolls.

Auntie sue

Auntie Sue – Hero of Alston Hare Week


  1. Sally-Ann Kingham says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and for keeping us updated. It is much appreciated.

  2. Damn sad state of affairs and that’s putting it mildly!. I recently checked and there were over 80 meets on Boxing Day, boasted by the Country alliance, why?. If it wasn’t for the wonderful Sabs, which I support and regularly donate to, there would of been more needless cruelty carried out and many more innocent creatures would of perished. Before anyone melts, I am not a “Townie” as many pro Hunt idiots proclaim, as they try and troll my twitter and Facebook feed. I have lived in the Country nearly all my life, and I am whole heartedly against any cruel sport! #keeptheban

  3. Brian Smith says:

    what about a pack of hunters hunting the hunters that should be ok as its only a bit of fun

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