Old Timmy and his cronies at the so called Countryside Alliance may think they have the bragging rights over the recent National Trust vote on trail hunting because they think they won. The truth is, they lost.

It’s emerging that many members didn’t receive their voting forms and the whole legality of the voting system is being called into question but even if you ignore these anomalies the simple fact is without the discretionary votes of the pro-hunt NT board the outcome would have been very different indeed. The margin was close, 299 votes from a total of over 60,000. The NT may think they have dealt with the situation for now but it’s certainly not going away and have probably made a rod for their own back.


They will now have to show they are serious about the new rules regarding trail hunting, no animal based scents, no terrier men and publishing dates and locations of all hunt meets on NT land. Of course now the hunts and CA are asking for those conditions to be changed but, if they truly believe they are going to be legally trail hunting what would they have to hide? We all know the real reasons and make no bones about it, the NT will be held to account over the licensing and conditions. They will be scrutinised very closely indeed and as it stands no hunt has made any application for licenses to hunt on NT land. We’ll see what happens next.

Moving on from that an interesting situation arose yesterday after a sab colleague of mine reminded me of the poster from the Oakley Hunt summer show.


We decided to do a little digging on the main sponsor – Green Energy UK (plc). This lead to some interesting findings which we thought the public should be aware of and in turn published the statement this statement on the Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs Facebook page (see here). We also published links on Twitter for maximum exposure. Needless to say your average consumer doesn’t like being lied to regarding claims of being ethical but also supporting fox hunting. Lots of bad reviews were left on the company’s Facebook page and tweets were rolling in thick and fast. Finally Green Energy issued a statement and the B&B responded accordingly (see here). At this time Green Energy were actively removing the all the bad reviews in an attempt to save face. Their statement was clearly 2 fingers up to the consumers, they weren’t going to budge on their position and their support of the Oakley no matter how they tried to spin it however they severely underestimated the indignation of the people and aligning themselves with a blood sports lobbying group (the so called CA) was a huge mistake.

This only fanned the flames and people power took hold. They were flooded with more complaints and bad reviews until they were finally backed into a corner and once again had to issue another statement to which B&B responded once more (see here). We’re in no doubt that the ethos of the people in charge (including the husband of Oakley Hunt master Lady Lydia Thompson, Sir Peter Thompson) will not have changed and they are no doubt still pro hunt, however we have shown that the general public won’t stand for lies and that hunting is pretty much universally hated by everyone except the wildlife killers themselves.


Doug Stewart – Green Energy UK CEO

It will also show other companies that supporting blood sports is bad for business and they risk losing customers. Just like Theresa May found out in the general election, blood sports are political and financial poison. Those that support them are finding themselves increasingly isolated. There’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. We’ll sab them in the fields and we’ll hit these organisations financially as well. We’ll pursue every possible avenue and make life as difficult as possible until the inevitable outcome is reached.

  1. Sally-Ann Kingham says:

    Excellent work on exposing this company. Thank you.

  2. Marta Falco says:


  3. lyng says:

    I wrote to Doug Stewart of Green Energy detailing by disgust, and this was his reply. There is no doubt in my mind that Doug is still very much pro hunting. it is very bizarre and to his ruin , he still claims he runs an ‘ethical’ business. He talks like a deluded fool, can’t quite work out if he’s deluding himself or trying to delude his customers, either way I find his response arrogant, ignorant and have suggested he change the company name to Green Wash….. his colours are far from green, but red for bloodsports!.

    Dear Georgie

    Thank you for your email and I have interrupted my break to reply as you clearly feel very strongly about the subject

    I am sorry you feel we have shown contempt but can I make a couple of things absolutely clear.

    We are an apolitical company and our customers are a varied and eclectic group.

    We are a green ethical and transparent business and have not sought to conceal the fact that we historically operated an affiliation scheme with the Oakley Hunt.

    Legal hunting is a popular country pursuit and supported by country dwelling people.

    Our association with Oakley does not suggest we support hunting, just as if we didn’t would mean we condemn them.

    We would however uphold the rights of citizens to go about perfectly legal pass times

    What the Oakley Hunt do is not illegal I have just checked their website which continues to say and I quote
    ‘The Oakley, hunt responsibly and within the hunting code laid down in the 2004 Hunting Act’, which is the democratic process you refer to in your email.

    No matter what your personal beliefs you cannot expect us to attack legal pursuits.

    However, we have listened to a number of voices and we no longer sponsor the Oakley Hunt.

    I respect your views as an ex customer, but insulting ‘this truly silly little man’ isn’t an effective way to make your point.

    That said I hope the above sets out our position, puts some perspective on our actions and allows you to continue with us into the future

    Kind regards


    Doug Stewart
    green energy

  4. B. Cooke says:

    Antone who kills animals purely for “sport” are sick ! One day ,perhaps ,the country will be rid of this type of person. Keep up the good work SABS.

  5. robert says:

    I think this is a good way to target business that support hunting and other unethical practices, i.e like the companies and organisations that donate to the national trust (which is clearly pro hunt) to find list look at national trust annual report, some of them are virgin experience days,( experience how to get away with murder), silentnight group limited , plus others . the most questionable to me was under heading grant making bodies, DEFRA, forestry commission, natural England, heritage lottery fund , welsh government, sport England ( or is that blood sport England). also there the royal oak foundation( which is a trust set up to promote the national trust to the americans , I guess like the idealised adverts they have been putting on t.v here recently). I don’t know if I am being a bit conspiracy theory but I would like to know who is behind this .when I have more time will look into. also worth targeting duchy of cornwall as pro hunt and presedent of national trust, trailhuntlies put me on to the annual reports from 2006 & 2009 which was clear that N.T was pro – hunt , they also use the discretionary vote to defeat any resolution they don’t agree with.

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