The National Trust are panicking.

The (so called*) Countryside Alliance are panicking.

The hunts that use NT land are panicking – all 60 of them.

The reason behind their fears is the vote to ban hunting from all NT land which will take place at their AGM on the 21st October. The subject has been covered previously here with a guest blog from National Dis-Trust (see here) but there has been several important developments since.

NT position

In an effort to perhaps sooth the concerns of many of their voting members the NT published a set of rules for hunts to abide by in the coming season. These included:

Banning the use of animal-based scents as a trail for hounds or beagles to follow. This will reduce the risk of foxes or other wild animals being accidentally chased. 

Prohibit the presence of terriermen, who have no practical purpose on a trail ‘hunt’, and the use of their vehicles.

More active management of hunts and how they operate including: mandatory reporting requirements after each meet; the provision of specified maps/areas; and requiring at the time of application details of all proposed hunt days.

Probing the track record of each applicant and establishing a consistent charging regime across Trust land.

Greater transparency for our members and the public.  We will post on our website the agreed days and locations, in advance, for our members and supporters to view.  This will include a primary point of contact for each hunt.

We are exploring how we can work more closely with the Police’s independent National Wildlife Crime Unit, which is the proper authority for handling alleged breaches in wildlife legislation.

These changes would seem to be the answer many people were looking for however dig a little deeper and it would seem that this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors and an attempt to scupper the vote to completely ban all hunting.


Even TV presenter Ben Fogle is putting pressure on the NT.

The problem is many of these restriction were already in place. The hunts would simply ignore them and with no NT staff to police the laws laid down then they would become nothing more than a paper tiger. The League Against Cruel Sports even offered their support in the policing of these rules but were turned down. You have to ask yourself why would the NT do that? The simple fact is trail hunting was invented after the implementation of the hunting ban as a method to circumnavigate the new law. Hunts have been cynically exploiting this and killing foxes, hares and stags in much the same way as they did before. The rules put forward by the NT pretty much amount to drag hunting which is a completely different thing and has no bearing on real hunting at all, it is “clean boot”, they follow a scent or drag laid by a fit person like a fell runner or similar and largely use bloodhounds. No animals are hunted and there are no “accidental” killings.

Of course the CA immediately threw their teddies right out of the pram with Tim Bonner being his usual self and shooting his mouth off to anyone who’d listen with his usual mixture of lies, playing the victim card and claims of  intimidation from “animal rights extremists”.  All of this is of course, completely laughable and only serves to show once again how detached from reality with their own sense of self entitlement they really are. It sometimes makes me wonder if they realise what a tiny (but well funded and vociferous) minority they really are?

Of course this escalated into the mainstream press with reports coming in from generally pro-hunting papers like the Telegraph to the more moderate like the Independent and the Guardian. Much of what the CA complained about seemed to be centered on the fact that hunt meets would be publicised, something every hunt in the UK will only do to it’s members. The reason for this is of course to remain secretive so they can go about their dirty business without interference from sabs, monitors or indeed the police (where they aren’t in the pockets of the hunts). Of course if they were abiding by the law there would be no need for all the secrecy but this fact seems to have escaped them. Monitors & sabs pay no interest in drag hunts. These hunts also openly publish their meets as they have no concerns about being caught killing animals.

The NT then took the further step of writing to all their members to advise them on how to 1

email 2.png

The campaign group Nation Dis-Trust responded to this email.

“To explain how ‘trail hunting’ works to members who have witnessed foxes being eviscerated by hounds is insulting. It also ignores the fact that ‘trail hunting’ is fictional ( except as a false alibi for wildlife crime, despite Dame Helen Ghosh having read the report which proves this (

The Trust don’t monitor the activities they licence; this is an outright lie. They have both said that they don’t have the resources to monitor as well as stating in a leaked internal memo to staff that the onus is on the hunts for adhering to the licence and the law (

If the Trust now think terriermen are a redundant element of ‘trail hunting’, what do they think terriermen have been doing on their land for the last 12 years?

In a separate note, the Trust have also said that the vote at the AGM isn’t binding, implying that the Trust are preparing to ignore the wishes of their own membership. Putting aside how disrespectful this would be to their members as well as the wildlife that will soon be terrorised & slaughtered by hunts on their land, it also forgets that whilst a vote may not be binding, the law is. It is an offence to knowingly host illegal hunting with hounds (”.

Of course should hunts be banned from using NT land it could spell the end for many of them. Having land to actually hunt animals on is a primary concern for all hunts. While there are still plenty of land owners who will accept them the tide is slowly turning and some hunts are feeling the squeeze. With no land, they can no longer hunt, if they can’t hunt they won’t make any money, with no money they, like any other business will cease to exist. There are several hunts which rely on NT land for the majority of their meets.

Of course should the NT ban hunting then it would also set a precedent for other large land owning organisations to do the same. The Forestry Commission and the MoD could follow suit along with utilities companies. This vote could potentially have a huge impact on how hunting is viewed in England today. The vast majority want to see and end to this barbarity and winning this battle would be a huge step towards that goal.

Final word from National Dis-Trust:
“The NT updated rules are a smokescreen to prevent members voting for the member’s resolution. If the resolution fails, another one cannot be proposed for 3 years. Therefore there will be another 3 years of illegal hunting on NT land. Leaked internal memos (see blow) have shown that the NT intend to allow hunts to self-regulate with regard to abiding by the terms of the licence. The leaked memo’s doesn’t mention giving out times and dates of meets but instead mentions an annual list of places that will be published.

On top of all this the hunts that are likely to be affected are threatening to hunt without a license from the NT, effectively trespassing on NT land, and lets not forget thousands of hunters signed a declaration to defy the ban when the law was passed in 2005, they will do the exactly the same to the NT”. 

National Dis-Trust


*We think this is a good idea. Thanks to Hounds Off for publishing.

so called.

  1. There is no place for any sort of animal hunting in a civilized country and only sadists and vile people would condone it.

  2. hazel L Hames says:

    Enough animals get killed on our roads, badgers, foxes, birds of prey, red squirrels on IOW, etc etc Hunting should be banned. Animals are harried in all directions and cannot retaliate against us. They just try to live as they always have done….in ever diminishing numbers. Older people realise that there are fewer birds around these days, fewer water voles, hares, badgers, trout etc. Maybe younger people do not realise how it was just back in the last few decades. I have seen 4 kestrels lying dead at the side of the road in Suffolk in the last month, killed by cars as the plummet to catch a vole in the roadside verges. They are so scarce compared to the 60/70’s….mainly because of this problem. A hunting ban would give all creatures a much needed respite from one quarter. And as for badgers, the scientific proof is there for all to see, culling badgers does not prevent TB…it often causes it to spread.

  3. Carole johnson says:

    millions of people thought the National Trust
    was the embodiment of protection of the beautiful
    lands and wild animals -No No what hypocrisy allowing
    The hunt to use the land to kill animals. The whole board
    Of the National -dis -trust should be sacked.

  4. Yvonne Day says:

    I urge all NT members (I have never been one) to stay members until at least the AGM in October, and make their voices heard, and use their VOTE.
    The less land the filth have to hunt on, the better.
    The National Trust, appeared to have made some efforts to support the majority of the public who are against hunting, BUT If you delve further into their proposal, it looks like a smokescreen, to lull us into a false sense of comfort. They are still a national DISGRACE and CANNOT be trusted.
    After all, why has it taken so long for them to make attempts at changes, so suspiciously close to the AGM? Why are they still pushing the lie that the hunts they license follow “trails”? And why now, after their long term persistent and arrogant “couldn’t give a damn” attitude in ignoring or blocking people like me?
    Call me cynical.
    I hope I’m proven wrong!!
    I was blocked from their Facebook site for posting the following, about the fact that they allow killers of wildlife on their land.
    I was given no warning or reason, even though I never used foul or abusive language, but obviously the truth hurts!
    So rather than address the issue, they block anyone who disagrees.
    They don’t want me to spread the TRUTH.
    Their action smacks of COMPLICITY and GUILT, but they’ve done me a favour, as people (I post to the public at every opportunity) will see their action for what it is, and I will continue to inform people of their bias towards hunts, and their indifference to our wildlife being killed.
    Apologies in advance for the long post.
    Public opinion is gathering pace, and people are seeing them for what they are, hence their recent TV advert to muster new and unsuspecting members, and air time on TV at every opportunity about their homes/gardens, to promote themselves in a better light.
    “To all unsuspecting people, visitors, members, public –
    You need to be aware that foxes (and other wildlife) are illegally and barbarically tormented and ripped apart, on Trust land under the GUISE of “trail” hunting.
    The National Trust are aware and condone it, by the issuing of licences, and allowing hunts access. They hide behind the same template stock response.
    They state they “protect and care for nature”, but this is obviously selective, and if you are a fox, a deer, a badger, a hare, etc, etc, you don’t stand a chance.
    The National Trust has blood on their hands.
    Why do they issue licences to hunts to allow these barbaric, murderous gangs of sadists, free access, on land they should be looking after on the Nation’s behalf?
    The arrogance, from the likes of the Atherstone hunt, the disrespect for wildlife and the blatant disregard for the fox-hunting ban, disgusts any sane, normal, human being.
    They hide behind “trail” hunting, as a PRETENCE, as a way to flout the ban.
    The ban has been blatantly ignored since it was introduced, and hunts continue to trample the countryside, spilling dangerously onto roads, endangering hounds’ lives, and peoples’ lives, “accidentally” running into people’s gardens, (even a hospice grounds recently) to terrorise foxes, until the hounds RIP them to pieces, under the guise of “trail” hunting.
    A recent horrific attack on an elderly couple and their pet dog on a beach, in Cornwall, on National Trust land. Another of a cat with its face ripped open.
    Now, an outbreak of Bovine TB where hounds have had to be destroyed, (and the strangely, very audible silence from Defra, and no signs of any action to investigate!)
    Dressed in silly costumes with their slaves/servants (terrier men) on quad bikes, with shovels to block badger setts or to dig foxes out, with terriers in boxes ready to flush foxes out, or to throw bred/captive foxes to the pack.
    National Trust – the onus is on YOU, and it is YOUR responsibility to monitor and check, every time a hunt goes on Trust land, as you have issued the licences. It is also no good doing spot checks, or relying on evidence gleaned from a third party. Someone needs to be with the hunt the entire time, to ensure they are doing things legally. I do not believe that happens. Unfortunately though, even if someone was given that task, I don’t believe it would be someone impartial, as the National Trust, cannot be trusted.
    The National Trust is condoning this. The trustees must all be cut from the same cloth, with friends in high places, so will continue to turn a blind eye, and justify that the licences they issue are for “trail” hunts, and therefore legal.
    It should be your business to know where these so called “trails” are laid, as you should also be concerned about the habitat of wildlife, ie birds that nest in the bushes and undergrowth, that the horses, quad bikes and hounds trample across.
    You obviously care more for bricks and mortar, than the cruel suffering of our wildlife.
    You can keep hiding behind this charade if you like, but people are intelligent enough to see through it. You DO condone it, if you didn’t you would BAN it completely. It is YOUR responsibility to monitor and control what happens on Trust land. If, as you say, you do not have the manpower to monitor, then you should not be allowing hunts on the land. It is NOT down to a third party.
    Shame on you!
    Only when you STOP hunts on Trust land will you be taken seriously.
    The power of social media is having a huge effect, and more and more people are being made aware of these barbaric monsters, on Trust land.
    Hunt supporters argue that fox-hunting is a tradition, but just because something has been carried out in the past, does NOT give it validation for continuing into the future, and definitely NOT in the 21st century. If the argument is that it’s to control the fox population, why then are they actually breeding foxes?!?!
    All good, compassionate people, everywhere, will carry on the momentum to spread awareness, and stop this ban from being repealed, which is something this Government wants to do, even though the majority of the population, some 84%, (and therefore likely, the majority of your membership!!) find fox-hunting ABHORRENT.
    ALL hunting should be ABOLISHED.
    Already, your membership is decreasing. So many people who were unaware, are now voting with their consciences, and their purses, and have decided not to join, have cancelled, or will not be renewing their membership.
    Hopefully fewer people will bequeath their entire estates to you.
    Perhaps you will only act when your coffers are depleted.
    How long have you been copying and pasting the same repetitive garbage, which incidentally, never answers individual concerns raised?
    Your silence in answering all our justified concerns, speaks volumes, when the simple answer should be that you will BAN ALL hunts from Trust land.
    Doesn’t get any simpler than that!!
    You are therefore complicit in the murder of foxes (and other wildlife), on land entrusted to you to look after, on behalf of us, the Nation!!
    Also therefore the likely disingenuous use of donations/funds given to you by unsuspecting people who would be appalled to know your real stance on hunting.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil,
    is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

    And there are more good people out there than there are bad, and WE have had enough!!”

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