Sense Prevails

Posted: August 3, 2017 in Comment
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On Monday (1/8) the trustees of the League Against Cruel Sports voted unanimously to keep their investigation team and in doing so overruled the intentions of the current senior management team. This is of course fabulous news not only for those who had their jobs on the line but also for our wildlife which needs all the help it can get from those who wish to do it harm in the most heinous manner.

I have no doubt that the public outcry and huge number of complaints the trustees received would have played a significant part in their decision making and everyone who took the time to contact them should be proud of the role they played. Public opinion should never be underestimated and as a charity which relies on the generosity of said public the risk of losing a large part of their revenue stream was simply too great. I had many people contact me and declare that should the investigations team be removed then they would be sending their donations elsewhere.

So what next?

Current CEO Eduardo Goncalves is still on long term sick leave however can still be seen regularly on twitter. Current acting head Philipa King (who I wrote about here) is being labelled as CEO in the most recent press releases however she would seem to be in a somewhat difficult situation having been completely undermined by the trustees and clearly has no idea what it really takes to run LACS or indeed even a real stomach for the fight. Whatever the outcome I hope that the recent restrictions placed on the investigations team will be removed and they can be completely let of the leash so they can effectively get on with the job of bringing more of these repeat offending criminal hunts to justice.



  1. Elaine Tavner says:

    What a relief! Good sense has prevailed….for now…I was dreading the start ofv the stag-hunting season with no investigators.

  2. Susan Wilby says:

    Perhaps Philipa King should step down. She should

  3. Ronald palmer says:

    A magnificent result. Our natural world is a little safer now.

  4. Good news but still doesn’t solve the problems at LACS

  5. diane brierley says:

    Great result. Prosecutions after investigations are a HUGE part of the existence of LACS. Hopefully they can sort out the leadership problems at the top level of management too. No hunters need apply!!!

  6. Chris noon says:

    Great news

  7. Roger Weeks says:

    Good news and a step in the right direction which will result in my continued support, for now, but it still doesn’t solve the leadership problems at LACS which obviously exist. resignations should follow but never underestimate the ambition of those who seek control.

  8. Deborah Swift says:

    Fantastic news thanks. I wrote to the trustees & cancelled my DD. I will now reinstate my DD & write to the Trustees thanking them

  9. Jill Hadfield says:

    Good news. I just hope the in-fighting will end.

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