Bank holidays are normally spent either recovering from the excess of a weekend (in my case I was still a little fragile from a big Saturday) or getting stuff done at home which had otherwise managed to avoid your attentions. Except this last bank holiday Monday thousands took to the streets of London to remind old Cruella De May that hunting with hounds had no place in modern society.


Photo from

I met up with some of the rest of our group to represent Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs and with our flag proudly blowing the breeze we joined many other sab groups, hunt monitors, members of the public and a smattering of celebs to march through London to make our voices heard. It was a noisy but good natured affair arranged by Keep the Ban, with lots of horns, whistles, chants and the occasional gizmo being played as we marched from Cavendish Square through central London to Downing Street. Those not involved cheered and clapped as we walked by to show their support while many stopped to take photos on their phones.



It was the polar opposite to when the Countryside Alliance had a street war with the police when the ban came into effect. No dead animals were left on the streets and there was no violence, just a peaceful demonstration. And this sums up the differences between the two sides perfectly. One is all about compassion for our fellow creatures and the other violence. Violence against those unable to defend themselves and violence against anyone who opposes them.


Hunt scum fight with the police.

Understandably there was lots of media attention, here are a few reports.

The Metro

Evening Standard

The Mirror

The Independent 


You’ll notice no BBC. You’d think this would be a news worthy story and yet zilch, nada, nothing. They were even covering another event only a short distance away so could easily have done both. However the BBC are now so firmly under the control of the Government that they are clearly refusing to cover anything which will portray Cruella in a bad light. Perhaps you’d like to complain about their, quite frankly, scandalous coverage of the election as a whole. You can do so here.


Protester as far as you could see.

Another amusing nugget of info came from the clowns on the other side. I won’t grace them with a link however they claimed (through the use of a photo which clearly didn’t portray the reality of the situation) that the police outweighed the protesters by 2 – 1 and was a complete flop. All I can say is that London would have been devoid of police and probably a few of the home counties as well if that was the case. It’s actually laughable that these goons believe the crap they come out with. Any fool on the day could see it was a huge success with the march being out of sight both front and back from my place somewhere in the middle. Actual figures quoted range from 2000 to as many 5000. It’s probably somewhere in the middle.

Of course the boys in blue never miss an opportunity for a bit of intelligence gathering but you have to expect that sort of thing at any anti-government event.


Sergeant Watson and his camera.

All in all a good day for those exercising their right to demonstrate against a manifesto pledge by a party which is clearly run by the few, for the few. The potential repeal of the Hunting Act is only one of numerous reasons any normal person could list as being a reason not to vote Tory on June the 8th. Do the decent thing, when it’s your time to make that mark vote for change and a compassionate Government who will benefit the many.

  1. James Taylor says:

    A bit demeaning for a Sergeant to be on evidence gathering duty. I wonder what he did wrong?

  2. Mrs H says:

    So proud of you all. We need to see people coming out on the streets!

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