I was sent a very interesting article to preview prior to publication in the next installment of HOWL. For those of you who aren’t members HOWL is the magazine of the Hunt Saboteurs Association. It’s a pretty good read with all the updates from the various groups around the country and some informative pieces regarding sabbing, the law and the history of the movement. If you aren’t a member I really encourage you to join. You don’t have to be active in the field but it is one way of getting involved and your money goes directly towards saving lives. All you need to know is right here.

Back to the preview.

The subject of the article is Phillip Davies. It’s a name many people wouldn’t have heard of. While most will know of dim Tim Bonner from the Countryside Alliance and his buffoonery and nonsensical ramblings on social media Phillip Davies is described in the article as “someone who prefers to operate in the shadows”. He is the Countryside Alliance’s police liaison officer. It should come as no surprise then that Davies was himself a police officer before retiring and taking up his position with the CA.


Shadow Man Phillip Davies

The article goes into great detail on how this man has influenced police policy and decision making with regards to those who stand against the illegal hunting community and painting the CA as the voice of the countryside when the facts are indeed nothing of the sort. The CA’s main purpose for existing is the promotion of blood sports, the repeal of the hunting ban and the criminalisation of those who oppose them. The real issues of the countryside are completely ignored.

It goes on to highlight the other aspects of this mans work, the intelligence gathering and files of known sabs and investigators from LACS and the reason sabs are constantly having their photos taken week in, week out. It’s an obsession with those on the pro hunt side to the point of ridiculousness (and sometimes their own down fall).

Those who are regular readers of this blog with know the amount of hard work I’ve put in with the police to get their attitudes towards hunting changed. Phillip Davies is the man I’m up against and the reason why so many forces are pro hunt in the first place. It’s actually fairly unsettling to read and further highlights what a truly insidious organisation the CA really are. The article includes quotes from Kevin Blowe of Netpol (Network for Police Monitoring) who concludes:

“Mr Davies’ efforts at the conference to portray anti-hunt groups as violent criminals seemed like a rather crude attempt by the Countryside Alliance to try to co-opt local police forces as its own private security.”


The real face of the CA

It’s a piece which pulls no punches and gets to the heart of the matter with regards to policing and why sabs and monitors are constantly fighting an uphill battle against what should be public servants acting to uphold the law and not be influenced to the point of obvious bias by those with a sinister agenda. It looks at those in power at the CA and perfectly highlights why we should be questioning what’s going on behind closed doors and need for transparency within the police force and from those who are advising them on matters of hunting with hounds.

A few freedom of information requests submitted to various forces throughout the country may shed some further light on the matter and indeed this may be the purpose of the article. Before you take on an opponent you have to know who they are and what they are about. Bringing the shadow man into the light might make things a little more uncomfortable for him and with such huge public support for the ban on Hunting with Hounds the police will be put in an uncomfortable position and maybe forced to changed their ways.

UPDATE: I have been given permission to publish the full article which can be found by clicking HERE.

  1. Lorraine Gagin says:

    Brilliant information of the two faced people involved,,,
    Even more respect for all sabs who continue against all odds…

  2. Sally says:

    This sort of news although not unexpected is really rather scary. Am I allowed to share this on my FB page?

  3. auntiecon says:

    I’m sharing as much as possible on Twitter. This needs to be exposed. Such obvious interference with the law must surely be against the law?

  4. neil fearnley says:

    have been saying it for ages ,look no further than the freemasons .How many top cops are members ??? its known that some cops are members of hunts ,why are they still employed as cops when they are activley breaking the law?? Why is this shadow man allowed the have so much influence with the cops?? The whole thing is very suspicious.

  5. Andy says:

    If the CA are collating data about sabs I’m not sure their registration with the Information Commissioner is adequate to cover that


  6. foxy512 says:

    no wonder Dim Bonner wants all sabs unmasked, so he can collect evidence to use later

    • Evidence of what? Sabs aren’t the law breakers.

      • Andy says:

        ‘Evidence’ is perhaps the wrong word, ‘information’ is probably better. The CA definitely has an interest in being able to identify sabs and know which groups they belong to etc. They can then provide information to hunts as to what sort of opposition they might face, advise ‘stewards’ who they should focus on. Also don’t forget, the right wing is knocking at an open door to the police when dressing up perfectly innocent associations, along with a big dose of innuendo, as something more sinister. And if nothing else, games like that will slow sabs down.

  7. Good information about these buffons We should be informed Good on the wonderful Sabs .bless you .Tweeted

  8. Andy says:

    My suggestion would be that if anybody does have actual primary evidence of the CA collating evidence of sabs’ identities and movements etc it would def be a good idea to present it to the Information Commissioner. When a case is strong they do come down hard on illegal information processing, an example was those ‘consultants’ to the construction trade who were operating an illegal blacklist of trade unionists etc. Obv it’s not enough to say ‘I saw this on a blog please look into it’, you will need to have actual evidence.

  9. Craig says:

    I got prosecuted for causing this horrid bastard alarm and distress! He honestly threatened to use his mates in the force to find out where I live and his words to me were, “ we’re coming for you boy “ so I told him my address and told him his address.
    He stfu when I told him his address, stopped threatening me and push phone down, and then obviously reported a load of lies to the police. I had reduced him to ground level from his high horse and he didn’t like it……I wish that man a slow and painful death, I reckon he’s played a part in a lot of shit in my life since, but I don’t regret that phone call one bit.
    What I would give to have ten mins with him in a Coppice…….to educate him on the words of the fox.

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