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Posted: March 8, 2017 in Comment
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Well it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and time has been at a premium hence the lack of updates. Once again I’ve spent a fair bit of time dealing with the press although this time more local than national but it’s all good coverage and on top of that making statements to the police and handing over video evidence. It gives the neighbours something to gossip about though so it’s all good.

I’ll be off again shortly, I took the day off work today as we had a tip off that some illegal beagling was going to take place so I’m sitting here writing this before heading out and seeing if we can catch them in the act. There are hundreds of these majestic animals in the fields close to me at the moment as they gather for the breeding season however nationally they are in serious decline and some parts of the country seem to be devoid of them completely so how anyone can derive any joy from hunting and killing these animals is quite frankly beyond me. We’ve tipped off the relevant police force as well so hopefully we’ll get a good result. UPDATE: See here

If you’ve been keeping up with our exploits on Facebook you’ll no doubt have read our latest report (see here). It was obviously disappointing that the police performance on the day was so poor considering the progress they have been making in recent weeks. I have swapped emails with the Inspector now in charge and we’ll meet to discuss things further face to face shortly. I know the police, and Bedfordshire especially face huge funding issues and need to prepare for these kinds of incidents however they can’t expect us to give them notice of when we’ll be operating in their areas. Our intelligence comes from a network of informers, some even within the hunting community and also from the general public who hate hunting so much and as such this information can come in at the very last minute. As soon as we have this information we let the police know however this will often be on the morning of the hunt.

We’re told that the Oakley also have a police liaison, however the flow on information from them doesn’t seem to be forthcoming from what I understand. If the hunt are refusing to give the police details of their meets then the police can’t expect us to give them a weeks notice to plan things either. It’s best to assume that if the hunt are out, we’ll be out.

It was also highly amusing to note the lies the hunts will tell even though there is irrefutable evidence that will completely debunk all their claims (see here). I’m not sure who they think will believe their nonsense but it’s safe to say you’d have to be seriously mentally challenged to take their word for it. Hey, maybe that’s it, they are just fooling their own side? Regardless of the outcome from last weekend the Oakley have only added more paint to the canvas which portrays them for what they really are; a sad and desperate little hunt with a huntsman who has no control and Masters who rarely seem to turn up that rely on hired thugs and half wits to try and stop people like me from outing their dirty little secrets and telling the truth.


The rumour going around that the Kimblewick hunt hounds had contracted TB has been confirmed as official. This will of course have huge ramification with regards to bio-security and another reason why hunts should’nt be allowed to operate in areas where bTB is a problem. Obviously its a tragedy for the hounds involved that were killed and they, like many other animals connected to hunting are just considered tools to be used and thrown away when no longer of value and not a sentient mammal. It’ll be a story I’ll follow closely and well done to our friends at Hounds Off for breaking the news (see here).


I’m going to sign off this entry with a dedication to a dear friend who was taken from us far too early. At the start of the badger cull when this activist was an accident yet to happen I was contacted by a clubbing friend who lived in the area and wanted to get involved. These were her first steps into AR and something that was to change her life for ever. Over night she became a wildlife warrior and from protecting badgers she went on to join the local sab group and face up to the worse the local fox hunts could throw at her and her little red van. Her parties were the stuff of legend (if you could remember them afterwards) and was the type of person to get on a plane to come and see a friend if she thought something was wrong.  She gave everything and yet asked for nothing. She will be sorely missed by everyone and my deepest sympathies go out to her husband Alec and her children.


Tracey – for once not covered in mud.

  1. Deborah Swift says:

    Thank you for all that you doxxx

  2. LynnSawyer says:

    good post x

  3. Alice Jones says:

    Would it be an idea to send a letter to local schools or council to warn them about the bTB and the plan to have children cuddle the very uncuddlesome hounds? If the hunt wants to catch them young so can we?

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