I didn’t write an update last week, I was fairly busy at work and was also looking to see how certain issues developed before I made a comment.

One incident was the visit to the Atherstone by quite a few sab groups in response to the disgraceful behaviour of their support during a peaceful demonstration at the new years meet (see video below).

It would seem that this sort of thing is par for the course among hunt supporters but it’s certainly not the behaviour you would expect from a rational human being. Clearly Warwickshire police were hugely at fault here for not policing the event even though concerns had been raised well in advance. The incident is now being investigated by the same team who should have been on hand on the day. West Mids Sabs are urging people to complain, details below.

The investigation is being headed by Mitch Oakley whose team cover the Atherstone area. mitch.oakley@warwickshire.pnn.police.uk

Please direct all complaints / questions to the following:

Warwickshire Police
email nwe.snt@warwickshire.police.uk

The multi group hit on the Atherston was a huge success. With over 50 sabs arriving at the meet the hunt tried to put a brave face on things and claimed that due to the fog they wouldn’t be hunting that day, which was odd as all the other hunts in the midlands were out in the same weather. I guess we all know the real reason.

Another embarrassment for the Atherstone was the setting up of a funding  page for the hunt who are clearly on their last legs financially if they have to start such enterprises in the first place, and once again the outcome was not what they hoped for. Multiple complaints to Just Giving informing them of a breach of funding rules resulted in the company pulling the page and refunding all the donations that had been made up to that date.


You would think that given the amount of negative publicity the Atherstone would be on their best behaviour however their desire to kill our wildlife is so strong it would seem to override all common sense as once again they killed fox on the drive of a house only yesterday (12/01/16) and my thoughts that go to those who had to witness such a gruesome event. These people really do need to be stopped and it is now time for the police forces in question to step up and take some positive action. Anyone else acting so consistently and blatantly would be dealt with in no uncertain terms regardless of the legislation.

Closer to home the well known hunt steward who assaulted me (Stuart Morris) finally admitted to the offence and accepted a police caution. While I think a caution is hardly likely to make this moron engage his brain before his fists next time (I’ve heard he’s already been bragging how he got away with it) at least the police did their job on the day (see video below). As you know I’ve been in contact with several forces in an effort to get things changed and I hope this will start to bear fruit. Our local hunt (The Oakley) seem to be quite miffed that the police are paying more interest in their activites whether sab groups are present or not. They are clearly rattled and uncomfortable at having the police around and not working their behest. I get the feeling that opinions within the local force are starting to change.

Our friends at Northants Sabs seem to also be making progress with Leicestershire police, a forces which I’ve been highly critical of in the past. Recent reports of their activities against the Belvoir Hunt have been positive where the police are concerned. Lets hope this is a concerted and lasting effort to change and not just a knee jerk reaction to public opinion.

The next logical step is for the police to take action against the violence from the support and stewards who have delusions of social standing within the hunting community. They are nothing more than tools (in more way than one) to be used and thrown away when they have no further use. I know Cambridgeshire police have been contacting the hunts in their areas regarding the employment of these neanderthals (to be honest that does neanderthals a disservice) and I urge all other forces who are graced with their presence to do the same and if they still appear then the use of the Section 35 would clearly by justified.

While the CA and Dim Bonner continue to make noises about the growth of hunting I believe this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to gain support from a dwindling fan base who are in turn becoming increasingly isolated and violent. While graphic images of hunts killing and their supporters acting like yobs continue to be plastered all over social media and the mainstream press there can realistically only be one outcome. While I don’t believe there is paradigm shift just yet I do believe as Winston Churchill once said: “This isn’t the beginning of the end, but it’s certainly the end of the beginning”.

  1. Gil Ramirez says:

    Great read, lets hope the tables are finally turning!

  2. Well written with intelligence and insight, the pen can indeed be mightier than the sword.

  3. I have a feeling, from some Press/Police reports that Foxes are almost being confused with wolves. They’re roughly cat-sized, and it’s started being admitted that foxes don’t attack cats, but they are still being blamed for the death of some swans in Grimsby. Technically, it’s still an open question, but I am sceptical because of the size and reputation of swans. If the Police/RSPCA are checking bite marks on dead swans, fair enough, but they blamed foxes from the start. It wouldn’t astonish me if some dogs were wandering loose around People’s Park.

    I’m one of those boys brought up in the country, and maybe some of that thinking was commonplace, but I kept my eyes open. I know people who raised flocks of semi-tame pheasants for shooting “sports”, and who promptly blamed foxes for every bird they didn’t see to shoot. I saw other signs that, in other places, could be seen as sociopathic.

    I sometimes wonder how I came to be such an outsider.

  4. Hills says:

    I am in my sixties and seeing that poor little fox set upon by a gang of dogs driven by sick people who just want to take life has left me in shock at the unnecessary violence heaven help these awful violent men if they breed children to be like them,this is a sickening wicked thing ,wonder if they are pleased that their selfish cruelty has made an old lady weep.

  5. angie says:

    Great read….maybe the tables are turning …lets hope so…

  6. Yvonne Day says:

    Well done, and you have more intelligence and integrity than any hunter, even though they feel they are superior. They are Arrogant, Ignorant, and Delusional!!
    Thanks for your hard work.

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