Fat Lady Sings.

Posted: October 25, 2016 in Comment
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As of midday 19th October 2016 all culls had finished. I took a very short break from writing this blog to just gather my thoughts and this will only be a short update.

It was quite an odd feeling getting the message on my phone while being at work, looking round for people to tell and then realising my badger protecting brothers and sisters were all elsewhere, some still in the fields. Only those people would understand how I felt and the impact it had had on our lives for the last few months.

After some calculations it was estimated that our group alone had covered over 7500 km on foot, up hill and down dale, through all sorts of undergrowth and in all weathers. Our drivers covered much, much more. Surviving on bread, humus and energy drinks, we’d hunted badger killers through the night, we’d responded to calls from the Wounded Badger Patrollers, we’d rescued animals, seen the gory remains of what some people call fun and witnessed the brutality of mans dominion over the wildlife that surrounds us. This isn’t such a green and pleasant when to delve deeper and away from prying eyes. It’s fucking hostile enough just surviving without the constant pressure of man.

I have no doubt in my mind we’ve made a pretty big dent in the intentions of the killers but the feeling was perfectly summed up by someone who operated in the Gloucestershire zone and then moved over to North Cots where I met and spoke to them.


Average Joe.

Now it’s all over the cullers will be patting themselves on the back and telling tales like the Plymouth Herald article about outwitting us “sabs” but let me just remind them.

You killed badgers you fucking morons, not terrorists with guns and bombs but little badgers. You didn’t outwit trained professionals you occasionally got the better of a rag tag bunch of average joes with enough compassion in their hearts to go out day and night unpaid to put a dent in your efforts. As for your so called success. I’m going to take a guess here based on what we have been given number wise. In 6 weeks you averaged less than three badgers each in Gloucs. 3 !! If it were 30 I’d be less than impressed. If I had the will I could manage a dozen a night with a fucking pea shooter and a candle. So go and get hard at your little achievement when really you should be holding your heads in shame. You got sold a lie by the NFU .

Sabs, Average Joe’s and all the rest of you that did your bit to slow the killing down I salute you.

We will of course be back next year and every year after that for as long as it takes.

Now I’m going to move on as the main fox hunting season draws near and the last few cubbing meets have to be dealt with.

  1. Susan Gooch says:

    I congratulate you on your endeavours, know that there are many of us who ride with you even if we can’t be there to help. All animal cruelty is wrong, organised animal cruelty is just the appalling.

  2. Sally says:

    Thank you so much.

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