Police now Cull Security Force?

Posted: October 10, 2016 in Comment
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Things have changed over the last couple of days, primarily with the actions of the police during the cull. It has been reported many times before what a complete debacle the police operation (Themis) was in the first year of the cull and one of the primary reasons why the cull cost so much to the public purse. Since then the policing has generally been much more low key in an attempt to keep costs down so the cull can be justified on financial grounds.

This year it appeared the situation would be much the same although there was always a slight undercurrent of bias towards those doing the killing as aggressive behaviour by cullers along with damage to activist cars and multiple breeches of license conditions went uninvestigated or generally ignored. Now it seems the police are overtly taking the side of cull companies and the NFU.

This new action came in the form of multiple arrests (see here) and the new tactic of following activists around as they searched for the low lives doing the killing. There can be only one explanation as to why there has been a sudden change in tack by the police and that is the effectiveness of those defending our badgers.

With a little imagination you can picture the scene, NFU and cull company officials along with land owners signed up to the killing, in a meeting with the local police area commanders . . .


Pixie Henge

“OK we’ve had enough now, we’re running out of cages, we’re just not killing enough of those stripy bastards and all we see is pictures of flattened cages on Facebook. They’re rubbing our noses in it. Those smelly tree huggers are ruining everything.”

“My shooters are reporting that every time they go out someone covered in camo with night vision turns up and starts flashing high power torches all over the place and moves them on”.

“We want action, sort your shit out and start arresting the f*ckers. We need to clear the way and get rid of them, we have targets to meet.”

The NFU of course can dictate Government policy on farming matters so why not the police too?

The worst policing incident was the use of a Section 35 Dispersal Order by Devon and Cornwall Police. The Section 35 was never intended to be used to support the actions of an unelected entity and deny non-violent protest. It would appear at first glance to be in contravention of the human rights act (although I’m no legal eagle) and the area in question was a large one containing badger setts that could then be openly targeted without interference. Unsurprisingly the local councillor is Robin Julian, UKIP member, Freemason and badger killer who breaks the license conditions.

UPDATE: Stop the Cull put out a call for people to contact Devon and Cornwall Police and complain about the use of the Section 35 and it would seem people power proved a success and the order has been withdrawn.

Less understanding people will often ask why put yourself at risk of arrest and claim that the police are only upholding the law. However my answer would be a simple one.

Sometimes, regardless of legality you have to do what you believe is right. Take Nelson Mandela, he was imprisoned for standing up for what he believed in and yet history now views him as the hero. In years to come I hope those involved in fighting this injustice will receive similar treatment. Historically animal rights activists have always been treated as terrorists and there seems to be an institutionalised prejudice by the police again them.

Make no bones about it, what we’re seeing here is the fight by grass roots activists against an undemocratic, immoral, inhuman and downright cruel policy against our wildlife that has been forced on us by a corporate entity with a hidden agenda and way too much influence on Government policy that is now using the police as a personal security force to meet their despicable ends.

And that ladies and gents, simply will not do.

  1. Jean says:

    Indeed, it will not do at all. The only way that wrong and unacceptable laws are changed is by them being openly challenged. You are doing that with the support of most people in this country. Keep at it, all battles against those in power are won this way.

  2. docrichie says:

    Excellent. You might have added to “an undemocratic, immoral, inhuman and downright cruel policy” unscientific as far as based on no science whatsoever. Continue your great work.

  3. Peter says:

    https://youtu.be/Wu36x3Nkfus possibly worthy of a few of your comments. I think it had about 12k views on Facebook. The BBC were initially interested, but later that day it was dropped, it was obvious they were told to back off. Is this what the public expects from a farm producing food for human consumption?

  4. Andy Hamilton says:

    Police in our area (South Somerset) are unwilling or unable to date to say if cage traps found here are part of the legal cull in the new West Dorset zone or mean there is illegal culling going on. We know it is but we want them to investigate. We know the West Dorset zone is not big enough to cover the whole of West Dorset never mind part of Somerset too. So we believe unless cull zones are clearly and publicly defined in all zones we are entitled to report all culling anywhere as illegal and ask police to investigate as such

    • You are indeed. However the police will never reveal the actual borders of the cull zones for fear of compromising the operational security of the culling company in question. Any shooters found should be challenged and asked to prove their legality.

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