Chucking their Teddies out the Pram

Posted: August 3, 2016 in Comment
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I like Chris Packham, he’s my kind of naturalist.

On TV he doesn’t beat about the bush and paint nature as some kind of children’s book where it’s all fluffy bunnies and cutesy pie. It’s warts and all, predator and prey and the real circle of life . . . and death. Another fine trait he has is he’s prepared to stand up and be counted when it comes to highlighting the injustices that occur in our countryside. He’s prepare to take the fire from the heavy hitters in the wildlife abuse industry and face them off using solid science and sound arguments.

Of course the “nasty brigade” as he so eloquently described them are now seriously irked and have taken it upon themselves to tarnish his considerable reputation via his employers, the BBC (and not for the first time). Apparently the BBC and Springwatch have editorial guidelines which prevent them from engaging in debate on controversial issues. However Chris isn’t on Springwatch discussing these issues but independently as Chris Packham the naturalist and the last time I looked it wasn’t a crime to express an opinion. Tim Bonner the Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance released a statement complaining bitterly, it is a rambling, slightly desperate attempt to justify their claims using words like “obsessive” and “extreme” when describing Mr Packham.


It always amuses me when these people start these frothy mouthed rants, Boner . . . sorry Bonner is famous for them. They mostly consist of long winded diatribes lacking in any real substance. They paint themselves as the traditional land managers, guardians of the countryside no less while generalising wildly that anyone with compassion and an alternative point of view is some kind of demented and dangerous terrorist on a par with IS. Well, they certainly don’t fool me and I’m pretty sure the only people who enjoy having this much sunshine blown up their arses are their animal abusing cohorts and lackies. The simple fact is times are changing. The CA may be big, rich and powerful but these Victorian attitudes to our landscape belong in the past and it’s only a matter of time before they go the same way as the dinosaurs. Chris Packham is only telling it like it is and that scares the crap out of them.

Of course this is all the more relevant right now after the Government refused to ban snares yet again (see here) even though the only MP’s to vote against the proposition were pro-hunting and shooting, like Simon Hart (member for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire and also, unsurprisingly Chairman of the CA) but also that the start of the Grouse shooting season will be soon upon us, the inglorious 12th. The series of short videos made by Chris and showing the real price of Grouse Shooting are hugely effective and gaining significant coverage. He’s also urging Marks and Spencer to stop selling Grouse on the basis that the management of the moors from which they are shot is unethical.

It’s very hard to argue against what are undoubted the facts. These include the failure of Hen Harriers to breed in the Forest of Bowland once again, an area which should be their stronghold, purely due to illegal persecution from Gamekeepers. Shooting estates and Grouse moors in particular are wildlife wastelands, raptors and mammalian predators are conspicuous by their absence, they are man made environments designed purely for the benefit of raising an unnatural level of game birds, game birds which will be shot, for fun, by a very small minority.

These are the facts and as such are undeniable. It doesn’t matter how many teddies you chuck out your pram they are never going to change.

Ban Driven Grouse Shooting

For more info visit the excellent Raptor Persecution UK

UPDATE: Chris Packham’s management have just issued this statement.


The nasty brigade show are showing their true colours once again. As one person commented, “they don’t like it up em!”. Indeed they don’t.

  1. terrypickford says:

    It wasn’t only the hen harrier that failed to breed this year in the Forest of Bowland, there are currently 18 peregrine territories in this upland region of west Lancashire totally abandoned. This year was the first year in living memory that the peregrine and hen harrier failed to breed successfully in the Forest of Bowland.

  2. shoeey says:

    Or perhaps the horrible wet spring?

    • It’s difficult to blame the weather when other raptor populations have survived well enough without the persecution suffered on shooting estates although I hear the Gamekeepers are complaining that the excessive population levels of Grouse are indeed down this year due to the wet spring.

  3. johncantelo says:

    I always ask those who want Chris Packham sacked or reined in by the BBC why it’s apparently OK for the CA to promote their cause by using BBC celebs (Alexander Armstrong) and other TV personalities, but wrong for CP to support thing’s he’s passionate about. They never answer. Nor do they respond when I also point out that BBC celeb the late Clarissa Dixon-Wright was not only a prominent and active advocate for field sports, fox hunting and the CA but that the BBC funded a whole series of TV programmes and accompanying book by her uncritically praising the ‘delights’ of field sports. The programme on soon-to-be-banned hare coursing (see – is revealing containing as it does snide comments about protestors. Where was BBC’s balance there? Can you imagine the outrage if Chris’s videos were screened as part of a BBC programme complete with comments about sadistic bloodthirsty hunters? The hypocrisy is breathtaking … and they know it.

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