If you’ve been a follower of this blog you’ll no doubt be aware that I’ve been involved with the investigation regarding the killing of a fox on New Years Day by the Fitzwilliam Hunt near Wansford in Cambridgeshire. My report from the day can be found here. The legal process has been proceeding and Cambridgeshire Police carried out what appeared to be a thorough investigation and I was kept updated at regular intervals by the investigating officer.

Personnel from the hunt were interviewed under caution with their legal (and no doubt very expensive) representation present. I am now very happy to report that after reviewing the evidence which included that submitted by the hunt, the CPS are going to go ahead and prosecute both the huntsman, George Adams (now retired) and the bird of prey handler, John Mease.


George Adams and John Mease – Let’s hope they’re not smiling after the court case.

They will be facing charges under the hunting with dogs act as well as a further charge of cruelty which arose during the investigation. As we all know the legislation with regard to the Hunting Act isn’t the most robust so I think it’s quite an achievement just to get the CPS to take one of the oldest and most influential hunts in the country to court. Obviously I can’t reveal any more regarding the details but should we get the desired outcome and gain a prosecution then it could have some serious implications for other hunts that use (or pretend to) the Bird of Prey exemption. Hunts may be forced to abandon the exemption if they know they are liable for prosecution and then they’ll have unwanted and costly birds of prey to get rid of.

At this point I’d like to thank Cambs Police for a solid job so far and those behind the scenes who advised me from the legal and animal welfare professions,  you know who you are.

However it’s not all good news. Once again the animal hunters prove their type by the vicious assaults which took place last weekend perpetrated by the Cheldon Buckhounds. A press release from the HSA can be found here. Further updates reveal that one sab has indeed a badly fractured skull that will require surgery from a specialist. The body cam the sab was wearing at the time was also stolen by his attackers, there’s a funding page for a new one here if you would like to donate.


Cheldon Thug

You only have to look at some of the comments on the pro hunt Facebook pages to understand the sort of people sabs have to deal with week in week out. They really are the lowest of the low, and quite frankly I pity them. Their lives must be so twisted and bitter to think and write such things. Obviously my best wishes to all who suffered at the hands of these low lives and rest assured that it won’t end there.


Bloodied by not beaten.

  1. John Calver says:

    Let’s hope justice is seen to be done here, thankyou for all the time and effort everyone is putting in to this. We are not out to victimise anyone, simply to see the law enforced and an end to the abuse of innocent creatures.

  2. Elaine Taylor says:

    What a wonderful piece. Thank you. And thank you for keeping us all updated on these type of people.

  3. Brilliant piece Lets hope justice is done and seen to be done. The Countryside Alliance may come to rue the day they bullied the RSPCA into not taking so many hunting cases. I wonder if Tim Bonner will be so keen to campaign against the CPS if they win.

  4. Jennie. says:

    There seems to be a change happening in the world, people are becoming more informed and involved…the hunts days are numbered, they hang on desperately trying to justify the now exposed brutality, but they’re looking nervously over their shoulders. Unfortunately, I think violence against the brave people on the front line may well increase as a last hysterical tantrum. We owe sabs so much, I can only applaud their determination and dedication in standing up not only for the lives of our animals, but also our national psyche.

  5. Mandy says:

    If you enjoy being cruel to animals,humans will be next.

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