The last few weeks of the hunting season are always the most stressful. The hunted wildlife will be breeding and the females pregnant so unable to escape with ease. The hunts will be desperate to kill something, as the season drags on and with the success of sabs and monitors restricting their efforts they become more and more hostile. We’ve had requests from new sabs keen to get involved but we never take inexperience people out at this time of year and the reason for this was perfectly highlighted by the incident which tool place yesterday (12/3/16) where two hunt monitors from the League Against Cruel Sports were viciously beaten by thugs from the Belvoir hunt. Both men needed hospital treatment with one man actually sustaining a fractured neck.


Ex-police officer Darryl Cunnington (photo From The Telegraph)

Roger Swaine and his colleague Darryl Cunnington were attacked and their cameras stolen. The men responsible were riding quads and wearing balaclavas. LACS monitors are completely law abiding, they are there to gather evidence of illegal activity through nothing more than filming the hunts. This is their job. More details regarding the assault can be found here.

Eduardo Gonçalves, Chief Executive for League Against Cruel Sports said:  “Our number one priority is the wellbeing of our injured staff and I am on my way to visit them now.

“We are all shocked by the violence of the Belvoir Hunt followers and this barbaric thuggery must not go unpunished. Our courageous investigators play a critical role in peacefully monitoring and enforcing the anti-hunting law that some people consider themselves to be above.

“Clearly some hunt followers are not satisfied with violence against our wildlife. They now satisfy their bloodlust by attacking people.”

This is the same hunt which I reported on some weeks ago which had a fox captive in a farm outbuilding which was more than likely to be released in front of the hunt which was meeting a short distance away (see here). Perhaps this beating was some sort of revenge against LACS for ruining their fun as the investigator for that incident was none other than Darryl Cunnington. Regardless of the motives it is obvious that any person or organisation willing to resort to this level of violence has no place in modern society. It perfectly highlights the mentality of these people. Not satisfied with abusing wildlife they take the short leap to abusing people.

As film is emerging of the emergency services attending to Darryl then so do the comments on social media. Once again the hunting fraternity are showing what they are really made of with some seriously unnecessary not to mention ignorant comments. A few below:

Mark Halford: Typical EMT sensationalism. According to Leicestershire police he was released after treatment for minor injuries. He most likely slipped on a cow pat while trespassing.

Chris Bird: got what he deserved then didn’t he.

Helen Pacey Was Kerr: Sab attack on fellow Sab haha…. Looks like belvoir wood!



Sharon Roscoe – Member of the Belvoir Hunt and WCO.

Leicestershire police now have to step up to the mark. They have been under some scrutiny recently with regard to their policing of hunts and this includes the revelation that their Wildlife Crime Officer, Sharon Roscoe is actually a member of the Belvoir Hunt. How that isn’t a conflict of interest is quite frankly beyond me. This officer is openly supporting an illegal act, and yet also responsible for policing it. Something very amiss here and how Leicestershire police can justify keeping her in the post remains a mystery.

At the time of writing two men had been arrested and released on bail pending further enquiries.

Just to round things off it would seem that a follower of the Belvoir also ran over a member of the public’s dog. Madeleine Bedward sent an open letter regarding the incident to the hunt which can be viewed here. Of course the hunt remains tight lipped and the Countryside Alliance are conspicuous by their silence although no doubt they’ll come up with some highly spun nonsense in due course.

My best wishes go to Roger , Darryl and Madeleine. I also hope some good will come of this although I’m not going to put any money on it.

Sign the petition to remove Sharon Roscoe from her post here.

  1. Elaine Downie says:

    It’s time these law-breaking hunters were brought to task for their crimes. And the corruption in the police force is shocking. I only hope something good will come out of what the LACS monitors have gone through.

  2. Gil ramirez says:

    Absolutely outrageous behavior which no doubt will be completely covered up by the Belvoir hunt . What’s the betting that they deny any knowledge of these thugs involved….oh yes but of course they have the wildlife officer eating out of their thick lined pockets to help them on their merry way !! Corruption all the way!!

  3. Michael Allan says:

    Disgusting abuse of position and power! Shameful people!

  4. Angela Yockney says:

    I was also astounded by the 2 police officers standing laughing at the top of the bank while the paramedics treated Darryl, and one of the police officers while laughing said “he just fell from the sky!” What utter contempt for his fellow human being, an ex colleague and the law, which he should be upholding!

    • Julie says:

      It isn’t what it seems. They are ex colleagues explaining a previously sustained injury from a gliding accident

  5. Melanie Rich says:

    Having worked in the hunting industry as a groom (through my love of horses) I am fully aware of the sadistic cruelty these awful people are capable of to all wildlife. There a many thugs within the industry who are only too happy for any excuse to be violent towards people who are against what they call a sport. Hunting is not a sport by any definition of the word. Unfortunately the police are controlled by the wealthy and the wealthy like to keep their sadistic ‘traditions’ alive.

  6. The police need to be held accountable for their omissions in up holding the law,they are actively assisting the hunt and the thugs who attend,follow and use violence against the Sabs and Monitors who are there to try and stop the KILLING of OUR wildlife. This whole sordid pastime needs to be stopped in its entirety and the police need to enforce the law

  7. E Davis says:

    Police escort AND police on hunts. Someone from the tv needs to go out with the sabs and make a documentary about the hunters, the masked thugs and the police involvement in this. Or an independently funded documentary that can be entered into these film contests they have. Filmed as if by the regular sabs so the hunters’/police behaviour is as it always is.

    I’m sure some sort of crowd funding initiative would be supported by the thousands of us who don’t sab.

  8. Jane kendall says:

    It’s about time this was totally banned.
    How can this woman do her job when she is an actual member of a hunt?
    Wildlife crime officer – rubbish
    I dont mind if you have my email address

  9. Dave Monaghan says:

    Let’s not forget the furore when Gems McCormack fell of her horse and died in a hunting accident. The pros went into overdrive writing to the national pro hunting press and to the employers of people who didn’t express sympathy. They used the death of one of their own to score cheap points against those against hunting. Attempting to brand us as callous and unfeeling. They even used Ms McCormack’s elderly mothers grief at the death of her only daughter to score points. Yet the true villains are the animal abusers who when thwarted in their animal killing sprees, turn their pent up violence against the compassionate people who are trying to save our wildlife.

  10. Sara Smith says:

    Seems impossible to send this to friends on facebook so that they can sign! Simply tells them to “share”!

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