The Untouchables

Posted: March 3, 2016 in Comment
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If you go to Wikipedia and type in Organized Crime it’ll tell you it is a category of transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals who intend to engage in illegal activity, most commonly for money and profit.

I think most would understand that description and be able to conjure up a fairly stereotypical image of the type of people associated with it. Lets delve a little deeper into the types of organised crime, most notably the Patron-client network.

These are defined by the ‘fluid interactions they produced crime groups operate as smaller units within the overall network, and as such tend towards valuing significant others, familiarity of social and economic environments, or tradition’.

These networks are usually composed of:

Hierarchies based on ‘naturally’ forming family, social and cultural traditions’Tight-knit’ locus of activity/labour;

Fraternal or nepotistic value systems;

Personalised activity; including family rivalries, territorial disputes, recruitment and training of family members, etc.;

Entrenched belief systems, reliance of tradition (including religion, family values, cultural expectations, class politics, gender roles, etc.);

Communication and rule enforcement mechanisms dependent on organizational structure, social etiquette, history of criminal involvement, and collective decision-making.

Remind you of anything yet?

Aiden Beaney

Another element of the successful criminal organisation is the ability to maintain a facade of legitimacy while the reality of course is completely different. There’s always a socially acceptable front, they may donate to charity, hold events in the local community and generally appear to be fine upstanding members of society.

They will often have high ranking law enforcement officials as members or at the very least have a sympathetic ear among those at the coal face of policing. Of course should the unthinkable happen and they fall foul of the law then they will have high powered legal representation who will pull out all the stops to extricate them  from the situation. They may be seen as  untouchable in the eyes of the law which allows them to continue with their criminal activity unmolested and without fear of reprisals.

Of course I’m not talking about the Mafia, Triads or any other similar group. I’m talking about the many officially registered hunts that exist in this country. Think about the description above, it almost perfectly represents how the hunts are structured and operate and regardless of their claims to the contrary, the vast majority are openly breaking the law with little fear of incrimination week in, week out, all through the hunting season. They may not be dealing in drugs or offering protection (although they certainly have their foot soldiers) but their currency is cruelty and suffering and they are criminals none-the-less.

By any definition they can be classed as organised crime. Except of course there’s no Elliot Ness character who’ll come in and bring them all to justice.

There is no justice, just us.

sun sabs



  1. Mike Shipway says:

    Good article.

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