Plenty of funds for Policing Hunts

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Environmental

I’ve been a bit lax recently with my updates but in my defence this is a real busy time in the hunting season and often a time when most of the killing gets done. I have however had a couple of incidents which are worth commenting on.

First one happened on the 16/02 when, for a change we decided to take a day off work and make sure the Oakley didn’t kill anything on one of their midweek meets. It was pretty close to home as well so we had the advantage of local knowledge and also we had our eyes in the sky in the form of the Flying Fox Hunt Monitor and his microlight aircraft.

Unfortunately the hounds rioted on a Muntjack deer and at least one hound attacked the poor animal. We were on the scene moments later and managed to rescued it (full story here). We’ve since had an independent report from the vet who treated it and the wounds are consistent with a dog attack so there’s no mistaking who is responsible.

cop 1

This one seemed to think he was judge and jury without actually seeing any evidence and based his assumptions on the lies of the hunt.

The problem came in the form of the police who arrived shortly afterwards. Once again called by the hunt. We were treated very, very badly by them. They wouldn’t listen to our complaint of a crime having been committed, tried to block our filming of them and refused to give their badge numbers, something they are required to do by law. They also showed a level of sexist behaviour by refusing to speak to a female member of our group in favour of a male one who in turn refused to accept this situation and referred them back to the original complainant. They also attempted to remove us from land at the behest of a land owner who openly admitted while on the phone to the police that he was allowing fox hunting on his land and approved of the activity. All completely illegal of course. There were in total 6 police cars in various forms attending the incident, or should I say, trying to impede us and help the hunt.

crime map

Crime Map of the Area.

Next up was on Saturday (20/02) when we once again attended a meet of the Oakley, this time on the Beds/Cambs border north west of St Neots (full report here). We set a new record for police involvement. 13 vehicles this time plus the police helicopter. That’s quite an impressive array of law enforcement and yet not one was capable of noticing the illegal hunting going on before their eyes. They ranged in demeanor from jolly and generally not bothered to full on dim and aggressive. One officer even drew hit baton to search a sab vehicle for offensive weapons. You don’t have to be Stephen Hawkins to realise a non-violent animal rights organisation with a deep distrust of the police won’t be carrying anything that’s likely to get them in bother so you have to wonder why the police always seem to take the word of some angry ruddy faced land owner covered in tweed and wearing wellies with a personal agenda at face value.

Mr angry

Mr Angry from Moxhill Farm who admitted to allowing an illegal activity on hit land.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had meeting with Olly Martins, the PCC for Bedfordshire and as a force they are always making claims of critically low funding. Indeed many serious crimes aren’t being dealt with in the area even though our council taxes are rising to fund the local policing costs. If the cupboard is so bare then how is it they can find the reserves to attend hunts in such numbers? Just imagine the costs of 13 units and a helicopter. You’re looking at something probably in excess of £10K for the whole operation. I wonder how many crimes went uninvestigated due to this?

I’ve spent a fair amount of my time recently both locally and further afield in discussion with various forces in an attempt to change the situation with regards to the policing of hunts and the treatment of monitors and saboteurs. As far as I can see, it has so far been a complete waste of my time, nothing seems to change despite the claims of the senior officers I’ve spoken to. Officers are still completely ignorant of the hunting act and overly biased in favour of the land owners and hunters. Information about the people involved in these discussions also seems to have been passed on to the pro hunt lobby and that simply cannot stand. If you’re trying to build  a feeling of trust between the parties then leaking that kind of information certainly isn’t going to do you any favours and could prove a serious security concern.


I have quite a collection of photos of this helicopter now.

I always try and act fairly when dealing with the boys in blue, if they’re good and decent I’ll let everyone know and have done so in the past but while we continually face this kind of treatment then the public at large should also be informed, especially when that public overwhelmingly support the ban on hunting with dogs and their taxes pay for the service. Complaints are going to be made and it certainly doesn’t end here.


  1. BeckyHelps? says:

    I appreciate you for taking the time, making the effort, spending money to deal with the actions of people set on doing or allowing these illegal and cruel activities. Thank you

  2. Lisa marie says:

    You will always and forever have my full support respect and admiration for the wonderful brave work you do tirelessly. I love all animals they deserve to live in peace without cruelty and mentally deranged idiots enjoying the sick thrill of murder.. Thank you you are the decent kind heroes we need more of

  3. Wendy says:

    Many many thanks for all the wonderful work you do xx

  4. Jennie. says:

    It must be so frustrating for you, you’re not just fighting illegal fox hunting you’re challenging the behaviour of public servants who seem to have forgotten their role. Thank you very much for your sterling efforts.

  5. Phil Beaven says:

    Thanks for all you do. I did contact the Bedfordshire police but they sent me a form to complete. As I wasn’t there, I could not meet any of the criteria needed to make a formal complaint. I have responded telling them what I think of them.

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