War and Peace (sort of)

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Environmental

Well I’m no Tolstoy but the title seemed apt considering the recent developments.

I had a reasonably cordial chat with a hunt master the other day. He was sat there in his hunting finery, on his horse and I was on foot in my usual mud covered sabbing attire.

We were discussing the recent incident which had taken place and our subsequent agreement with the hunt. I won’t go into the details of the incident here as it’s been widely publicised already (see here) but the conversation went something along the lines of this:

AA: “Nice to see you’re as good as your word.”

HM: “Well yes, we don’t need that kind of thing.”

AA: “Agreed, violence doesn’t solve anything”.

HM: “We’re on different sides and that’s never going to change but we’ll keep doing what we do and you’ll keep doing what you do.”

AA: “What we do certainly keeps you fit”

HM: “I have to admit to a begrudging admiration of how fit you lot are and manage to keep up”.

AA: “There is one big difference between our sides though.”

HM: “What’s that then?”

AA: “What you do is illegal.”

HM: “No it isn’t”.

AA: “Oh come on now, we’ve got you hunting foxes today on video, you haven’t even laid any trails”.

HM: “Take me to court then.”

AA: “Well we both know the Hunting Act is no good, that’s why you’re still hunting”.

HM: “We’ll agree to disagree shall we. Anyway, I think most of my field are going to fuck off fairly soon (yes hunt masters swear)”.

AA: “Well it’s a crappy day, see you next week”.


Watched the hounds then ran off in the opposite direction.

All the time this was taking place we had sabs seeing a fox away to safety on the other side of the wood we were covering. It was a good day in all. We got some prime sabbing done and no-one got their heads kicked in by some intellectually challenged meat head with personality issues. The field did indeed “fuck off” fairly soon after which meant a nice early finish for us, it takes time cleaning all the mud off your boots and the selection of vegan savouries and cakes we had weren’t going to eat themselves you know.

Of course we’re very happy the hunt saw that employing a certain type of person would significantly set them back in a PR sense and certainly not endear them to any potential new members but more importantly they understood what hunt sponsored violence against a sab or monitor would lead to. We never want to escalate a situation like this and I’m sure both the hunt and indeed ourselves are glad it’s not going to come to that but we made it perfectly clear that an attack on one sab is an attack on all of us, nationally.

The thought of having fifty plus sabs turn up in a show of solidarity no doubt filled him with dread but more importantly it filled the influential land owners with dread as well. We may be on slightly more polite terms with our local hunt now but we’re still going to sab them at every opportunity and given the correct circumstances we will indeed take them to court.

We’re still at war with them, it’s just a little more peaceful.

  1. brixbat says:

    Well done Sabs! Thanks for the update and thanks for what you all do on behalf of our wildlife and Law. Best wishes to you all. Phil Trayhorn

    Kingswear Devon


  2. Elaine Downie says:

    I enjoyed reading that. I have the utmost respect & admiration for the way HSA are so organised, like a military operation. Especially the way you stay so patient & well-mannered. I am unable to help physically, due to age & health issues, but send donations when I can . Thank you so much for your hard work , it’s very comforting to know that you’re all there, defending our wildlife. And vegans too ! Yay !

  3. Sally says:

    Very well done and thank you. Must have been quite a shock to know that your admired by those on horseback!

  4. Fantastic read and result. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Adrian Irving says:

    just one vital piece of evidence away from a private prosecution and shock and awe negative publicity campaign. Landowners and a certain estate agent sponsor beware.

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