Sorry for the lack up recent updates, this really is the busiest time of year except of course my lack of time has nothing to do with frantically buying presents and wondering which family members to avoid on Christmas day. Nope, I’m fully engaged in the continual fight for animals lives both on-line and in the fields.

We’ve had some very successful operations against our local hunts, so much so that they are now fully committed to employing the services of the Mrs Miggins boys and a whole host of other slow witted bumpkins in an effort to blunt our effectiveness in disrupting them. We take this of course as a compliment and only stiffens our resolve, we’re certainly not going anywhere and will continue with our operations against them.

If you follow Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs on Facebook you’ll know we’ve finally taken possession of a new vehicle (named Boris by it’s previous owner) which will allow us to put more sabs in the field. This was purchased with a grant from the HSA (Hunt Saboteurs Association) and we are very grateful for the financial support they give. If you haven’t joined already please do, every penny goes towards the saving of our wildlife. Boris will be a fine addition to our armoury.

Speaking of financial support it’s staggering the amount of money the Countryside Alliance are prepared to splash in order to stop a hunt from being prosecuted. The recent private prosecution brought by the League Against Cruel Sports against the Lamerton Hunt which had to be withdrawn on a technicality (isn’t it great how our legal system works, the guilt was undeniable and yet a technical issue forced the withdrawal) has shown that the hunt would have to fork out  £72,355.42 for the court costs, a fee which the judge deemed that LACS would not have to pay as there was no improper act or omission by them. Of course everyone with an once of compassion would rather have seen a successful conviction but we all know getting one of those is akin to picking your nose and finding a gold nugget on the end of your finger.

cop 2

The mystery police officer.

In other news I’m a little closer to identifying the rider at a recent hunt who claimed to be a police officer. I’ve cross referenced footage from another source with my own and I have a still from my video which matches both descriptions and that of the horse she was riding. Unfortunately due to the distance it was filmed at and the movement involved it is a little blurred. I’ve enlarged and enhance a bit and I’ve no doubt someone may recognise her. I would imagine that a serving officer openly supporting an illegal activity could potentially find themselves in a difficult position should their identity come to light and of course the police would no doubt be interested in a person who went around claiming to be one of them if they weren’t. I have my suspicions as to an identity however please contact me in complete confidence if you have more information.


  1. C*untryside Capers says:

    Please email me the name. Ignoring me when we’re on the same side is unhelpful.

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