Time to Move On.

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Comment
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The NFU’s badger eradication scheme has come to an end for another year. No doubt they’ll continue to be persecuted while no-one is looking and all those vigilant wildlife loving people out there will do their best to catch the perpetrators. How effective the cull has been is something being argued over as Lord Krebs rubbishes the NFU’s claims that TB is already dropping where the culls have taken place. The NFU in tern are doing their best to add some sort of positive spin on their claims however when you’re up against someone who’s basing their arguments on solid scientific facts with all the latest data then you need to come up with something good. All I’ll say is you’d have to be significantly challenged in the brain department to believe what the NFU say.

Perhaps that’s it. Farmers are just stupid?

Thing is I know that’s a flippant and somewhat sweeping remark but you’d have to be a moron to believe the nonsense they spout which can only leave me with the alternative and that the whole thing has nothing to do with TB. I’m of course repeating myself, seems like the thing to do in the NFU’s case. Liz Truss likes to say the same old thing over and over again even though her script has been soundly debunked. Like they say, repeat a lie often enough and it’ll become the truth. The only problem the NFU and Defra have is there’s plenty of well informed people out there who see through their lies. And remember, the trials weren’t designed to bring down TB, they were supposed to test free shooting as a method of population reduction, something which seems to be conveniently ignored. And judging by the piles of scrap metal that were once cage traps now festooning the countryside in the South West one wonders what exactly they’re up to. Trevor Cligg the NFU’s representative in Dorset suggested there was no major disruption to the cull. Having spent a large percentage of the last six weeks down there I’d suggest he’s misinformed.

Lord Krebs - NFU are big fat fibbers.

Lord Krebs – NFU are big fat fibbers.

From a personal standpoint I’m just happy to be able to get my own life back to some sort of normality. I’ve worked with some great people, dedicated and unwavering in the face of significant hostility. They’ve been from all sorts of backgrounds, with various outlooks and desires but the single unifying cause we all share is to do the right thing and take action for those that have no voice. I’m feel honouredĀ to be included as one of them and salute each and every one who made an effort.

But there’s no rest for the wicked and the hunting season is now upon us so its time to move on and face the new challenges that await us.

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