Return to the Woodland of Death

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Environmental
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If you’ve been a reader of this blog (thanks BTW) then you will have no doubt seen the destruction caused by Gamekeepers in an effort to protect their precious stock of Pheasants (Woodland of Death). Although not completely illegal their methods are certainly immoral and downright disgraceful. I will always fail to see the justification in slaughtering any wild animal just because it has the potential come into conflict with the rearing of any animal let alone ones which will die at the hands of a sociopath in tweed with a shotgun.

When I first saw the images sent to me I was sickened, although certainly not surprised. This kind of thing is going on all over the countryside, largely away from the view of the general public but it is persecution on an industrial scale. Quite frankly I’m amazed that we have any wildlife left. The source of the images assured me it wouldn’t be the last I’d hear about it and they were true to their word.

It would appear however that things were worse than originally anticipated. The original midden or stink pile I published video of wasn’t the only one in that location. Another was found and of course surrounded by snares, Fen and Larsen traps. If this wasn’t enough poison bait was situated alongside nearly all the feeders. Although targeting rodents the local raptor and owl population would suffer accordingly as they would prey on and scavenge the poisoned animals. Whether this was an actual targeted persecution by proxy attempt it’s difficult to tell however the results would be the same and using poison in this manner hugely irresponsible, not that I’d personally condone the use of poison at all.

Needless to say all the snares and traps were removed or rendered useless. A live pheasant was also remove from one of the snares and released, ironic that the birds the gamekeeper was trying to protect were indeed falling foul to the devices he installed. Snare aren’t selective, they’re cruel and indiscriminate. The large pheasant pen at the location was devoid of any birds so what the gamekeeper is trying to protect is clearly open to question. Perhaps he’s just another psychopath who enjoys inflicting pain on animals or has some kind of inbred and inexplainable but pathological hatred for wildlife. Regardless of this I’d like to see the their face when his does his rounds next time. No doubt all the killing devices will be replaced soon enough but my source has no doubt given him something to think about and some more work to do.

Have a look through the pictures. Although disturbing they clearly illustrate the persecution our wildlife suffers at the hands of the shooting industry. Among the dead animals were rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, wood pigeons, roe deer, foxes, a jay, crows and rooks plus many others which had decayed beyond identification. I don’t think this is acceptable and how the shooting industry can claim to be working on the side of conservation just shows their arrogance or stupidity.

Petition to ban snares.

Stink pile 1

Stink pile 1

Stink pile 2

Stink pile 2


Fen trap in feed bucket, this is an illegal use.

Fen trap in feed bucket, this is an illegal use.

Pheasant caught in snare.

Pheasant caught in snare.


Poison bait

One of many snares

One of many snares

The removed snares and traps.

The removed snares and traps.


    • Rosie Whitfield says:

      Can vouch for this. As a much younger teenager I would wander into various local ‘woodlands’ that were not technically rights of way. I always found snares and traps which I carefully dismantled and left at the edges of the woodland. Trapping is happening everywhere yet is seems to be one of the countryside’s best kept secrets. It is time to publicise on a massive scale. The majority of citizens in the UK don’t hunt or shoot and do care about wildlife. It is easy to be ignorant though, when there is so little information about.

  1. Paul Day says:

    I’m pleased that you have exposed this hidden massacre and applaud the fact that the devices were rendered useless. I for one couldn’t walk away knowing that they still lay there awaiting their next victim, my conscience wouldn’t let me sleep.

    • Melanie Beckford says:

      I feel EXACTLY the same as Paul Day

      These scum called ‘keepers’…are beyond evil and are NO part of decent human society

  2. Dawn york says:

    People that hurt animals are evil and need to stop now

  3. richard collins says:

    i hope you keep returning to this location and keep on removing the traps

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