The Fightback Starts Now

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Environmental

As you can all imagine I’m pretty pissed off with the result of the election.

What’s even worse is the fact that the Tories gained less than 25% of the vote and were still able to form a majority Government. This just goes to prove the fundamental flaws in our voting system. Although proportional representation would have seen a rise in UKIP seats it would have also seen significantly more Greens and other minority parties. We shouldn’t have to be governed by a party which does not represent the people. Of course another major factor is what I call “see something shiny syndrome”. This is those disposable parts society where instant fame and money are sought through reality TV, the instant gratification of consumerism driven by some parts of the media and those with a dark and controlling agenda.

Now the tories are in of course the blood sports lobby are rubbing their hand with glee and the first attempts at alienating some of our native species has already begun. An article in the Daily Fail this week with the headline “Do-gooders obsessed with increasing population of ‘avian predators’ are letting killer birds terrorise our countryside and attack our pets” is such a pile of unmitigated tripe it should be funny but some people believe what they read in the press and this is clearly an attempt by the shooting lobby to start the wheels in motion for the reduction in protection of our raptors. Of course there’s no mention of the mass produced and artificially reared game birds the gamekeepers are paid to protect from any competing wildlife be it avian or mammal that, incidentally have virtually zero impact on numbers released which are only then to be blasted from the sky by a tweed wearing twat with a gun and an inferiority complex. I could systematically debunk every claim they make without even thinking about it however I really don’t want to waste and more of my time with this vomit inducing clap trap. Fortunately the ever eloquent people behind Raptor Persecution Scotland do the job for me (see here). It was also nicely blown from the water by The Guardian with some proper science, the article can be viewed here.

The author of the Daily Fail article – Worzel Gummage

Of course it also means the badger cull will go ahead this summer/autumn. I was hoping for some time off however this now seems unlikely as the Government will be free to push ahead with their NFU sponsored eradication program which has nothing to do with controlling Bovine TB. In these days of austerity you’d think they’d look for the most financially viable solution to any situation however it’s pretty clear once the NFU or CA get involved and there’s killing to be done then money becomes no object. Those that care will of course once again be out there to face them. The promised free vote of a repeal of the Hunting Act is some way off yet and far from certain. The British public at large just don’t want to see a return to the dark ages and this cannot be ignored. Regardless of the outcome it will make little difference to those out there opposing cruelty. Of course direct action all costs money so please, if you can’t get out in the fields then dip in your pockets and help to fund the cause. You can donate here – Hunt Sabs Save Lives.

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