Make your Vote Count

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Comment
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On the 7th May we all go to the polls and make our mark against the name who we think are best placed to represent us and be our voice in Government. Apparently this is called democracy but I’m not daft enough to really believe this is the case. Too many corporations or organisations with money and power are out there using their influence to bend those with seats in Government to their will.

Politicians lie.

Or at least they’re either telling you what you want to hear or maybe just being minimal with the truth. The best you can hope for is to pick the one who you think will lie the least and not be in the pocket of some lobbying group or corporation and will sell their grandmother for a wad of cash and a sack of French porn (Blackadder 2). If I’m honest my personal situation with regards to earnings and standard of living hasn’t changed one iota regardless of who was in power. I’m of the belief that it’s a world market now and no single party in a single country can have the ability to influence such matters in the grand scheme of things. Sure there can be some localised success in economic grounds but as I just mentioned this doesn’t seem to have affected me in the slightest.

What does affect me is the stance of the relevant parties with regards to our environment and wildlife.

This makes voting pretty simple. The Tories and UKIP will, without doubt want to repeal the hunting act, continue with the senseless murdering of our badgers for no scientific reason what so ever, sell off our native woodland for housing and stick a fracking site in your back garden if it means making a bob or two. Please, if you’re considering making your mark for them go and smash yourself repeatedly in the face with a spade until some sense makes an appearance or you become unconscious and wake up after the polls have closed.

The LibDems will basically join any party in the hope of some power and do what they’re told.

The realistically leaves the Greens and Labour. My suggestion would be to vote for the one who have the best chance in your particular constituency. This site can help you (Vote Swap). The bottom line is we need the Tories out. None of our wildlife will be safe with them in power.

Override the apathy many people feel about politics and make your vote count.

It could be crucial.

Bill knows the score

Bill knows the score

  1. lisalamb60 says:

    Yep, I’ve come to exactly the same conclusion. If I voted with my heart it would be Green but I will probably vote Labour. Let’s get those Tory scumbags out of Downing Street!

  2. lisalamb60 says:

    Thanks for the link to ‘vote swap’. I just checked my constituency and I am better off voting Green as Labour don’t stand a chance where I live.

  3. F Hudson says:

    Get the Tories out quick

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