Posted: April 27, 2015 in Comment
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As any regular reader will know I’ve taken a break over the last few weeks to catch up with other things that needed addressing in my life. It’s always a good thing to have a bit of a change of scene and it’s been a busy old time of late but now the hunting season is over it’s time to reflect and take stock and see what we can learn from what has transpired. Overall I’m pleased with what we’ve achieved. We have, without a shadow of a doubt saved a fair few lives and have been a major pain in the arse of the hunts we’ve targeted. This is highlighted by the fact that one hunt has virtually gone underground which will no doubt affect it’s income while others seem to be relying on hired thugs in an effort to thwart our operations.

The police and their views of what he do however remain of some concern. Whilst some forces seem content to let us get on with it and do their jobs for them others are actively aiding the hunts in their efforts to kill our wildlife. Some officers (judging by their Facebook and Twitter profiles) are openly supportive of blood sports so how they can remain impartial when policing these situations is quite frankly beyond me. No matter how much they may claim otherwise it’s only human nature to favour those who share a common ground. So moving on from that steps are being taken to make sure we address this issue, meetings will take place between our representatives and the relevant police commissioners during the close season to try and make sure the hunting act is correctly policed and the word of the hunters shown the appropriate level of suspicion.

As a group (Beds & Bucks Hunt saboteurs) we’ll become a year old this May. For our first year we’ve made quite an impact. Our likes on Facebook are growing by the day and we receive plenty of supportive comments from the general public. We’ve had lots of enquiries from people wanting to get involved directly which is great news and we’ll be training these over the summer to be ready for when the new hunting season kicks off in the autumn. Of course all this costs money so while we have the chance we’ll be doing some fund raising which will go towards equipment and hopefully a new vehicle. I always think the best way to gauge how much of an impact you’ve had is by your opposition and their reactions. We get various comments either directly through this blog or through our Facebook page and of course some of those are from hunters and their supporters. Clearly if someone is annoyed enough to take the time to abuse you on-line then I’ll consider that a victory. One thing is for sure, I’m yet to receive anything abusive which shows any kind of imagination and creativity. They’re pretty much all monosyllabic and lacking in any type of correct grammar and punctuation. Still, it gives me a laugh and only reinforces the general perception of hunts and their support.

There are of course still hunts which operate over the summer and as you’d expect we cannot let them go unchallenged so I’ll update you about those in due course. Well that’s about it for now. I’ll leave you with a highlights reel I put together from the mass of footage I recorded over the season. Enjoy.

  1. Steve Dixon says:

    Another fantastic update on a job very well done!!

  2. Sally-Ann Kingham says:

    Thank you so much for all you have done. Thanks to your posts more people are becoming aware of the blatant flouting of the Hunting Act and the disgusting behavior of the police.

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