I’ve seen some pretty one sided policing. I’ve seen some pretty decent policing as well but when you’re on the Estate of David Cameron’s cousin it’s a sure thing you’ll get no sympathy from the boys in blue who were no doubt under instructions from above. What’s even more concerning is a new tactic they’re employing which seems to have been organised well in advance with the hunts to avoid any interruption from saboteurs and thus allowing them to hunt with impunity. This turn of events has the stink of the Countryside Alliance all over it.

I’m referring to the use of the Section 35 dispersal order. This effectively means anyone to whom the order is applied have to leave a designated area for 24 hours or face arrest. It’s part of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 details of which can be found here. Of course this legislation was never designed to be an umbrella for removing saboteurs or monitors from hunts but that’s how it’s being applied and it’s totally unjust, whether it’s actually legal or not remains to be seen and we’re taking advice on the matter. Now it would seem all the hunts have to do is make up a spurious trail map, hand it over to the police and they’ll do the rest. Of course the police aren’t interested or bright enough to figure out that following a trail would never require the services of terrier men on a quad with spades and yet they’re still present, ready to do their dirty work all under that nice, safe police protection.

Sargeant 1964

Sargeant 1964

Last weekend we were subjected to continuous drunken abuse while I and others were physically assaulted and you’ll see all of this in the video. Warwickshire Police have hardly covered themselves in glory and there’s been a significant backlash from the general public on their Facebook page. If you think this type of policing is wrong feel free to voice your opinion and let them know that you don’t approve of a significant amount of your taxes being spent in this way. The Hunt in question, the Atherstone have been seen actively hunting foxes in the last few weeks with some pretty damming footage being supplied by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs which can be viewed here. The hunt support continue to show themselves for what they really are, violent morons that are desperate to maintain their bloodthirsty way of life.

  1. ian grigor says:

    Like the politicians to claim to lead us the police are corrupt!

  2. I used to have a certain amount of respect for the police .After watching this film I am shocked at their thoughtless bully boy behaviour.I am a young pensioner who has never been is trouble with the law in all my sixty five years. not even a parking ticket. Now I think the ones involved in that farce deserve the nickname of Ignorant Pigs. They have lost all my trust and respect as the camera does not lie. Please keep on doing what you Sabs do best .

  3. Well done Sabs. Sad fact that the ‘Establishment’ continues to get away with criminal activity (‘bloody murder’) whilst those that attempt to uphold the ‘Law’ are themselves threatened with prosecution? What a bloody country we live in!

  4. David Smee says:

    These gutless things are an insult to the uniform. Like the terrier thugs they are just lackeys of the rich. If no hunting was going on then why so furtive. As for the inspector that issued that warning he\she is the lowest form of life.

  5. Dave says:

    I’m not for fox hunting but how can any of you think it’s ok to trespass. How would you feel if a group of people covering their faces and carrying cameras come onto your private property.

    As I said I’m not for hunting but two wrongs don’t make a right you sabs are breaking the law aswell. You might have excuses for been on the private land but the hunters also have excuses

    • You can trespass to stop an offence taking place. We carry cameras to gain evidence against the hunts and our own protection. Trespass is also a civil offence and not a police matter. We cover our faces for our own protection as the hunts and their support will find out who you are and target you at your home or place of work (yes we all work contrary to what the pro hunt side will have you believe). Hunt thugs wear masks for a completely different reason.

      • karen collins says:

        If children were being brutally killed no one would question the word trespass! In the west country we are lucky to have some very fair police so are somewhat protected from recent violence and intimidation that our group receives.
        This is a disgrace. Well done sabs , you are all amazing. Please keep up the brilliant work and be proud of who you are.

  6. That is amazing footage. Who sabbed this event? I think you guys are so brave to put yourself in danger like that up against so many tanked up, lardarse thugs. The police only just managed to keep control and I think you got off lightly, it was a hair trigger situation and the sabs would have ended up worse off. In this instance, whilst the sabs views were correct. I think the sabbing of the event was unwise there. You cannot fight an army of subhuman trash like that and its foolish to put yourself in danger like this. You have to fight smart and often strategic retreats gain a bigger win in the end. No one could ever doubt your bravery and determination after that. Awesome

  7. Emma Hicks says:

    Unfortunately I do not think the Sabs will be taken on a serious level while they feel it necessary to wear balaclavas whilst protesting.

  8. Alan Gee says:

    Respect to you all but does the efforts of a hunt saboteur ever produce results, by that I mean having the hunt organisers arrested and banned from hunting in the future /

    • We often get very good result, those results being that we stop the hunts from killing animals be they foxes, hare or deer. Due to the way the hunting act is structured it is very difficult to obtain a favourable prosecution however it has been done and we’ll continue to be there with our cameras wherever they hunt. Even after a successful prosecution the hunters will continue to hunt because the sentences handed out aren’t tough enough.

  9. Barry Terry says:

    Barry Terry Section 35 should work both ways stop the hunt and disperse all there .Not just sabs .If sabs cant exersise their legal right to protest then the hunters should not have the right to hunt ( THE LAW SHOULD BE FAIR AND EQUAL )

  10. bob wiltshire says:

    this clearly shows the police a are bent they are being paid off and are only looking after the law breakers we need to get a barrister into the law

  11. marta falco says:

    I only hope that Ed Miliband become PM and that very strict new regulations are added on to the fox hunting Bill. they should have a horseback wildlife police person attending every hunt. the HUnt should pay for this just as football clubs pay for police to keep football fans under control. they should not be allowed to use fox urine to scent the trail and not terrier men must ever be present at all. the purpose of the fox hunting is to kill foxes and this has to stop.

    These fox hunting people are just horrible. they think they can do as they wish. they rampage all over the countryside and the police do as their Tory MPs tell them to do. This is not democracy.

  12. John Bryant says:

    Politicians tell us that Britain is a great democracy. Yet in 1997 when the House of Commons voted by 411 to 151 to ban hunting, Tony Blair refused to provide the time necessary to get the bill to the statute book, and in the next Parliament sabotaged the new bill by arranging for loopholes to be inserted to make the new Hunting Act almost impossible to enforce. Now with Cameron’s powerful alliance of landowners, rural thugs, corrupt police and lawyers, hunters know full well that they are free to assault and block anyone who seeks to enforce the will of Parliament for the protection of animals from bloodsports. If a proportional representation election process and the abolition of the House of Lords ever emerges, this evil establishment conspiracy can be defeated.

  13. Spike says:

    The Hunt followers seemed to have initiated this disgraceful violent behavior and do not seem to have been arrested or even warned for assault or affray.Why did the police ignore it?

    Sabs seem to have been the victims and yet they are the ones who received dispersal order, not the hunt followers! Even by UK police standards this seems straight out of Kafka. I hope some lawyer will take up a challenge to this misuse of legislation by the police. It must be open to challenge.

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