It’s a busy time of year this. Whilst most people are recovering from stuffing their faces on Christmas Day or perhaps diving into the scrums that are the post Christmas sales, me and many like me were making their presence felt on one of the biggest traditional hunting days of the year. Boxing Day is always the time the hunts like to get out and meet their public, show off and put an alcohol soaked gloss on their image of countryside ways. Of course the reality is completely different and while the headlines in the tory driven papers will claim thousands of supporters turning out in support the basic facts are somewhat different.

Even if thousands across the country did turn out the percentage of the population is minimal at best. Some brief figures quoted on Facebook recently suggested a mere 0.42%, that’s roughly 833 per hunt (there’s roughly 300 in the UK). Hardly something worth singing about considering it’s their biggest day. For some perspective that’s over 100,000 less people than signed the badger cull petition.

Of course many of those drinking sherry in the cold and hob nobbing with the affluent land owners would probably find viewing one animal being torn to shreds by many others pretty distasteful, if they didn’t I’d suggest there was something deeply wrong with them but it’s a side of hunting they choose to be ignorant about or simply believing the lies about hunting legally.

One of the joint masters of the Cambridge and Enfield Chace hunt, a Simon Bateman told the Cambridge News “We have got anti-hunt protestors here today again, but we are operating within the law”.

Well Simon old chap let me explain a few things to you. Firstly if you’re going to lay a trail I suggest the quad bike you claim to use to lay the trail is in front of the hunt. Secondly, shouldn’t the trail bag be on the rear of the quad being dragged along instead of tied up on the front and thirdly why do you need 4 spades and terriers on the quad as well? Surely trails don’t go to ground and need to be dug out?

As you can tell I was one of the protestors (as they like to call us) there on the day and we saved 4 foxes who all had hounds in pursuit, very close behind them and without intervention would have most likely been killed. Hunting within the law? You sad disgrace of a man. I’d probably respect you more if you had to gumption to openly admit to hunting but just lying makes you look like the weak coward you are. Still what do you expect?


I did intend to release a full video of the days encounters however I’ve had to edit the footage due to it being used as evidence in legal proceedings. Once I’m clear to do so I’ll include the rest.  It was one of those days when we were in the right place every time to cover the fox and rate the hounds, one beautiful dog fox appeared only feet in front of me. Just one of those times when karma intervened on the side of the righteous. The huntsman refused to call off his hounds and hunted them on but there were no kills. I can’t say too much on the other incident but what I will say is it’s fairly typical, the police once again acted purely on behalf of the hunt and ignored the blatant illegality going on right in front of them. It’s is, quite frankly a disgrace but not something that comes as a surprise.

On that note I hope you all had a great Christmas and thanks for the support and reading my blog. When I started last January I had no idea how it would turn out but all things considered I’m pretty happy to be making a difference in my own little way.

And to all those from the other side – we will never give up until you’re finished. And you will be, it’s just a matter of time.

  1. Nid says:

    Loved reading your blogs this year. Keep up the fantastic work x

  2. Little_Terns says:

    Great blogs that tell the truth about hunting. Big thanks to you and all the other brave sabs up and down the country.

  3. pigeon89 says:

    Thank you for being out there for them, showing it for what it is & to all who do so, the blogs are invaluable. Support & respect for all you & all others do.

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