You may remember the story from September (see here) involving the serious injury to a sab caused by a red coat from the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt when he deliberately rode her down while she had her back to him. To add insult to injury the hunt support then blocked the attending emergency vehicles, wasting valuable time in treating her potentially life threatening injuries.

They have of course been carrying on hunting regardless and last Saturday evening had their hunt ball with a days hunting prior to donning the party frocks and toff togs. Of course being an organisation that refuses to accept violence in any form the Hunt Saboteurs thought it might be a nice idea to remind them of this fact on one of their biggest days of the year.

Around 100 sabs, from groups as far apart as Cornwall & Norfolk and everything in between got together in a show of solidarity to let the hunters know they’re still in our sights and we don’t back down from intimidation. The hunt panicked on the day when they saw the fleet of 15 or so vehicles arrive. The call went out to get as many of “their boys” in as possible, but a few bumpkins acting tough really aren’t anything to worry about. It was a busy and tiring day, but absolutely worth it.

I’d go back tomorrow if the call went out. Enjoy the video.

  1. Val Whyte says:

    Enjoyed the video, thank you for sharing 😀

  2. oldgreywolf says:

    good work.Well done

  3. Sally-Ann Kingham says:

    Thank you for a great job. Not sure if I am getting confused but they seem to have a problem with sabs covering their faces and yet it appears quite a lot of their thugs do the same?

  4. juliamichell says:

    Reblogged this on juliamichell and commented:
    Sweet sweet sabs

  5. Glos2013 says:

    Nicely cared for and turned out horses. No one on horseback hiding their faces implies they are doing nothing or don’t intend to do anything illegal. In contrast, you look like a “pack” of vigilantes out to intimidated, trespass and harass and the maskes makes you look like you are prepared to commit crime. and What for? Hunts generally shoot all the foxes now rather than risk the hounds doing it by mistake so you are not saving any foxes at all – probably more shot now than when hunted.. There is nothing illegal about riding trail with a pack of hounds. Its not particularly serious even if 3 or more hounds were to kill a fox. It falls somewhere between speeding and dropping litter according to leading barristers.

    • You seemed to have ignored the multiple numbers of hunt staff who were all masked up. Care to offer an explanation for that? It’s well documented why sabs cover their faces. Your perception of them is, quite frankly, irrelevant. I wouldn’t expect a dairy farmer to understand considering the cruelty entrenched in that industry. You’re trying to paint a picture of hunting in common with the CA and other such groups, a picture which is so transparent that it’s been seen for what it is and public opinion agrees. Remember this hunt almost killed someone and violence is an all too common occurrence for anyone opposing these archaic and cruel minority pass times.

  6. Sally-Ann Kingham says:

    Well said Accidental. As usual the pro hunt only see what they wish to see. Just because they are obviously blinkered does not mean the rest of us are.

  7. Steve V Ara says:

    Nothing like payback. Payback should involved articulated lorries with no brakes and a whole mess of squished hunt scum.

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