Fighting the Cull – The Front Line Part 4

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Environmental
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There can be no success claimed from either side regardless of the final outcome of the disgrace that is the badger cull. No doubt the culling companies, the NFU and Government will spin any figures they claim into a positive for them however we know how effective we’ve been at stopping them but they have no doubt killed innocent animals and whatever the final cost it’ll be one animal too many. If they then demand an extension it will be an admittance of total failure. A failure which was clear to see last year when the first cages were used in a trial to see if free shooting was effective, safe and humane. It’s hugely rewarding knowing you’ve had an effect and saved lives. The killers will be desperate to increase numbers over the last week so please, please help make a difference and get out there. There’s a job for everyone and you will be welcomed with open arms. We had a disabled visitor out for the first time with us so if she can help out so can you.

No love in thier souls.

No love in their souls.

For me personally it was an incident packed first night from the off, shooters, farmers hiding in bushes and a crazy man chasing us down the road! It was light when I finally made it into my sleeping bag, I was tired and cold but it was totally worth it. A quick mention to the people who deliver hot soup and fresh bread to cold and hungry sabs in the middle of the night, it’s a real moral booster and very welcome. Quote of the night came from a guy who monitored a sett for us with is partner and Rottweiler: “Anyone who shoots cute furry animals aint got no love in their soul”. I tend to agree. Please share and help get this in the public domain as much as possible. Let’s show the world who the bad guys really are. More updates next week, let’s hope it’s the end of this travesty.

  1. smithy says:

    There have been several disabled people out there since day one of last year’s cull as well as this one. I have very limited mobility, chronic pain syndrome and other shit to deal with, my fellow ‘sab’ is autistic and has fibromyalgia. It’s a teeth wrenching experience to get to the zone but we do so three times a week. We are not defined by our disabilities – we are out to save badger lives – the same as everyone else. We might not be able to go off road as much .. but we can be seen guarding setts, or just being there. I know we’ve fucked off shooters more than once by being at a strategic location. There is a role for everyone. There is one local cull supporter in our patch who checks us out every time .. he’s always displeased to see us …

    • Credit to you. I’m not defining you or anyone else by their disability, but merely highlighting the fact that many so called animal lovers could help and don’t and it’s people like you that put them to shame.

    • Badger Hood says:

      You beat me to it again Smithy. I’d latched on to that and was about to post, when I saw your comment – we’re a good team you and I.

  2. Claire says:

    I was the disabled person out that night! I know there are so many others of many different abilities that go out in the dead of night to protect our badgers and there is a job for everyone. I did go out there to prove a point and when I have fully recovered I will go out again. The point is that there is something for everybody to do. Not one person should feel worried,stressed,unneeded or feel that if they go they will be sitting out in the cold all night. Whatever your ability you will be well looked after and be given a job you are comfortable with, even if you can only do it for an hour or two. Every single person can help. Smithy you are right, many people that are disabled or less able are out night after night we just need the rest of the sofa dwelling badger lovers to know about it.

    • smithy says:

      we’ve not allowed our disabilities to define us .. we have eyes and ears even if we lack properly working hands and feet. And to be totally fair my partner’s autism has been used as a benefit .. her engaging with the police has allowed sabs to evaporate into the night to do sabby stuff. Well done Claire .. we’ll be there to the end of the cull ..

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