I think I’m afflicted with a disease. It’s not TB despite my time in Gloucestershire and close proximity to old Brock but a strange and compelling desire to disrupt, annoy and publicise all those who take pleasure in killing. Let’s face it, if the NFU hired thugs with guns didn’t enjoy what they were doing they wouldn’t do it. Financially it’s definitely not worth it but now they have a chance to legally (in the eyes of the corrupt Government anyway) kill an animal which was, prior to this sorry episode off the target list.

That also goes for those inbred morons on horseback, the desperate for social standing followers and the low life thugs on quads with terriers. All delight in the torture and death of a wild living being. There really is something deeply disturbed about these people, I just don’t understand their motives and I never will and for that I’m eternally grateful.


Anyway, while in the Gloucestershire killing zone last week I shot some more video. We also paid a visit to the Ledbury Hunt. You may remember them from early on in my blog when one of their supporters smashed my video camera (they had to pay up later). Watch the video, feel free to share. Let’s get those ugly killers faces out there so everyone knows who they are.

Once again I salute all those doing a fantastic job in difficult conditions protecting our wildlife in both Somerset and Gloucestershire and throughout the country.

  1. stuy says:

    This corrupt government will probably legalize inbreeding so even more ‘Tims’ can take up this barbaric pastime

  2. Annie Beach says:

    I share your sentiments totally. It is completely outside my comprehension that anyone could seemingly enjoy taking the life of our wonderful fellow beings. I cannot sleep at night for thinking about the unnecessary suffering.
    I have always and will always do all I can to stop these cruel idiots from ‘having fun’.
    Thank you so very much for all you are doing 😊

  3. Jess Tubman says:

    Thank goodness for all you amazing people such excellent work cleverly done and all so extremely brave.
    Its hard to believe these disgusting excuses for human beings still exist. Riding round killing at will shouting its my land. Why are they not being prosecuted? Or investigated? Are they above the law?
    This should be in the newspapers and news if any other group was breaking the law so blatantly it would be.

  4. Judy says:

    Love your blog. Have you seen our new campaigntostrengthenthehuntingact.com and our petition https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/campaign-to-strengthen-the-hunting-act#
    You chimed with me because of all the years I have monitored hunts I can not get my head round them ever!

  5. Steve Dann says:

    Trespass = civil offence
    Hunting a fox with hounds = criminal offence.
    and the police are only ever interested in acting upon claims of trespass.

  6. I want to comment, but finding it very difficult to put into words how much I loathe people that get so much pleasure from hunting and hurting animals and abusing the brave people that try to protect them

  7. cathy says:

    Was checking badger sets in Gloucester ,I’m from Birmingham ,and saw some lovely setts but sadly saw lots of pheasants waiting to be shot by these inbred morons !cathy

  8. Sally-Ann Kingham says:

    No doubt a stupid question but have the police ever come if you have called them when people are so obviously cubbing and the quads have no number plates?

    • The police have attended many times to all sorts of hunts, mostly being called by the hunts themselves. They will either stay out of the situation and attend just to keep the peace or side with the hunts directly. I believe they have a directive to not get involved. Also many senior officers are hunters or have links with the hunt, some hunts even have their own liason officers.

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