Well he who shall not be named has gone and even though he’s still vociferous in his defence of his time in office we can now all ignore his deluded green blob related ranting and ignorance of the real issues whilst simultaneously appeasing his masters in the Agribusiness. There’s a new backside sitting on the front bench hot seat.

That backside belongs to Elizabeth Truss.

So what can we expect from Liz?

Her constituency is South West Norfolk which she has held since 2010. Her previous appointment (from 2012) was as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State with responsibility for education and childcare in the Department for Education. Prior to that she’s held posts at Shell as a Commercial Manager and at Cable and Wireless as Economic Director so it would seem she has an appreciation of finances and getting value for money.

So far, so good?

Hmm well, not quite. We won’t mention the 18-month relationship she had with married front bencher Mark Field, the Tories’ 41-year-old culture spokesman as everyone’s allowed the odd indiscretion but what is concerning is her previous voting on issues which are important to this particular insignificant blogger. She has voted in favour of the badger cull, not once but twice previously and recently made her intentions clear to continue with the pointless and cruel agenda driven by the NFU and Countryside Alliance. One would have hoped a fresh pair of eyes on the situation would have yielded a fresh approach, if not on the basis of sound science and animal welfare then purely on economics considering her financial background. Her first statement on the subject could have come directly from Pater . . . (almost mentioned his name there), another nonsense of lies containing the standard “every tool in the box” line so favoured by the previous Environment Secretary. Once again we have someone either unable to assimilate the facts or as I suspect heavily pressured by a powerful minority group with the PM on side who are desperate to regain control of the countryside.

And what of her stance on Hunting with dogs?

Again not a lot to feel rosy about here either. Once again she’s continually voted in favour of a repeal of the Hunting Act, a stance so out of kilter with the vast majority of the population that it begs the question “do they really work for us?” That was a rhetorical question; we all know the real answer. Whilst digging around on the web for some kind of proof on LT’s thoughts on Hunting I found this quote from a local paper from back in 2011:

The MP said if the Hunting Act 2004 was reviewed, she would vote for a return of fox hunting as she wanted to see a liberalisation of the law.

She said: “It’s an important part of the rural economy and I feel that people should have the freedom to hunt if they choose.”

Well that seems pretty conclusive to me. So should people be free to murder and abuse children if they choose as well? It just goes to show that once again we have an Environment Minister hugely out of touch with the majority of voters and blind to the welfare of our native species.

Her appointment by Cameron would seem to be nothing more than an attempt to glamourise the cabinet in the run up to the election but in essence all we have is Patsy in a skirt and blonde wig. I wonder how long it will be before UKIP announce their new Member of Parliament for North Shropshire?

Us green blobs may have won a battle but the war is far from over. Get your boots on; I’ll see you on the front line.


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